Hi my dear lovely sisters … How r u all ..
Tq sooo much for ur comments and sry for being late ..
Shot 4:
Both twinj comes to canteen…Kunj made twinkle to sit and he too sits beside her … twinkle starts to cry remembering wat u done with her and hugs kunj tightly who is sitting beside her …
K: twinkle plzzzz stop crying … Iam always der for u … Saying this he wipes tears … While all this twinkle was looking at kunj lovingly ..
T: kunj I should say one important thing to u …
K: ha tell me darling … ( Guys kunj calls twinkle darling from childhood …)
T: kunj vo I.. I.. lo.. before she completes her statement kunj gets the call disturbing their conversation..
K: darling wait ma ki call a rahi hai ..He lifts the call ..Ha ma tell me…
U: beta we fixed ur marriage with ur love maya … R u happy now ..
Kunj was hell happy and he stood from his place in excitement ND starts to jump making twinkle confuse… Ma tq .. iam sooo happy ..U r the world’s best ma.. love u .. love u sooo much ma …muahh???..Muahh?????.. ma u don’t inform this to her I will inform her saying this he hangs the call and lifts twinkle who is sitting in confusion and twirls her ..
T: kunj kya hua leave me .. nai tho mei ghir jaungi …
K: darling iam sooo happy today …. ND mei tuje kabi girne nai dunga ..
T: y u r happy kunj tell me ..ND plzzzz leave me kunj iam feeling dizzy … Kunj drops her and hugs her tightly
K: twinkle iam going to marry my love of life … Just now mom Informed that ..
T: ur love ?????
K: huh twinkle maya ..Twinkle was shocked to hear this ND gets tears in her eyes ..
T: maya .. u love maya .
K: yes darling I love maya from first day wen I met her .. but I didn’t express that to her but today I will
T: kunj but she too must have same feelings to u right ..Asks with a hope
K: darling I know she loves me I can sense her feelings..
T: OK kunj I should leave now ma is calling me to return back home .. saying this she was abt to go but kunj holds her wrist..
K: wat darling this is my life’s important moment being my frnd don’t u want to take part in that … Plzzzz darling says kunj with cute pout
T:but kunj how can I …Already ma called me 5 times .. there is one important work. Plzzzz try to understand says with heavy heart and controlling her tears …ND she jerks her hand and left from der leaving kunj behind ..
Kunj was shocked with this weird behavior of twinkle ….. Twinkle goes home running ND locks the door and cries her heart out sitting on the floor behind the door keeping her head in between her legs … .
Here kunj informs maya to come to xyz place @ sharp 8 ..

At night
Maya comes to the place wer kunj told her to come … Kunj propose maya in his style and maya accepts his proposal and hugs him tightly .. they both spend some quality time with each other .(guys I can’t describe this part because I can’t imagine kunj with other girl other than twinkle ???????…But I should write this for my fs Na so iam writing it )..
ND UV tooo thinking how to take revenge from twinkle ND kunj …
Here twinkle is crying from afternoon. Without eating anything .. she is crying on her fate … She is cursing herself to not to propose kunj first …..

Next day in clg kunj is waiting for twinkle but she didn’t come to clg ND he called her being worried but she is not answering his calls .. now he is out of patience and went to taneja mansion .ND rings the bell leela open the door and felt happy to see kunj
L: kunj puttar tum get inside ..
K: tq ma he takes blessings ..Ma wer is twinkle y she hasn’t come to clg today ..
L:vo puttar uski tabyat thik nai hai isiliye vo so rahi hai ..
K: achanak kya hua ma darling ko …OK ma I will go to her .
L: thik hai puttar u go to her I will get u some snacks to eat
Kunj goes to twinkle room and saw twinkle who is sleeping peacefully … Kunj goes to her, sits beside her and rubs her forehead twinkle slowly opens her eyes due to his touch …..
K: how r u twinkle … U would have informed me right u know how much tensed I was …
T: y u take tension abt me …
K: wat r u talking … U r my frnd mera haq banta hai ..
T: yeah iam ur frnd not more than that so there is no need to do all this says rashly .
K: darling wat happened y u r behaving like this .. yesterday also u were dull … Is something bothering u tell me dar. (Interupts by twinkle )
T: not darling kunj twinkle my name is twinkle .. by this kunj felt very bad .. he was abt to say but stops by looking at leela ..
L: e lo puttar have it saying this she kept tray in front of them ..
K: no ma I have some work I will come later … Bye ma .. byee da..( he was abt to call darling but stops ) twinkle
T: hmm

Kunj went from der but he didn’t get y she spoke Like that but he knows that something is bothering ..
Like this 1 week passed twinkle is still ignoring kunj..Kunj is trying to talk to her but he couldn’t …. Kunj came to taneja mansion to invite them for his marriage which is on next day … Leela assures him that they will come ..
K:ma I will go to twinkle ..
L: OK beta
Kunj enters her room and saw twinkle who is crying … Kunj went to her and asks her y she is crying ..
T: it’s non of ur business Mr . Sarna says rudely ..
K: stop it twinkle y the hell u r behaving like this
T: I don’t need to answer u ..
K: twinkle I don’t know y ur behaving like this but remember one thing I always love u (friendly wala ) will be der for u ND Twinkle plzzzz u come to my marriage tomorrow
Twinkle felt bad and tells him that she would be coming …. Kunj felt happy and hugs twinkle ND goes from der
T(thinks): twinkle it’s ur mistake to not tell him abt ur feelings … Den wat is his mistake in this matter .. u should be strong for him he is going to have a happy life so I should support him as his frnd ..

Next day
Twinkle comes to kunj ND Maya’s marriage … Soon their marriage gets over and twinkle bids bye to them and leaves sarna mansion with stone heart …
Flashback ends
After our marriage I didn’t even talked to her for 4 years due to my work pressure ..But at any cost I should know y she married to uv ND how ma ND papa accepted this proposal says kunj
M: kunj u can think abt this tomorrow now u sleep it’s already late …
Kunj nodes his head and sleeps
Next morning
Kunj gets ready ND goes to taneja ‘s house and gets inside to see both leela ND rt sitting in the hall
K: hi ma
L: kunj puttar come .. how r u
K: fine ma takes leela ND rt ‘s blessings ..
L:. Wait beta I will get u something to eat
K: ma no need for it I just came to ask abt twinkle
Listening to twinkles name rt became red in angry… Plzzzz beta don’t talk abt her she is dead …
K: papa y wat happened .. y u r saying like that ..ND papa how u accepted uv for twinkle papa … He is not a gud person ..
L: we too wasn’t knowing abt them until they came with garlands … They didn’t informed us abt their marriage
K: wat???? She didn’t informed u abt this.. den ma I think she married to uv with a reason … She too don’t love that uv ma ..I think he done something .. that’s y she married him … Ma , papa I will get the reason behind this ND I will save her from that uv ..
Rt : u do wat ever beta we don’t have any daughter ..
K: papa don’t say like this I will prove her innocence .. saying this kunj left from der ..

Luthra mansion
Twinkle still sleeping ( frankly speaking unconscious ). Uv gets up and goes to freshen up … He came back after 5 mins ND saw twinkle still sleeping .. he gets angry and gets one bucket full of water and throws at twinkle to wake her up .. twinkle wakes up with a jerk ND sits
U: dont u have any work … Go ND bring my coffee ..
Twinkle was abt to stand but she was unable to because of weekness …. She was struggling to get up .. here uv looks at her ND comes to her ND made her to stand ND says don’t act smart I know u r just pretending to be ill … So just go ND prepare my bf … Saying this he drags her toto wash room and throws her ( guys twinkle is wearing uv’s shirt ) inside it ND closed the door .. twinkle goes under shower and turns on the knob letting water to drench her she was crying on her fate …After bath she goes near mirror ND saw the marks given by uv ND starts to cry again remembering yesterday nights incident …
U: twinkle (shouts ) how much time u need to take bath come fast ..
Twinkle felt scared ND goes outside .. soon she gets ready ND goes downstairs..
I wind up here
Hope i reached ur expectations
Plzzzz ignore grammatical errors and typing errors if any .. no proof reading
Plzzzz do comment guys
Loads of love

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