Saathiya….Companion RiKara FF Part 8 (Namish Tejeswi’s cameo)

Saathiya….Companion Part 8
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Dedicated to Mansi who gave jodi name to Kaal Avantika-KaVantika.

Gauri opened Rani Raja’s wedding album.Gauri smiled seeing the wedding photographs.
Rani Raja got tensed.
Gauri looked at her:Yes Bhabhi..
Rani:I want to try a new recipe today.I find it difficult.Can you please help me?

Gauri:Why not?I am coming bhabhi.

Gauri kept the album on the table and went near Rani.Rani Raja were relieved.
Gauri:Let’s go to the kitchen bhabhi.

Omkara was writing something on the paper.
Gauri asked him:What are you writing Omkara?
Om:I was writing a song for your next music ideo.
Gauri was surprised:Really?

Gauri:Oh Cutie pie
She pulled his cheeks and took off the paper from him.

Gauri sang this song for her music video.Gauri herself performed on the song she sang.

Tinka – Tinka
Har Dil Me Armaa… Hote To Hai… (2)
Bas Koi…Bas Koi…Samjhe Jara

( Tinka Tinka Zara Zara
Hai Roshni Se Jaise Bhara )… (2)
Har Dil Me Armaa Hote To Hai… (2)
Bas Koi…Samjhe Zara…

Dil Pe Ek Naya Sa Nasha Chaa Gaya
Kho Raha Tha Jo, Khawab Lauta Gaya… (2)
Ye Jo Ehsaas Hai
Jo Karar Hai

Kya Isee Ka Hi Naam Pyaar Hai
Puche Dil Tham Ke Zara…

Omkara witnessed the shoot happily.

Tinka Tinka Zara – Zara
Hai Roshani Se Jaise Bhara

Har Dil Me Armaa Hote To Hai… (2)
Bas Koi… Samjhe Zara
Tinka – Tinka… (2)(Karam).

The music video became a huge hit.

Gauri held Omkara’s hands:Since school days out joint venture has always been successful.Your lyrics and my voice.Now also it happened.
Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum

Om:That’s because our souls are connected to each other.

Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya

Gauri:Yes.We are soul mates.

Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya

They shared a sweet romantic eye lock.
Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya

Gauri was getting tired in her office.After office hours she got out.
G:Will have fresh juice for relaxation.
Gauri went to the fruits juice shop and started drinking juice.
A stylish girl came there.
She:One mixed fruits juice please.
Accidently Gauri turned that side and saw her receiving juice.
Gauri got shocked to see her face.
The girl drank juice.Gauri walked towards her:You….?
Suddenly the girl’s phone rang and she attended the call.
She:Ya..I am coming.
She went away before Gauri could speak to her.
Gauri was confused:What should I do now?I can’t understand what to do.Should I speak to Omkara about it or ?No…I should not talk to Omkara about it now.

Gauri went to Sankalp Sonia’s house.
Sonia:Hi Gauri..what a pleasant surprise!
Gauri:I..I saw a girl in the juice shop.It was Gautami.She is alive.
Sankalp Sonia were stunned.
Sankalp:What are you saying Gauri?How is it possible?It’s impossible.
Sonia:And how come you know Gautami?You have not seen her.Right?
Gauri:Though I have not seen her directly I have seen her painting made by Omkara.
Sonia:You have just seen the painting.A painting won’t be exactly like the original person.Right?So you may not be knowing her real face.
Gauri:No Sonia.Omkara’s paintings look real.You know that.It was Gautami.

Sankalp:Gauri…we told you.Gautami died on the spot.
Gauri:But then…that girl looked like Gautami.
Sonia:Ok.But just because she looks like Gautami she won’t be Gautami who passed away.Right?
Sankalp:Ya.You have mistaken her for Gautami.
Gauri:May be.I over reacted.
Sonia:Exactly.You oer reacted unnecessarily.
Gauri:Ok..I have to leave now.I am getting late.
Sankalp:Ok Bye.
Gauri left.
Sankalp:Somehow we managed the situation.
Sonia:Ya.But it was a narrow escape.If Gauri sees her again it will be a big problem.We should be more careful.
Sankalp:Ya…but it’s possible that Gauri may see her again.But don’t worry.Hopefully Gauri will be sure that she was wrong in identifying the person as we made her understand that it can’t be Gautami.

Sonia:Hope nothing goes wrong.

After some days…
Gauri’s colleagues:Our life is so hectic.Don’t we need some fun.
They:Let us go to the mall and enjoy.
Gauri:Cool idea.
They all went to the mall.They got into the theatre to watch the movie.
Gauri saw a couple romancing in the theatre.The guy was holding the girl’s hand and caressing her face.The girl was blushing.

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe

They were looking at each other deeply with romantic eyes.

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe

Gauri smiled:They came here not to watch the movie but to romance in AC.Funny.
Suddenly Gauri blinked her eyes:It’s Gautami?
Suddenly lights were completely off as the movie started.Gauri was restless.
During intermission Gauri looked for that couple.But she could’nt find them.
G:Guess they went out for buying snacks.
Gauri went out.

She saw the couple there buying popcorn.

They were feeding popcorn to each other romantically.

Koyi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah yeh suljhe

She:You are so romantic Laksh.

Hai rom rom ek tara
Hai rom rom ek tara

He:You too are very romantic Gautami.Smooch.

Jo badalon mein se guzre

He tried to kiss her.

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe

She giggled

and pushed him shyly.

Koyi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah yeh suljhe(Dum Laga Ke Haisha).

Gauri was shocked.
G:It means it’s Gautami.I was right.And she is in love with this guy named Laksh.Then why did Sankalp Sonia lie that Gautami is no more?Why did’nt Jaggi bhai,Gopi didi and Omkara correct it?Why did they hide the truth from me?If Gautami was alive why did Omkara and Gautami get separated?What are they hiding from me?
Gauri became upset.

Omkara was in the workshop looking at Gautami’s painting.
Om:I am sorry Gautami.You never had any place in my heart.I was just pretending to love you.You were just a tool used to reach my goal.Now onwards you have no place in my work shop also.Because now onwards there is no need of you.

Om burnt Gautami’s painting.

Sankalp Sonia were shocked to see Gauri at their veranda.She was staring at them.
G:Why did you both lie that Gautami died?
Sankalp Sonia sweated.
Sonia:What nonsense are you saying Gauri?
Sankalp:We told you that the girl whom you saw can’t be Gautami.
Gauri:Don’t tell lies again.I saw her again and she is Gautami only.

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