love record : love stories which make a love story (Episode 2)


This is diksha with the ff call “love record”. So lets start the the journey of stories which gonna make a beautiful story.

Next day
Outside of ragini house lakshay is blowing his bike horn regularly ragini come down.
Ragini : what the hell is this? Y r u blowing horn like this?
Lakshya : what can i do my ladylove u r 3 minutes late so i m entertaining my self.
Ragini : is it called entertainment? It is called tourcher.
Lakshya keep his one hand on his chest and stare at her.
Ragini : now what?
Lakshya : u look more pretty when u get angry. Ur beauty increased in anger. I feel like my heart come out of my body.
Ragini : now stop these cheesey lines and lets leave.
Lakshya : but u like cheese isn’t u. its look like u r more eager to sit behind me.
Ragini : stop ur nonsense or I’ll go back to my home.
Lakshya : ok baba sorry now sit.
Ragini sit on bike and hold his shoulder.
Lakshya : ragini will u drive the bike. Today my shoulder is paining.
Ragini : but i never drove the bike i had drove the scooty but bike.
Lakshya keep his finger on his lips.
Lakshya : shhh i m here to teach u now u sit here and I’ll sit at back and saying this they exchange the seat and lakshya help her when she need.
Ragini : now tell me where we are going.
Lakshya told her the way they reach at a seasore and lakshya take her to boat ride.
Lakshya : so as i had promise u about the story so lets start the story.
Lakshya : so our hero is swastik (varun kapoor) and heroine is sana (helly shah)
Story start
A girl was standing in between her frends they were talking and laughing. The girl has worn a simple white long gown with messy bun. When her phone rings she picke it up and while talking. She excused her from them and start going to a corner when she bump into someone.
Girl : i m sorry wo actually i was talking on phone so.
Person : its ok.
She start to go but that person hold her wrist.
Girl : leave my hand otherwise.
Person : otherwise?? what will u do?
Girl (while with a mischeviouse smile go near him and took her hand on his cheek) : otherwise.
Saying this she this she stamp on his foot with her heels.
Girl : remember this never ever dare to think a girl as a weak person get that.
Person : u will pay for it.
Girl : i m not afraid of u.
Saying this girl went back to her frends. One of her frend.
Friend : what happen sana.
Sana : nthng yr u know na somepeople just need treatment. Ok now i should leave mom was calling me ok by.
Friends : ok see u at clg.
Saying this girl went out. She went to her scooty and find that it is puncter. So she start walking. When she feel as if someone is following her. She without moving back she start walking fast and take her phone but for her bad luck she found out that her phone is dead so she act as if she was talking with someone and asking that person to pick her up from their. But suddenly two people come infront of her and block her way she took out the perfume from her bag and spry it on that goons eyes and than she took out her heels and hold it in her hand start running and she found a house door open and she went inside. A boy comeout after listening the sound.
Boy : who the hell r u? And y u enter in my house like this.
Sana : i m sana. I m sorry wo some goons are behind me and my phone is also dead i can’t even inform my family. just to escape from them i came in pls help me pls
Boy : ok u take a seat.
And he give her water and say drink it. U will feel better. She drank hole glass water in one gulp.
Boy : i m swastik. U dont worry u can contact ur family by my phone.
He hand her over his phone she call her family. After that her family come than she went to her house.

Some day passes of this incident bit both of them is not able to forget each other.

Story break
Ragini : than what happened did they meet after that?
Lakshya : I’ll tell u my ladylove but first come out of from boat. Many people are waitning for their turn
Than they come out of boat.
Ragini : now tell me what happened.
Lakshya : ok but lets sit their
He said pointing toward a bench. They go their and sit ragini hold his hand and say now tell me.
Lakshya : u r so curious
So lets back to the story.
Sana was in clg at her class. When dean enter in her class. All student greet him.
Dean : so, student actually ur english proffessor has a minore accident so for some month mr. Swastik will take ur classes. He is a gues lectrure. Saying this dean left the class
All girls were talking like how hot is he? And here swanstik notice sana their and sana is already looking at him they have an eyelock.
Dat passes they fell in love with each other but never confess to each other. Outside the collage they are as best frend but inside the collage no one know about them. Time paasses but their love became dipper.swastik decide to propose sana. He get ready in red shirt and black denim.he has brought red roses. He call her and ask her to come to meet him at a garden near about the collage.
He was near the garden when he feel dizzy and fall on raod people gather their. They take him to hospital and after sometime he get his consiesness. Dr. Come their.
Dr. : hey how r u now feeling better? And do tell me ur name so we can inform ur family.
Swastik : no thanx dr. Actually i have no one. Now i m feeling better. My name is swastik may i go now.
Dr. : swastik u have to wait. we have done some test u have to wait for a while. Ok I’ll come after somtime with ur report.
After dr. Left he call sana and say sorry to her and say i have some urgent work I’ll meet u tommorow in clg by.
After some hour
Dr. Come and tell swastik something which shock him.

So frends this is diksha signing off the 2nd epi of love record hope u like it. And if u wanna suggest me smthng pls do. Stay tuned to know what happened in swasan story and how raglak story will start.
Shagun : i m glad u like it.
Chhahat : i m glad u like it.
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Dhara : i m glad u like it.
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sanchami : i m glad u lik e it.J
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Nikki : i m glad u like it.
ammy : i m glad u like it.

Credit to: diksha

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