San:shocked/scared too (regarding of Wat his Ragini will think)
Rag’s heart is broken into pieces and shattered and started to leave
Rag turns and passes a fake smile “I think u both should need some privacy time”
Swara:o that’s my frd,
San in mind she doesn’t have any feelings towards me,she doesn’t love me, she.. His thoughts get disturbed by swara
Rag in mind I think he doesn’t have any feelings towards me that’s why he didn’t say anything when she proposed him. .if he loves me then he will propose me na after that incident but he told to swara that he want to be frd with her before loving her.. It means he is ready to marry her

San in mind I told to swara I want to be frd with her before loving her, ,because I love my Ragini I’m scared I know my Ragini will propose me if she really loves me after seeing this incident, ,she can understand me that’s y I didn’t accept her proposal now

Fb ends
Rag is crying. .I’m stupid sanskar, u indirectly rejected her proposal for me, but I took it in wrong way she cries I didn’t understand that time but now I understood

Door knock
She wiped her tears (in mind I think mom and dad came)
As soon as she opened the door, she is shocked to see sanskar with guilty face
San:immediately hugs her and cries
Rag:worried pats him Wat happen
San:in cracking voice Im Sry for hurting you I can’t live without you.. I need u throughout my life ..plz give me some time
Rag :everything is over sanskar
San broke the hug and looked her
Rag: only 5 days more for ur mrg.. U better go and get rid of me from ur mind and start new life with swara
San:stammers Wat r u saying
Rag:i know what I’m saying, v r not destined and I think this is not love too.
San got little bit angry immediately holds her shoulder, Wat r u saying damn it ?r u doubting our love? V both love each other unconditionally and last night whatever happened is
Rag cuts him it’s not because of love.. How it could be? Wen I’m not in sense? It’s May be because of lust
San immediately loosen his grip on her.. He can’t able to believe his ears Wat his Ragini has said to him
San fumbled and tears are continuously coming from his eye, he started to walk backwards.. In low voice no no u r not my Ragini whom I love, he immediately walks out of the house with heavy heart

Rag immediately closed the door and leaned to it and cries bitterly.. I love you sanskar.. I want u hate me.. Then only she sobs in between u can live happily with swara. I know our marriage doesn’t happen, I don’t want to ruin your happiness she cries more I love you.. I love you she sobs

Next day

Door knock
She went to open the door and shocked to see swalak standing there
Swara:wat happen
Rag:nothing cum.. Both together
Laksh:just a suprise
swara:v (swasan) cancelled the marriage
Rag :shocked Wat…why
Swara:becaz my stupid frd and sanskar is in love since first year of there college
Rag widened
Swara :with pout I was the one who disturbed them when they thought to propose each other.. I regret my mistake.. Will u accept my apology
Rag immediately hugs her and cries badly I’m sorry swara I’m Sry. I didn’t thought to hurt you. Plz don’t mistake me
Swara break the hug no Ragini it’s not ur mistake,actually it’s mine, I never ever imagine how much pain u were going through all these years by seeing sanskar with me? I’m sorry.. Thank god at least now sanskar opened his mouth
Rag:wat sanskar (shocked)
Swara :nods yesterday he told me everything and u should thank me
Swara :if I doesnt give alcohol to u, then u both didn’t confess ur love
Rag:nods again hug her
Swara:k enough of crying.. Ur sanskar is waiting for you in ur college campus. Go and see him
Rag:swara but
Swara:no but just go it’s my order
Rag smiles with teary eyes and went

Lak:r u really k with it, don’t u love sanskar
Swara :burst into tears and hugs him
Lak who was shocked at first, hugs her
Swara:composed and left him Sry
Lak:cupped her face and wipes her tears.. I don’t know swara, I hate these tears
Rani(servant)ho swara Didi morning itself started romancing with ur would be hubby
Both eyes each other (she thought him as sanskar)
Swara:before she could tell, laksh holds her hand and says ha do u have any problems Rani ji
Swara looks at him shockingly but our laksh winks at her lovingly

@college campus (college is on leave, so no one will be there)
Watchman:ragini u came, sanskar is waiting for you,, go and see
Rag nods and headed towards the campus
As soon as she entered, all her memories with him came to her, her eyes become moist

Voice :enough of ur tears ragini
Rag turns and saw her sanskar standing in front of her
San:cupped her face, if u cry another time, I don’t know Wat I’ll do,, if I did it before 2 yrs v both didn’t go through this much of pain in our lives.. Im Sry for saying he kneels in front of her with a ring, I want to tell my love towards u in this place because this place contains all our lovely memories ragu

I want to be with u forever ragu, do you know how much i love you, I should show it u by living with you ,by living my every yr every day every minute every second with you Ragini
Will u accept my love

She doesn’t know how to react ?her hand become cooled, her vision become blured out.. She is praying to god that no one should wake her and tell her that is a Dream

Her thoughts get disturbed by sanskar
Rag:came out from her thoughts and forward her hand
San:happily slid a ? ring
As soon as he stands up, Ragini pulled him to a bone crushing hug,, and kissed him all over his face and again hugs him tightly
Rag :in cracking voice I’m sorry I hurted u yesterday by my words
Do u think I’ll hate you,, I know whatever you spoke yesterday was not from ur heart he breaks the hug
U told that nonsense things to me by excepting my hate and my life with swara
Am I right?
San smiles u r idiot Ragini, how I will hate u? How I will
Rag cuts him by placing her lips on his lips
San was widens by her sudden act but started responding to her by closing his eyes.. He is pulling her more towards him by holding her waist and she is pulling him more towards her by holding his neck
After 20 minutes of passionate kiss
Both joined their foreheads and started breaking heavily
San :huskily I think v should go home
Rag:blushes and hits him playfully on his chest
Rag San together I love you
Both smiles and hugs each other

K done.. Hope you like it
Thank you for ur comments frds
I thought to put swara in negative role and at last changed my mind

Tmrw I will finish missed love story
Wednesday I will finish my de(in)creasing love story

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