Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 18)

Episode 18
Swara faints in Sanskar arms. He makes her lie down and looks at Raglak who were feared to see Sanskar with pain and lot of questions. Sanskar dragged Ragini to the study room and Laksh follows him pleading. Bhai plz stop I will explain you everything said Laksh but Sanskar is in mood to hear it. They reach the study room and he locks. He took the intercom and said Maa Swara is sleeping in the room and we are in study don’t disturb us for two hours unless we come out and cuts. The trio conversation starts.

Sanskar: So Ragini and Laksh can u tell what is happening with Swara. They kept slient.
Sanskar (shouts): What happened to Shona Ragini.

Ragini (stammers): No sanskar its normal only whenever she get hyper we give her medicines.
Sanskar: Ragini Do u think I am a fool to believe yesterday when I gave her the medicine the shop owner warned me its dangerous med and in the morning Swara is acting like she forgot about all the things before she drank the med and I checked in the net that it is given to memory loss patients to suppress their past memories So now I am warning u tell me the truth who is Swara.
Laksh: Bhai I will tell the truth.

Ragini: No Laksh plz I beg u don’t tell him.
Laksh: No Ragini time came now Bhai is Shonu’s husband he have the right to know it.
Sanskar: What are u talking about.
Laksh: Bhai Swara is not Ragini’s real sister. She is an orphan. Sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar: What

Laksh: Ha Bhai Swara is an orphan. Shekar uncle is a business partner of Dad in London. Shekar uncle, Sumi aunty and Ragini came to india that time only you left the house so don’t know anything. One day Aunty and uncle met with an accident when they came from the business party held by Adarsh Bhai. Ragini was shattered hearing the news. Ragini was 19 years old. Ragini didn’t cried and we tried to console her. He tried to contact Adarsh Bhai but all said he went to abroad on the party night. After two days Adarsh came to home with Swara. We all asked him who is she but he ignored as and went to Ragini. Swara called her Didi that moment Ragini started crying hearing Shonu’s voice and hugged her. Adarsh Bhai explained he went to USA as his friend’s family met with an accident but fortunately Swara was alive but she lost her memory then he heard about Uncle and Aunty so he told Swara that we all are family and Ragini her Didi and brought her here after recovery. All the whole Ragini was crying.

Sanskar: then the medicine.
Laksh: Bhai one day I teased her so much that she got angry and went to the room and started breaking thinks and was shouting that her head is paining. Ragini called Adarsh bhai and came with this injection and gave her. After five hours she got conscious and she totally forgot what happened two hours before she took the medicine and we asked Bhai and started scolding us and gave as instruction that Swara should not get hyper if she get give this injection and for painc attack he gave that syrup and gave us practice as the meds are dangerous and warned us to keep her away from her past things and he finally took Ragini alone and………
Sanskar: And what did he told.

Ragini: he told me that he brought Swara here for her property and on her 21st birthday he will take sign from her on the property paper and will kill her.
Sanskar: What are u both are mad u r making some stories and that too Adarsh Bhai I will not believe.
Ragini: Sanskar u believe on proof more then see this video and Ragini showed him the video of Ragini and Adarsh conversation.
Laksh: Ragini u plz go to Shonu I have to talk to Bhai.
Ragini: But Laksh
Laksh: I said leave and she leaves.

Laksh: Bhai I know u still hold grudge against me for Sahi but I am not the one whom u think.
Sanskar: then whatever I had seen is wrong right Laksh.
Laksh: No Bhai I am not saying like that but Dad told me everything about ur marriage and I have to tell u recently Swara got these attacks oftenly and I personally asked Dr to check her without Ragini’s knowledge and he said Swara saw something related to her past and after meeting u whenever she get she is muttering this name only Sanju Sanju…. Sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar: What name

Laksh: Sanju bhai and do u know Swara before. Sanskar nodes No.
Laksh: Anyways Bhai be careful with Swara and still She is a kid only and u r the right person to handle her than me and I am happy for u both. And Laksh leaves.
Sanskar: What Swar ais muttering Sanju name then in the morning I heard I am really confused and sits on the chair.
Laksh sees this from outside and said to himself Bhai now only I ignited a spark slowly it will burn and Adarsh bhai truth will be out and u will be the old Sanskar who is pride of Maheswari family and leaves.

Precap: Sanskar investigation.
Adarsh role is played by Neil of Kumkum Bhagya.

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