love or religion? — chapter 3 om’s new life


om yelled in anger.

kiya: but I just brought you tea. why are you getting angry?


kiya stood still. this annoyed om more and he grabbed her wrist and tossed her out of the room. before she could go back in, om locked the door on her face.

kiya: this man…I want him to love me but instead he is loving that muslim still. what did that muslim do to make him so crazy for her only?

anika was walking along the hallway and saw kiya outside om’s room.

anika: what happened kiya?

kiya: see bhoojal, om just tossed me out for no reason. all I did was offer him tea.

anika: forget about him kiya. he is like this only. anyway sanjay and I are going to the park. want to come as well?

kiya: ji bilkul.

she goes with anika.

om’s room:

om was sketching eyes in anger but as the eyes formed, they looked similar. those eyes which had a mystery in them. those eyes which had magic in them. those eyes which had happiness in them. those eyes which had stars in them. those eyes which closed forever.

Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the
Naina.. bichad ke aaj ro diye hain yun
Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte the

Naina.. sehar mein palken meechte hain yun
Juda huve kadam
Jinhone li thi ye kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina.. jo khidkhiyon se jhankte the
Naina.. ghutan mein band ho gaye hai yun
Saans hairaan hai
Mann pareshaan hai
Ho rahi si kyun ruaansa ye meri jaan hai

he remembered his one and only insiya as he sketched those eyes. once he was done, tears rolled down his eyes when:

voice: oh hello! why is my nandi crying?

om turned to see who owned that voice. it was insiya. his insu.

om: it’s nothing insu. relax.

insiya: oh really? then don’t cry.

she goes near him and wipes his tears gently smiling lightly.

the instrumental music of naina played in bg.

insiya: now smile.

om smiled as he saw his insu smile.

insiya: good boy.

om: I love you insu.

insiya: I love you too.

just then she disappeared. om looked around him to see where insiya was but she wasn’t there. she wasn’t anywhere.

om: why did you leave me insu?

voice in his head: DON’T CALL ME INSU!

om banged his head hard and said: why did that day happen? why?

Kyun nirasha se hai
Aas haari huyi
Kyun sawaalon ka utha sa
Dil mein toofaan hai
Naina.. thhe aasmaan ke sitaare
Naina.. grahan mein aaj toot’te hain yun
Naina.. kabhi jo dhoop senkte thhe
Naina.. thehar ke chhaaon dhoondhte hain yun

Juda huye kadam
Jinhone li thi ye kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina.. jo sanjhe khwab dekhte the
Naina.. bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yun

he gets his phone out and plays a recording of insiya’s voice.

insiya on phone: om, I have a confession. ok so we have been friends for a very very long time and I want to say that I am in love. I am in love with you. I love you meri nandi.

he cried hearing her melodious voice. 

precap: first day of college

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    It is nice one dear

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    good that om didn’t accept kiya as his imagining insiya was romantic.very emotional scenes.please update all my fav ffs

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