Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 10


Hlo guys … I m back for continuing my episode.. sorry forry being late . actually festival season was going on sp didn’t get time…. Guys how was my new ff “we met due to a kid”…shud I continue or leave it….plz tll guys

So let us start the episode

Till now we read that kavya was against his father and was ready to do anything for revenge..
Now our episode begins… wid kunj and twinkle and all other family members sitting with a pandit to find out the wedding date..
P for pandit-marriage can be performed in next 2 weeks or after 2 years…
Anita- nhi nhi pandit g 2 weeks is ok.(no no 2 weeks is ok)
Mr randhava- pandit g kundliyan to mila do.(pandit g match the kundliyan)
Kavya- papa kundliyan milani ki kya zaroorat hai. Aap to morden khayalon ke ho.( no need dad. U r so morden.)
Mr r- haan beta par phir bhi..(yaa child but then also)
Pandit- haan g main abhi dekh ta hoon.( ya I will check)

After checking pandit said..
Pandit-kundli’s of both child r matched . they can form a lovely pair.
Listening this kavya was very happy.
Mr r- ok pandit g. so marriage is after two weeks and engagment is tom.
Uvraj- uncle tom engagement. isn’t it early
Daaadi- no beta. We r eager to snd kavya to ur house.
Uvraj- but daadi… and between intruped by kunj..
k- I know uv u r tensed for arrangements. But we will do.
Uvraj- ok kunj yaar. If u will do arrangements I dodn’t have any issues..
k- ok
`raghav-yaar!! When kunj become ur yaar.
Uvraj- wo… wo.. wo oho! Saale sahab he is doing arrangments for my marriage so he can be frnd yaar.
Raghav- workers can never be frnds.
Daadi- oye khote!! Frnds r frnds either they r workers or zamindaar..
Kunj to twinkle- yaar twinkle daadi is very dangerous. She takes two mins to scold a person.
t- shut up kunj…its ok daadi ye to insaan ki soch pe depend karta hai.
Daadi- haan beta.
k- mr randhava kal tak engagement ki tayari ho jayegi.
Mr r – u go and it and if any mistake I will not leave u.
Daadi- oye u will mr randhava for outside the world but here u r my son…okay tu wohi karega jo main kaunga.

Mr r- acha maa.(joinig his hands)
(mummy se to sbhi darte hain… main bhi)
Daadi- go to ur room and rest thanda ho jayega sara din garam ho jata hai.
Mr r- ok biee. Good night all.
All- good night.
All went to their rooms now twinj and uvya was left there.
k- oye uv tujhe kaha than a koi gadbad nhi.
u- sorry yaar kunj but thoda to behave karna tha that I m intresting in marriage.
t- but overacting ka kya? Or kavya tera bhai bohot zyada arrogant nhi hai… anita aunty bhi nahi hai and daadi bhi nhi hai sirf wo aur tere papa hi hain..
ka- haan wo mera saga bhai nhi hai.

Other 3 – what?
Ka-haan wo mr randhava ki doosri patni ka beta hai. Par hum sabh saath main rehte hain.
k- uski mom?
Ka- wo us main hi hai unhe kaam thaw o nhi ayengi.
t- acha..
k- chalo guys kal milte hain biee.
u- tum dono.?
K- yaar hum wo preperations karke ayenge.
u- ok. Bieee good night
all- gn
uvyaa went from there.

At yuvraj’s house..
Rohan was present and chinki and rohan were dancing on sang tere sang yaara. meanwhile uv entered and saw them and coughed they came to their senses and seprated.
r- acha chinki I l take a leave.
c- ok.
Rohan went…
u- oho meri behen wo bhi romance.
C- shut up.
u- I cant yaar meri shame ho jayegi.
c- how ridiculous!!
u- ha ha ha

c- how was ur date?
u- wtf!!
No date ok but got a new member in our team.
U- what how?
Uvraaj narrated everything t chinki.
c- me randhava is vry cheap person being inspector u can arrest him..
y- but I need a proof… don’t worry we will collect it..
c- hmm.
On other hand twinkle and kunj were doing preperations..
Twinkle was holding a basket of flowers and walking suddenly she slipped she closed her eyes in fear of falling but our hero came and saved her.she opened her eyes and found herself in is arms. They had a cutee sa chotu sa eyr lock which was broken by kunj..
k- twinkle dhyaan se.

t- haan kunj…. Thanks a lot.
k- it was my duty…cant u see and walk… har time naya syaapa karna hota hai siyaapa queen agar gir jaati to pair mud jata aur mujhe uthana padta aur hathi jitna wazan hai tera.
t-meri care kr rhe ho ya taunting.. khadoos kahin ke. Aur ye siyappa queen kya laga rakha hai .. sadu sarna oh sorry saddu malhotra.
k- oye siyappa queen chup kar.
t- leave it yaar let us do preprations.

So screen freezes on yuki’s mighty face and twinj doing preprations..

Precap-uvyaa’s engagement ….

Wht is their plan?
What will they do?
How will they find proofs?
To find out say tuned….
So guys how was it?
Njoyed or bored..
And 1ce agin thanks for reading….

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