Love Me Like U Do:Ragsan (pt-6)

Hloooooo beautifull friends and cutieeee sissies….thanks a lot for ur love….I am trying my best to make this reach your expectations….

Maha:dear will any sister leave her sister to develop feelings for some one??

Let’s start….

At ragsan classroom

Ragini is waiting for sanskar…

Riya:heyyy can u plzz move…I will sit here…

Rag:thought to say no…but she couldn’t…

After some time…san comes to class and sees ragini sitting with someone else…he is hurt…he sat another place

Rag pov

What happend to sanskar…from yesterday he is behaving such with me…y is it bothering me this much??ohhh god I should talk to him in the break time…

At breaktime…

San hurriedly moves to canteen avoiding conversation with ragini

At canteen

There is no place in canteen
While ragini reaches there and sees place at swara and laksh…

Rag:come we will sit with them

San:why when you don’t want to sit with me…

Lak:heyyy ragini…sanskar…come here

Rag:plzzz let’s goo

San:okkk 1st time forgiven…but u r my friend u should sit only with me…

Rag:okk…now smile

San pov

Smiles….Sanskar beta I think ingnoring is the best formula for 1st step of love….let’s see



Rag sits silently

swa:sooo sanskar right??



San:bike rides…and vedio games

Swa:wowww I tooo love them…they both hifies

Lak:I love watching tv and listening songs…


Colour:swasan at a time black







Lak:and choti maa

(At a time)

San:smiles wowwww swara u and me r just same…we have a great compatibility yaar…

Raglak:are burning with jelousy


RagSan:are about to leave

Swa:rag one min

San:waits for her…at some distance same as laksh

Swa:see ragini…its sooo clear…u and he r sooo different from each other…there is no compatibility at all….did u understand??

Rag:simply nods her head and goes

San:oyyyy why r u sooo dull…

Rag:nothing sanskar…we don’t have any thing in common…naaa then how we will be friends…

San:pins her to wall…ragini…

I know what u r thinking…listen
I love bike rides and vedio games but my most liked thing is my mothers songs which she sings for me…

And I love black colour…but black and white contrast is only the best combination…

And food…I may eat maagie daily…but I prefer to eat paayasam when ever I go for doing a good thing…

And about person even swara’s and my taste is same in this tooo
After my mother I like u the most…

Did you get ittt…

Rag:and as I like swara who love all these I like you too(in mind)

San:ohhh shit I forgot my phone there…u goo I will come

Rag:goes to class and about to sit in her place…riya can u shift there plzzz my friend will be sitting here

Riya:yeah sure…noo problem

Rag:waits for sanskar…

San:sees a place beside ragini and goes to her smilingly seeing her keeping bag for him..

Rag takes the bag seeing him indicating him to sit and both smiles thinking about other…

Precap:swara’s plans…ragsan bonding

Hlooo everyone…plzzzzz tell me frankly r u liking itt??or do you want me to move the story little faster??plzzz do like and comment…I will try to post longer from next…lods of love

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