“Roll no. 3” my tutor called. There was no answer. She again yelled “Roll no. 3!!” There was no answer again.

“Aditi!!!” I heard a tap on my desk. It was Rey. I looked at her with my red sleepy eyes. I could feel the silence of the class and I slowly turned my heads towards my tutor who was already staring at me with her kajal smudged eyes.

“Present Ma’am” was all I could tell. And absent was all she could mark. And anyways this isn’t my first time too.

Rey and I left once the class was over. We were walking on the corridor and there was a sudden slap on my back. I turned around to look who it was.

“NEHA!! Wassup dude??” I sounded high with excitement. She said “Cool! What r u guys doing tonight?”
Rey and I looked at each other. We know what she was upto. Neha was my schoolmate and she has a list of guys with whom she talks to. Unlike us she loves people, party and fun. She loves hosting parties too.

“Nothing much” Rey answered. And I starred at rey for such a stupid answer. “Cool guys! I’m hosing a party this evening! You should surely come! Wear something pretty” she said and left.
I kicked rey hard. “Why can’t you think of something else??? Nothing much? Seriously??” I yelled. “Comon Aditi! We have never been to any one of her parties. We will try having fun there” she said trying to convince me.
“But still..” before I could finish Rey interrupted ” We will leave once you find it uncomfortable”.

I have always believed in one phrase. ‘This time shall pass too’ and that is what kept me motivated.

It was 3 in the afternoon. Lisa was searching for a dress. Rey was applying her foundation. And there I was sitting on the bed with my hair bunned up and wearing a night dress barely covering my knee.

“Aditi!! Start getting ready! We are going to be late” Lisa yelled.
“I guess we can start getting ready by 4:30 because the last time I checked we have never been so punctual anywhere! I said it casually.
The casual statement of mine earned nothing but a glare.
“Comon guys! The party is only at 5! Why are you stressing me out?” I asked them.
“Because it’s a party and that includes guys and you gotta look pretty for them to hit on you,hon” Rey said it in a romantic way which almost made me puke.
“Ugh! Whatever” I sighed. I had nothing to wear but one dress which my sister presented me on my birthday. It was a blue color dress that covered my knee and I wore a white legging matching it.And then starts the war. It was the battle between me and my hair.

People with curly hair will know about it. After half an hour struggle I gave up. Rey helped me fix my hair. I had a puff and clipped it in the centre. I wore simple make up and we three took a selfie.
“PARTY TIME!!!” Lisa’s insta story read.

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