Love and love only by zerah malik episode 1

hey guyz…
Its me Zerah malik, writing ma first FF..hop you all love it….pls do comment below….
And special thanks to all my friends who encouraged me with their sweet comment and welcomed me whole heartedly

Oberoi mansion:

Morning….(the bright sun shines up with a bright smile….the naughty wind playing around…the sky looks absolutely awesome)

@shivika’s room

Anika came after ready she saw shivaay sleeping and didn’t disturb him.

Anika stands in the pool side recollecting her old sweet memories with shivaay….(their first meet…water throw…Pool incident….First pinky promise…how shivaay saved her from goons….. Marriage…Saved her from daksh….how he Defended her infront of all….Hug scenes…..)
A wide smile bloomed on her face…
she felt a sudden chill when someone hugged her from behind…
She knew it was her shivaay….(oo jaana plays)….

Shivay: My Jhansi ki rani… why are you blushing.?..

Anika: I….Er…That…. who said that I am blushing?…and when did you wake up ?..leave me

Shivay: But why? Cant I hug my wife?

Anika turns and tries to free herself from his grip…but she starts to fall into pool….just then shivaay holds her…a small eye lock…but just then he stumbles and both falls into pool..??

Both completely wet in pool….

@ Omri’s room

Om making statues…Gauri comes to him with tea…

Gauri: Omkara Ji …your tea

Om: ooh…gauri how many times did I told you to just call me just Om.

Gauri: What to do…husband is like God…so I should respect..

Om pulls her close and keeps his finger on hers lips..(saathiya plays)
He gets closer to her and whispered
: There is no me and you..its just us…
I am not your lord….I am just your equal half…

@ Rumya’s room

Saumya came out after bathing she saw her prince charming sleeping peacefully….

Saumya :rudr…. Wake up ..

Rudr: .. 5mins more…

Saumya : not even 1min
Its time to go for office

Rudr: please… Let me sleep na…

Saumya got and idea and goes from there and returned with a bucket full of water and splash it on rudr

Rudr wake up with jerk

Rudr: SUMO… What have you done…

Saumya : don’t call me that

Rudr : SUMO, SUMO,I will call you that only .SUMO…

Saumya : YOU.. and make angry face

Rudr: are trying to be like anika babhi..

Soumya: to handle husband like you…I will need those tips

Rude man puppy face

Saumya giggle at his condition

Dadi’s room

Dadi sits looking at her husband (Dada ji) ‘s pic…
She talks to it : Look.. now see our grandchildren has now become ishqbaaz, just like you…

Just like how you walked behind me until I get happy….now our grandchildren is the same..

I hope our family alwaya stays like this…happy and loving….

She sits smiling….

In car

Priyanka:ranveer where are we going

Ranveer: we are going to oberoi mansion dear…

Prnku get excited and shout Oberoi Mansion

Ranveer: ha… Why are you shouting don’t you want to go

Priyanka : its not like that actually I was missing everyone

Ranveer : haa… That I know thats why we are going

Prinyanka : ooh you are so sweet thank you….

Ranveer : only thank you but i expected more….

Priyanka : uh..but what did u expect

Ranveer : (with naughty smile )really you don’t know what I want

Prinku understand his intension and blushes

Prinku : chii.. You don’t have any shame

Ranveer : why I need to be shy I am asking only my wife na…

Prinku is still blushing

Suddenly they saw a boy in front of their car crossing road carelessly..
on the spot ranveer applies break but seeing this prinku got shocked and stammers… She started to breath fastly….

Tejvi’s room

Jhanvi sits reading a magazine..
Just then tej came with tea and gives in to janvi

Janvi : did you made this for me

Tej : of course I made it my own hands for you

Janvi : how romantic

Tej : smiles and ask her to drink and tell opinion

Janvi drinks and made weird expression

Tej: what happen why are you making faces

Janvi : nothing like that
She smile and starts drinking

Tej : ooh so you like my tea

Janvi : yeah I love it

Tej : ooh that means it Is very tasty an let me taste it

Janvi : no… No tej you won’t drink it

Tej : why?

Janvi : huh.. That.. Because you made specially for me naa.. Then only I will drink this

Tej : come on janvi… For the first time I made tea and I want to taste it

Janvi :no…

Before she speaks further tej snaches the cup and drinks it

Tej : yuck…. how can you drink this tea? why did you drink this tea you know… It is no good..

Janvi : because you made me with love so how couldn’t i drink tea

Tej : but janvi..

Janvi : for your love I could at least drink this tea..

Tej and janvi smiles …

But tej stopped thinking about something

Janvi : tej.. What happened

Tej : janvi.. I wish I could hear om calling me papa before I die…

Janvi : don’t worry tej I am sure one day om will call you papa..

Tej : I hope so

Jhanvi: be ready and come down to
Have breakfast..

Jhanvi exits

Shinky’s room

Pinky was getting ready she was not able to pin her shwal

Pinky : usually when wife is struggling to pin her shwal husband would came to help but my husband….. And stares at shakti

By seeing his wife staring like ghost he asked her

Shakti : d.. Do.. wa.. Want any help

Pinky : can’t you see I am not able to pin my shwal

Shakti : haan but what I should do ?

Pinky looks him angrily

Pinky : come and pin my shwal

Shakti was about to pin her shwal unknowingly the pin touched pinky

Pinky : ooh my Mata… shaktiji you are going to kills me with this pin..

Shakti : it happened unknowingly so..sorry

Pinky: ooh my mata shaktiji you don’t know how to pin the shwal or being romantic……
looks my heera beta shivaay, he is always romantic to my heera bahu
go and learns some tips from him..
and goes from there…

Dining room:

Dadi , pinky and jhanvi meets in dining room…

Dadi: where are others?

Pinky: I think they are still sleeping..
Now….we will have call them..

Jhanvi: I agree..

dadi : go and look shivay….jhanvi…you go n call om..I will look rudr..

They all leave..

Shivika’s room

Anika and shivaay in pool…both stands up from the pool…shivay does his signature step

Anika:what have you done?

Shivay: you are asking what I have done? I was just saving you from falling and I fell down…and now you are blaming me?

Anika: see my dress got wet?

Shivay: its not my fault

Suddenly a knock is heard…its pinky

Pinky: anika….shivaay …aren’t you ready yet..

Shivay: better I go….

Anika: but shivay…

When she turna Shivay is gone..

Anika opens the door…

Pinky: oh my maata anika…aren’t you ready yet…why are you wet?
(Pinky smiles )


Pinky:no need to explain go get ready…and I am sure ..shivay will be hiding somewhere wet…ask him to get ready fast

Shivay comes there ready..

Shivay: mom….did you call me?

Anika shocked to see him..

Pinky : you came….anika come fast..

Shivay: yes..anika…get ready soon..

Pinky : shivay….don’t do this drama..I know you will be the only one who started this…

Shivay: so mom you are also in her team…

Pinky: oh my maata….now don’t fight com down..

Shivaay gives anika a naught looks and waves her bye….she acts annoyed and goes to get ready

Omri’s room

Gauri get shy and runs
Om smile

Gauri : now, close your eyes I have to show you something….

Om: what’s it?

Gauri:first close your eyes

Om: ok…fine..and closes his eyes

Gauri takes out a photo and gives to him…she controls her laughter..

Om: what’s this…
when he opens his eyes he sees his undressed childhood photo..

Gauri couldn’t control anymore and bursts into laughter..

Gauri: then also you are looking cute

Om gets annoyed and tear the photo..

Gauri: I knew it….and takes another copy…

Om: gauri…no…and runs behind her..

Jhanvi enters their room.

Jhanvi: oh god…you both are behaving like small children…( And laughs…) Anyway get ready soon..

Jhanvi exits

Rumya’s room:

Saumya goes to make up table and starts to comb hairs…

Rudr was mesmerized by her beauty

When she was about to wear manghal suthr suddenly rudr screamed

Rudr: stop!

And came near saumya

Rudr : its my right I will do it

He tied manghalsutr and take sindhoor saumya closes her eyes and he applies to her

Rudr: ooh sumo today you are very beautiful and kisses her checks
Saumya blushes

Dadi enters and closes her eyes seeing this and turns away

Dadi: don’t worry! I didn’t see anything..

Rudr: thank god ! Dadi didn’t see anything..lets continue..

Soumya:duffer! Shut your mouth..

She walks towards dad I

Soumya: yes dadi..

Dadi: don’t take too much time…come fast for breakfast
(with a naughty smile)

Dadi goes

Soumya: no more Talkings…get ready soon…


Prinku started to panic she hugs him

Ranveer : prinku.. What happen..
And he makes her drink water

Ranveer : prinku.. Don’t get panic…
I an here nothing happened to that boy look he is safe

After prinku becomes normal and relaxed they starts their journey

Everybody gathers at the dining table..

For today I am winding up my episode…. Hope you guys enjoyed

Pls do comment?????

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