Archi love story!! Part 12

As sanchi turns the whole place turns bright as the place turns bright a bell rang from a nearby church it indicates that it’s 12:00 pm as the bell ranged some rockets were bursted on the sky in the rocket there was written Happy Birthday Aryan!
Aryan was just looking all around. The beach was sooooooo beautifully decorated. There was lighting’s every where a platform was in between the sea there was a beautifully decorated bridge to reach the platform
There was written Happy Birthday Aryan with the water the water was different colors.
Aryan was mesmerized by the beauty.
Sanchi-Happy Birthday Aryan!!
Aryan looks at sanchi affectionately. His eyes were as saying that this is the moment if his life. He had no words to express how happy was he.
Sanchi-ab Kuch bologe?
Aryan- yeh sab? It’s awesome! Thanks.
Sanchi- lo mu khula tih thanks kehne ke liye? Aryan we are friends. Aur tumhe yaad HEI na friendship ki ek rule HEI no sorry and no thank you so stop thanking me. Understood?
Aryan-with San toh theek HEI how do u know it’s my BD?
Sanchi got into an flashback,
Before Aryan came sanchi was just using Internet. Then she went to aryan’s profile she was just checking the profiles when she saw aryan’s birthdate.
Sanchi- oh toh Aryan ka BD 5th April ko HEI. NYC.
Then she realized it is 4th April.
Sanchi-shit! It’s 5th April Kal Aryan ka BD HEI. Kuch toh karna padega. Idea!
She called Rohit and made him understand the full plan.

The persent time,
Aryan-woh toh yeh baat hei.
Sanchi- yes.
Aryan-par Tum
His talking was distrupted with sanchi saying,
Sanchi-just stop questioning it’s your BD. We should celebrate.
Sanchi- no look behind you.
Aryan sees hi behind there was sanchi and aryan’s all friends with bhabisa,tanu, nishant, Neeti and bhaisa. Aryan was happy seeing them. They all greets Aryan.
Aryan- bhabisa , bhaisa AP logoko pata that?
Bhabisa-yes sanchi had informed about this to us earlier.
Aryan looks at sanchi and thanks her.
Sanchi-kya TNX TNX karke hi birthday celebrate karoge? Let’s cut the cake.
They all goes to the platform there was a beautiful cake there.
Tanu- it’s wow! Just wow!
Neeti-haan it’s awesome!
Rohit-awesome TOH hoga hi na . Jaipur’s ki best hotel SE urgent khas karke mangwayahei sanchi me.
Bhabisa- urgent khas (in a mischief tone)
Aryan stares bhabisa in angry look.
Tanu-are cake cut karate hein na see it’s already 12:18 am.
Sanchi- yeah tanu is right.
Aryan blows the candle everyone greets him. Then he cuts the cake. He feed the cake to his family members then sanchi then all his friends. After feeding everyone he looks at sanchi and smiles….
Precap: birthday party at sethiya house.
Hope you like the surprise.????

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