Hi friends,
I am from kerala and was a silent reader. So l thought to write an ff. My ff starts from megna’s engagement day.

A car reached the venue. It had a board announcing “Chauhan 4”. From that car a dashing man with an umbrella get off. He was none other than karan. He took his phone and called someone. As the person answered he just shouted “bhai where are u? I told u na,u should be here in front of the venue…… bhai could u hear me?Why don’t u say anything?ha”. The person answered “Relax Relax mera devar…..
Karan: bha… bhabhi aap..
Meghna:l am so sry,l took ur brother out because l wanted to spend some time with him. Don’t be angry
Karan:aree nahi….angry,who phi mei….kabhi nahi. Bhabhi u take ur time and enjoy.
Meghna:no…no..we r on our way back. Just only 5 mins,see u there
Karan:yes and l am excited to see u,bye
He cuts the call and looked for someone. But then he saw someone behind the curtains. He couldn’t see her face. She was standing on a ladder and was trying to put some decorations. Karan went near the ladder
Karan:excuse me
No answer. She was only concentrating on the work. Heasked once more,but still no answer. Then with his power pack voice,he asked” XCUSE ME”……just then her leg slipped and she fall onto karan and both rolled on the ground due to the falling. They had a cute eye lock. They broke their eye lock when they heard acar horn.
Naina :l am so sorry. I heard u but I just wanted to complete my work. Just then u shouted and..wait a minute l said sry,where’s urs?

Karan was just looking into her eyes. Just looking…. He couldn’t say anything.
Naina :hello.. mr…(she then looks into his hands and saw the umbrella ),Mr. Chatte waala akdu…
Chatte waala akdu…These words echoed in his ears
Naina :hello.. Say sry,tumhare wajah se me gira,aur mere pass wait karne keliye time nahi hei…Hum!forget it,u won’t say sry na. Such me tum bahut badtameez hu
badtameez hu….. That also echoed his ears. His eyes were having acurtain of tears. He is smiling….
Naina :am going mr. Chatte waala akdu…
She then left. Karan just then realized what was going on and was about to call her just then someone patted his and he turned.
Karan (shocked):obbo……

To be continued….. Pls comment

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  1. Pratha

    Obbo what’s that….
    Loved it keep writing
    Post asap

    1. Seyal

      obbo means something he used to call someone,like nickname ?

  2. nice episode.but a short ASAP

  3. Nila

    wow seyal nice start post the next soon and i have doubt is that karan is same as in serial i mean he have any skin problem in ur ff?If its plz dont do that yaar.

    1. Seyal

      don’t worry.u will find out later.???and thanks for commenting ?

  4. Tamihna0808

    Omg this is so good! Loved it! I feel like I’m late! Going to read part 2 now! ❤?

    1. Seyal

      thank u di….for making me happy???

  5. hii seyal…how r u…I’m new comnting for the first Tim…niceee episode liked it

  6. Seyal

    thank u.but l don’t know to whom did uasked that question in tami di’s page.sry if u didn’t expected me.

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