Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations- Part 9

Shivaay: Yes, Anika gave our DNA samples and it matched. I don’t know what is the truth? Mom was pregnant with only 1 kid,then how can there be 2 kids? I m sure there is some misunderstanding. Kamini aunty was not Mrs. Randhawa.

Omkara: That jerk lied to us even about his family. U did not check his background?

Shivaay: I had got his background checked. Kamini’s name was there as his guardian.There were 3 names, Vikram Singh Randhawa who was himself a reputed ACP,Sujata Singh Randhawa and Kamini Singhania. I thought might be Kamini was his step-mother. He even addressed Kamini as his mother. Now,I know the entire story.

(He reveals Ranveer’s past to Om-Ru.)

Rudra: He had tears in his eyes. But suddenly,what happend to the honest and brave police officer? Y did he kidnap Sumo and drug Prinku? Was everything just for money? Does he have any enimity against us?

Shivaay: This s what s confusing me. Even Mahi’s Dna matched with mine.There r few things that r yet to be known.

Omkara: I will tell u y he hates us.Even I have hidden things from the 2 of u.

Shiv-Ru exchange looks.

Omkara: I have hidden a big truth from the 2 of u.2 years back,on Nov-2014 night,Prinku was driving my car.She had done the hit and run case of Ranveer’s sister. She had fallen from the old bridge. I looked for her everywhere but didnot find her.V returned back. I wanted to inform the police and assured her that I will not let her name come out but she refused as she could not have seen me going to jail.It was for Prinku’s future,I chose to remain quiet but something inside me was breaking so I took drugs.

Shiv-Ru : What?? Y did u not tell us?

Shivaay: (Raising his voice) U did not trust me? I would have taken the matter and solved it. His sister was undergoing treatments somewhere,although I still don ’t know the details.

Rudra:( raising his voice) The truth is u saved Prinku but this gives us the reasons on Y Ranveer hates us specially Prinku. Her future could have got totally ruined had she married that jerk.U did wrong with his sister but as a brother u protected Prinku. Might be if we were in his place v could have done the same thing.

Omkara-Shivaay look at Rudra.

Shivaay: True, still I cannot forgive him but the least is I can take back my complaints against him. His motive was to take revenge for his ailing sister. They were suffering because of us.

Omkara: This was the reason I kept opposing this alliance.But when Shivaay said that Prinku was pregnant, I thought maybe things changed between them. Now I know somewhere,I was the reason of destroying his life and later his attempt to destroy us. I brought trouble for every1.Sorry Shivaay,Can u forgive me?
(3 bros share Obro hug;Labzon ka rishta plays)

Soumya: She was in her room searching something.

Rudra enters…..(Dil vil chahaton ka plays)

Rudra: Sumo kya dhund rahe ho?

Soumya:( Busy) Ignores for sometime,then says reports.

Rudra:( Narrows his eyebrows) Reports!!

Soumya: ( bites her tongue) I mean project report. I kept it somewhere but m not getting it.

Rudra: Ok! Main bhi dhudh ta hun….

Soumya: U ll help me?

Rudra: Han! R jobhi hogha mujhe de dena copy karne k liye….

Soumya: K Crybaby!

Prinku calls Soumya. They go to Prinku’s room.

Soumya: What happend? Is Ranveer alright? Did he call?

Prinku: Yes,he came last night. He did not give details about what he was going to do but he said that he would break them financially.

Soumya: That’s good. V have to go for ur checkup.

Prinku: Shivaay bhaiyaa asked me about Ranveer’s past. I just hate all this lying.

Soumya: Me too but v have to keep fighting.He s doing all this for family. Get Ready.

Meanwhile Ranveer,
Ranveer is planning a trap for Dhruv-Roop with the help of Soniya.

Soniya: Veer,they’ll get exposed infront of media. This way nobody ll help them financially.

Ranveer: Yes,it will happen tomorrow.Their deeds will be shown on live tv at the press conference of Neta Sahab. Their blackmailing girls and forcing them to act as escorts. This neta is also a prime shareholder in SAT.This will further open gates to know about Sameer uncle.

Meanwhile, Soumya- Prinku reach hospital.

Also, Shivika reach hospital.

Precap: Every1 meet.

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