Love is life (Episode 24) Monday special

At morning Ishani wakes up and sees Janki getting ready. She gets happy m goes to her. She says my baby is ready? Janki says yes. Now I will go to play. Ishani nods n Janu gives a big hug n says bye mumma mayank is waiting. Ishani gets ready and comes to wake Ranveer. Ranveer wakes n sleeps again and says I will not wake up until u kiss me. Ishani says stop behaving like kids n plz get up n as she was leaving he holds her hand n see fell on him. They share an eye lock . Rv kisss Ishani n gets up n says learn something from me. Ishani smiles n says good morning. Afterward ranveer in room shouts”ishani where is my shirt n coat. Ishani comes says in that cupboard why are u searching it here. He says if u have brought make it worn too. Ishani says my janu n mayank has also learned how too wear shirts n she leaves. Ranveer says Aaj toh pata kar hi rahunga aur fir dekhta hoon bhav kaise nahi deti. At the table Ranveer was having breakfast Ishani says quick hurry up .

Rv says okay Devi ma. Ishani gives cold look. Ranveer on a bread made heart wd ketchup n passes to Ishani. She gets angry n says Ranveer plz here I’m not getting time n u r wasting your time. Ranveer gets sad. Ishani hugs him n says plz not now. Suddenly they hear a sound of glass breaking. Ishani says Ranveer u heard that sound. Ranveer says yes there in the guest room. They went there n saw that the room window was broken n saw a ball there. Ishani gets angry n shouts mayank come here,Mayank. Mayank comes there n asks for ball. Ishani says see what did u do. Ranveer says very good beta keep it up, I saw u play very well. Ishani argues don’t teach him around. Ranveer says what wrong. Just a window is broken not someone’s head. Ishani says exactly one day he will break someone’s head n then say keep it up. I don’t want any cricketer in my house plz play it carefully or else don’t.

Rv signs Mayank all right. Ishani n mayank leaves. Ranveer says Ishani has changed a lot now I too will change a lot. Ranveer come there holding his tie in formal way says Ishani come lets go to janki school n lets meet the therapist. Ishani says okay let’s go. Ranveer brings Janu in the car n says it r u happy or sad. Ishani interrupts n says of course happy right. Ranveer says did I ask u. Janu says very very very happy. Ishani thinks what happened to him. She holds Ranveer’s hand n Ranveer thinks ” no Ranveer do not forget ur REAL ISHANI Mission.” And Ranveer leaves her hand showing he is taking turn. He smiles n thinks I will bring my real Ishani back. At doctors cabin they consult the doctor. She says don’t worry everything will be fine, just 2 years not more n she will be alright they get happy n drops her to school.

At home Milan says soon they are returning Us after a week. Ranveer ask why. He says kritik’s school. In their bedroom, ishani was trying to seek Ranveer’s attention by dressing in front of mirror but Ranveer ignores her. She feels bad. Ranveer says he is leaving for his meeting, n says today he will do dinner at office. Ishani comes towards him says bye n was about to hug him, but Ranveer leaves. Ishani thinks”oh sahab is angry wd me,let’s convince him” Ishani shouts outside the room “aaaaaaaaouuuuuuuuchhhh” Ranveer comes n gets tensed n says what happened Ishani says nothing just a sprain in my leg. Ranveer carries her in his arm to bed. Ishani hugs him tight n gets emotional n says why?with me?what did I do? Ranveer says I ask u the same question why u r so changed wd me n children too. She says sorry Ranveer gives her the medicine n says if u really hv sprain then apply it my ur own. He leaves, Ishani crie n says is that so then okay we will lead this life only but I will love u till the end.

At night at dining table. Ishani runs behind Janki n says three bytes more princess. Janki hides inside the table n says I can’t eat anymore. Ishani says plz baby for me,see how mayank is eating that’s why he is strong.mayank blushes.janki says to mayank okay okay don’t act smart. Ishani says first u come out of the table.she makes janki sit n have food.she says tomorrow I will prepare ur favorite food.janki says mumma u will not have food. She says I will have it wd papa. She teaches children in their room n later makes them sleep Ishani in her room thinks about Ranveer n gets tensed. Somebody knocks the door.she gets overjoyed,it was janki she says mumma tonight i want u sleep wd ull. Ishani says come she lifts her. Janki sleeps in her lap, Ishani pampers her n asks today how was ur school. Janki says it was nice I enjoyed a lot. Janu then falls asleep in her lap. Ishani kisses her forehead n says I’m glad that u will get well soon. In the meantime rv comes. He asks in formal manner whether Janu is well or not . Ishani says she is alright just little insecured when her daddy doesn’t come on time. Rv says I already said that I will be late n then he leaves the room. Ishani thinks now I’m 100% sure some behavior of mine is hurting him. Later rv comes n sits on the bed n starts doing his presentation on his laptop. Ishani continuously stares her.

Precap: Ranveer while doing his work falls asleep Ishani makes him sleep comfortably n late night she does the work. At morning Ranveer panics since his work was undone, he opens his file n gets shocked.

Guys I have stopped my fans favorite fan friction sorry but I do not get time to write that on 29 February my ff is ending

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