Parvarish 2 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach informs rules of next round to contestant students. He says he they to get a chit from box with student of the year written on it and only 5 will go to next round. All students get happy. He says box will be under water and they have to swim and get it. Jassi gets tensed and says she will not swim.

Raj hugs Ria happily and congratulates her for next level and says she will win swimming round easily as she is a swimming champion. Simran to motivate her says Ria is in third position and cannot win and Jassi may win. Ria says she has not learnt to lose and will win for suer. Once she leaves, Raj says her way of motivation is different but working.

Aditya asks Ankita what trick she will play next against Jassi. She asks what he means, he should go and concentrate on Ria. He says Jassi is her enemy and Ria is Jassi’s friend, his competition is Ria, so enemy’s friend is friend, so they should befriend and think of clearing hurdles to win. She shakes hands with him and smiles.

Jassi tells coach that he kept a tough round and she does not know swimming. He says next round is not about swimming, she has to jump into water holding her breath and bring out chit. She says sir but.. He says this competition is for winners, but she does not look like a winner at all. Jassi feels sad.

At home, Jassi sits with family nervously. Jogi says he tried to teach her swimming, but she did not at all. Darji scolds not to frighten girl. Jogi says Jassi she should not give up. Surinde listens that and says nobody will give up and it is her promise. Jogi says mammaji must have tought something for her.

Ria wears swimming costume, loos at herself in mirror and thinks she has become fat. She calls Dolly and says she is looking fat and Aditya may not like her. Dolly asks her to send her selfie so that she can comment. Ria clicks her selfie and is about to send them when Simran enters. Ria wears gown and says villagers does not know to knock door and enter in and does not know what privacy is. Simran apologizes, goes out, knocks door, enters and says in her village, people lock door when they need privacy and asks her to remember it next time. She calls her for dinner and leaves. Ria fumes in anger.

Surinder goes to school and tells coach that he imposed swimming round wrongly and should withdraw it as Jassi does not now swimming. He says parents like her spoil children by showing overconfidence on them, they want their children to win every competition without talent.

Raj asks Ria to practice for next round. She says she is swimming champ and does not need practice. Dolly calls her and asks to send her selfie. She says she sent already, checks mobile and nervously says she sent it to class mate Dhruv. Simran asks if there is any problem.

Ria calls Dhruv. Dhruv happily picks call and asks how are you. Ria calls him loser and asks to delete her selfie. He gets angry and asks how dare she is to call him loser. She orders to delete her pics, else she will punish him at school. He says he does not care and will share her pics with boys’ group. She shouts. Simran asks what happened. Ria asks her to stay away and walks out. Simran calls her friend and takes Dhruv’s number. She then goes to Dhruv’s home and meets him.

Coach says Surinder that he will do her favor, but she also should do him a favor and wash his utensils. She asks how dare he is to think her as servant. He asks then why did she think he would break his rules and asks just or 1 student, she wants to change rules. She should teach her daughter to watch dreams which she can fulfill. Principal hears their conversation and asks Surinder she is going against rules. Surinder says but sir.. Principal says a student recorded their clip and sent it to him and everyone. He can disqualify Jassi for this act.

Precap: Surinder says Kulvinder that Jassi has to learn swimming for the competition. Kulvinder says his daughter will not enter water. Surinder teaches Jassi swimming disobeying him, but he catches her red handed and holds Jassi’s hand to pull her out of of swimming pool.

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  1. now who is dhruv
    spineless ankita and aditya hate them both
    i want two other boys for jassi and riya seriously

    1. Dhruv is riyas class mate ?

  2. I think aditya just wants info… He is not like ankita.

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