It is love or just concern – Part 25


O pov: where is this gauri I did not seen her from morning where is she

Rid: good morning om ..

O: good morning .

Rid: you are still angry on me om.. I am sorry om

O: its ok

R: bhavya where is bhabhi

B: she is in room I think she is getting ready to go

O: where

B; I don’t know bhayya

O: you don’t know .

B: sorry bhayya I am not asking her anything only Neil knows where she is going

O: ok I will ask her

R: bhavya I want your help please come with me
(Om is worried  about gauri )

Rid: om who is this Neil he know  everything about gauri even bhavya did not know about her
I think he is boy friend of gauri I think after divorce gauri is going to be Mrs Neil

O: stop your nonsense ridhima why you are always taking gauri middle

Rid: just I said om you have to be happy that she moved on now you don’t  feel to be  guilty we can also marriage happily

O: i don’t want talk about this ridhima

(He went to his room to see gauri she is  packing her bag to go )

O: why are you packing

G: i am going somewhere .

O: somewhere means

G: i don’t want to tell anybody

O: oh

G: i am coming after two days .

O: what two days ( flashback s: you have ten days think it it is love or just concern )

G: what happened

O:a nothing  you are going alone its not safe

G: no need to take tension Neil is coming with me to take care of me

O: so you are going with Neil

G: no after i reached where i should go he will come to meet me

O: why you can’t tell where you are going

G: its nothing to you

O: how its nothing to me all will ask me where you went then what should i tell them

G: why they will ask you

O: because i am your hus…….

G:see you don’t have answer i am nothing to you thanks for your concern

O: what are  you hiding

G: what i am hiding

O: everything i know gauri you wanted to spend time with Neil no then you can tell me no need to hide who is hiding this type of matters you know only mistress you are mistress of Neil  (he got a slap on  his cheek )

G: who are you Mr omkara to speak about me and Neil you know what is the relationship between  us there is no need to tell you  because you always mistaken me and now also ten days is there you will out of this relationship  and now two days i am not going to be here you will get two days break of after ten days you will get whole life break from me you know something before talking something you should think 100 times but you never you will change

O: was what a drama its true na  that’s why you are not telling what is the relation ship between you and  Neil

G: think what you want i don’t have time time to talk with you

(She started to move but om held her hand and turned her to face him then he slapped gauri got shocked )

O: no body slapped me till today who are you slap me so i slapped  you  gauri sorry soon to be Mrs Neil .

(Gauri did not said anything she went washroom and cried as much as she want and then  she fresh upped and put up make up on her face that no body can see red  mark  on her face  and went down with her bag )

D : gauri puttar where are you going

G: dadi i want to search the truth of my life

B: you  and neil are saying this from last 18 years  where are you going shrenu i will also come with you

O pov: what from18 years oh shit means they are going every year i should ask gauri sorry from gauri

G: no its only between me and neil i don’t want you to mingle with that it is not safe it had only sadness
B: be safe

G: be safe with all happiness and all

(Bhavya hugged gauri )

B:why are you saying this i am scared you will not leave us how you did last time after going there you did not came back with Neil my happiness with you and neil (she stared to cry )

G: stop this my happiness and everything with you neil and …

B: and   say an who is that i want to know i am small but i can also help you an

G: shut up ya i promise i will come back because i have work to do here and promise this two days you will be like a good girl you should not trouble to anyone specially to Rudy

R: ya bhabhi

B: shut up ok i will  not do anything and say that neil that i miss him so much and tell him after he is back i will kill him in shopping mall

G:ok baba and everyone bye (she did not look at omkara this made him sad )

O: gauri ( but she didnot even turned to see him )
O pov: i should ask her sorry how i will follow her  (he started to  follow her the car of gauri the car missed by his catch after some time om saw car standing in road get went near that he saw a huge blood and the driver felldown on the road. He went near him and asked  )

O: where is gauri ?

Man pov: you will not founde her the flower is with me now i will use it then you will also throw it omkara this  revanage from you omkara you will never forget this

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Stay with me 4ever..

This love,

Is love,

The love,

Best love,

Way love,

To love,

Say love,

That love,

I love,

Am love,

Really love,

Lucky love,

To love,

Have love,

You love,

As love,

My love,

Friend love.

Now read it again without the word ‘love’.?

Cute right?



?love you all  ?

By kavita

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