Love In Hell (Introduction & Prologue)

Hi This Is Miss Aru How Are You All?

so let’s start I’m new here but not to writing I love writing so here I’m fulfilling my passion… hope u guys will like it…

Name: Arjun Maheshwari
Profession: Businessman
Nature: Rude, Stone Heart And Merciless Had Bad Past

Name: Haya
Age: 20
Profession: Chef Supplies Food In Arjun’s Company
Nature: Beautiful, Sweet, Loving And Caring

Story start where Arjun meets Haya and she accidentally bump into him making his cloths dirty with foods…. he saw her and his anger reach at it’s peak… she apologized and that where he lost his senses… He Was Mesmerize Seeing Such A Natural Beautiful In Front Of Him… Since He Start Dating Girls He Never Saw Such A Beauty… He Keep Looking At Her Without Blinking While She Was Apologizing Continuously But Her Eyes Were Lower And He Was Trying To Look Into Them But Failed Then At Last She Looked Up At Him Meeting His Eyes Making An Eye Contact… Both Were Silent Not Saying A Word Anymore Just Looking Deeply In Each Others Eyes Suddenly Arjun Came In Sense And Walk Away Hurried Leaving Haya Amazed…

so that’s it for today…
how’s it reviews please…

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  1. Sapphire

    Nice start. Would love to read more from you. 😊😊

  2. Awsm starting dr , i m excited to rd further n welcm to TU dr always keep writing

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