Love is hard part 56

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Karan and Saiyam were in kriyam a room
Saiyam: karan thank u for taking Krishna with u, after u allcame back she looked really happy
Karan: isme thank u walli kya baat hai, Krishna is my sister Nd I felt she needed an outing so I took her
Saiyam: well your a very good brother then
Karan: voh tho muje pata hai
They both laughed
Krishna and yuvaani came in looking tenced
Karan: yuvaani, krishna what happens to u why are u so stressed
Saiyam: krishna tum theek ho na, I told u to take some rest during the day u only just got out of hospital.
Karan: will u guys say anything, and Krishna first u sit Down and take your medicines from Saiyam
Yuvaani: voh yuv…yuvaan
Saiyam stood up: yuvaan kya….
Krishna: yuvaan is looking at me in the wrong way
Saiyam raged in anger: kyaa, yuvaan js what, why
Karan: krishna what did he do
Krishna ran out the room to upset about what happened and Saiyam followed her.
Karan: yuvaani kya hua hai
Yuvaani Hugged karan tightly
Yuvaani: what I saw yuvaan do today I am ashamed to know he is my brother
Karan: yuvaani why are u crying and what did he do so bad why did krishna run out the room I am so confused
Krishna went to the balcony and looked tenced with watery eyes
She felt a hand in her shoulder Krishna turned around to see it was Saiyam
And she clutched him tightly
Saiyam: bass krishna stop crying and tell me what happend
Saiyam was raging but he had to stay calm to five krishna courage she was already so scared and he couldn’t make her any more tenced then she already was
Krishna: yuvaan tried to kiss me while I was in the kitchen and he told me that he loves me and he wants to be with me and then yuvaani came and saved me from all his wrong intentions.

Saiyam broke the hug and held Krishna’s face in his two hands: nai krishna I won’t let anyone hurt u or come near u, u are mind and only mine
He raised his voice higher: which rite does he have to try and molest anyone, I was scared that I might do it having the blood of a rapist run through my veins but yuvaan trying I could never think of it
Saiyam turned his back and started shouting: is this what he calls love
Karan and yuvaani came. Yuvaanj made krishna sit down and drink some water
Karan: Saiyam please calm down, relax
Saiyam: is anyone did this to yuvaani would I be able to relax, nahi na, so please don’t tell me
Karan: haan u are rite, he hurt krishna and saw her with wrong intentions, but Saiyam anger is not the soloution, we need to everyone.
Yuvaani: nahi, I an idea before we tell anything
Krishna: are u going to say the idea of what we thought of earlier
Saiyam: which idea,
Yuvaani: yuvaan has a friend who he tells everything to and I am sure he must of told him his plans and we need to find out what his problem is before we tell anyone else
Karan: it’s a good idea vasai
Saiyam: teek hai

At night time bhavnaa was in Kriyam room putting Krishna to sleep and Saiyam came in
Saiyam: massi ap yahan
Bhavnaa: haan voh u went out and Krishna had a head ache so I was just putting her to sleep
Saiyam: haan voh I was here I was just on the balcony
Bhavnaa: vahan kya karete is time pe
Saiyam: voh kuchnai bus asai
Bhavnaa:tum theek toh ho na Saiyam I noticed that Krishna seemed scared as well
Saiyam: nahi massi we are are fine just quite tired and tenced because of Krishna
Bhavnaa: Saiyam don’t worry, look she is getting all better just stay with her all the time, krishna is the type where If she is in a lot of pain she won’t let anyone know and she will just bear it all
Saiyam recalled when Krishna was telling eveything that hurt her to yuvaanj in. The hospital
Saiyam: haan krishna hai asai
Bhavnaa: okay ab tum be so jao goodnight, I will see u tomorrow okay
Saiyam: goodnight massi, or thank u
Bhavnaa: for what
Saiyam: for putting krishna to sleep
Bbavaan: yar Saiyam, krishna is like my daughter, and u like my son now go to sleep early today,
Saiyam: I will thank u good night

Bhavnaa left the rooom and Saiyam got ready and sat in the room with his head in his hands,he was thinking when all of a sudden he re called how krishna had a bad dream a night befor he got angry with her
Saiyam: she was so scared of loosing me that when she thought it happened she ended in hospital
Saiyam went to bed and lay down without disturbing krishna but he put his hand on his baby
Saiyam in mind: I love u Krishna way to much to see u get hurt anymore, after we speak to his friend just see how I put sence into yuvaan
He thought about the day and how much he loves krishna nd slowly went to sleep thinking about her.

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