love is hard part 45

U know what I am not even saying it but comments make me smile soo much it’s unbelievable. See I am the type of person that becomes the happiest on even small things. So thank u. if u guys were not here to motive me so much I would never have continued. Because it’s so hard writing with so much schools stress and all.
The day continues with everyone getting ready to have lunch. Krishna comes out of the kitchen holding the food and serving it round
Bari daadi: krishna I told u in the morning to, that u wont do any work
Krishna: bari daadi, aise kaise mein kaam nahi karoon,. Infact I like to do work it keeps me busy
Saiyam: krishna nahi bari daadi is rite, u must take care of yourself and your future baby
Krishna: I will take care of your baby and me and I will also do my work
Sharad: she is not going to listen to u lot
Everyone laughed

Krishna: exactly, and anyways the mote I do now the easier it will be for me later
Pratima: haan yeh baat krishna ki toh bilkul sahi hai
After everyone had breakfast in kriyams room, krishna was trying to get a book of a high shelf and she was trying to reach quite high for it
Saiyam came in andf saw this
Saiyam: krishna, be careful please. Your not like before, and u cant do such risky things, u can hurt yourself and your baby krishna
Krishna: saiyam I am just trying to get a book from a high shelf that’s all why is this is bad
Saiyam: because u have a baby in your womb that you need to be careful with.
Krishna: okay baba I am soory, than u get my that book its on tp of all those other books, wait which other books are they, I havnt seen them here before
Saiyam: vohh I thin they are mine
Krishna: saiyam u don’t read, so how come so many books are yours
Krishna: okay anyways show me them and get my book down to please
Saiyam: haan okay
Saiyam gave krishna her book and took all the rest
Krishna: saiyam I want to see your books, mine is nearly finished so I can start reading another one of yours
Saiyam: nahi u wont like these, there not your type
Krishna: saiyam..
Saaiyam: haan
Saiyam was leaving the room when he bumped into karan who was coming in and al the books fell
Karan: sorry, I didn’t see u
Krishna started laughing and she picked up the books
Saiyam turned around snd saw she got the books
Krishna: saiyam so these book are your type and not mind
Karan: konsi book s
Karan took a book and started laughing
Karan: vahh saiyam, talk about preparing
Just then yuvaani called karamn

Karan: ek minute
Krishna: so how to be a father, taking care of babies, tips and tricks for soothing babies, women pregnancy diet
Saiyam: koi problem
Krishna: saiyam I am not going on any diet, infact I was going to ask u to take me out in the evening for samosa shart, I really fel like it
Saiyam: g nahi, no oily food, not good for baby
Krishna: saiyammmmm but its good for my taste and I want it
Saiyam: I will take u out for smoothie
Krishna: no I want falooda
Saiyam: falooda has to much sugar
Suhani and yuvraaj were standing at the door looking at their cute argument
Krishna: saiyam if u don’t buy me what I want u to eat, I will..
Saiyam: what will u dooo
Krishna:I will do
Saiyam came closer to krishna and held her hand beind her back
Krishna: I will never kiss u again.
Saiyam: u will have u give me a kiss from baby , because I am baby likes me more than.
Krishna: saiyam baby doesn’t know who u are
Saiyam: krishna now u will definitely not get any samosa or falooda
Krishna: saiyam okay and u are definitely not getting anymore kisses
Saiyam: butt

Suhani and yuvraaj blasted out laughing
Krishna and saiyam got shocked they they heard everything
Suhani: krishna y u giving such punishment to my son, u know that he cant live without u
Yuvraaj: and saiyam, why are u not letting krishna eat anything she wants to
Saiyam: papa iam saying for her own good
Suhani: okay teek hai, krishna listen to saiyam he does everything for your own good
Saiyam smirked at krishna
Yuvraaj: krishna I will take u out for falooda
Krishna smirked back leaving saiyam holding his head in his hands
Yuvraj:okay so I came here to tell u that u are starting work tomorrow, so sleep early today. And I think that the employees are planning a business trip in a few weeks to so please make sure u prepare for that
Saiyam: okay papa, thank u

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