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At night yuvi comes to kunj’s place for discussing how to confess his love to his friend or love (Aditi ?)
K : (while drinking wine) yuvi this love is just like a snooker game men are sticks, girls are ball then love!
Y : goal?
K: (giving yuvi a hifi) yess, anyone who holds stick is trying to put ball into goal. Is it that easy
Y: no not atall it is a big art. Now just leave that .The one whom I love is my friend just to confess her my love I’m getting mental here, and you! what boss not even knowing her name and place just fell for her. And above that you just asked her mobile number, what a confidence man
K: if I say it frankly it’s not even confidence and luck it’s situation. And if we say I love you also to make them fall for us,are we cricketers or film stars that they will fell for us then and their?
Y : huh !no yaar
K: 1st we should get their attention, then attract them, after that impress them
Y: then we should express our love right??
K: No, we must create love
Y: ohhh! Hey Bro plz teach me these gimmicks
K: (confused) why do you need it? You said your friend is your love
Y: yes
K : games with friends…. Proceed straight and honestly
Y : ok
K: (while seeing Aditi’s pic in phone) these tricks and techniques are for guys like me
Y: (teasingly) Ohho! Love??
K:(thinking) ummm can’t say now
Y: please show me her pic once!
K: no, what if you fall in love with her (hehe what he knows that already yuvi is in love with her)
Y: ohh come on man
K; my “DILRUBA” must be in my phone and eyes only not in anyone’s others (now kunj is saying Aditi is his dilruba, but let’s see guys who will become his actual dilruba ?)

Next scenes
Bunty is in a club and drinking vodka
At that time only his wife Anita calls him he 1st gets scared but then lifts the call
Phone convo
B: hii annu I’m in office now, say what do you want to tell??
A: but what’s that music behind
B: ahh no no a new bar has been opened near my office. I think they’d have forgotten to shut the door, that’s the noise
A: okay, but I’ve a good news for you
B: (shocked) what? We are married for a week only now. Did you get pregnant so quickly?
A:(confused) how can I get pregnant in a week?
B : then what’s that good news
A:I got the number of kunj’s girlfriend
B : oh ok you hold on the line plz
He asks a pen and paper from a waiter
B: tell me the number
A: 9126123456
B: hmmm very fancy number! Bye now
Then Bunty calls kunj who is sleeping on a couch, he lifts the phone

B: (happily) guess, why did I call you now?
K: (angrily) hey I’m in very frustrated now, so stop that nonsense and come to the point
B :ohk ohk cool down cool down. I got your GF’s phone number
K: (excited) is it? Tell me
B: 9126
K :(after dialing 9126) ok tell me fast now
B: 1 to 6
K : I have already dialed it, you are not confused right?
B : did you noticed how I said the fancy number, after 9126 I said 1 to 6 (he is fully drunk)
K : ok 126 then(see guys kunj wrote 126 not 123456)
B: 1 to 6 man!
K: ok 126, thanks for the help man (guys kunj actually wrote 9126126126 which is wrong number) and cuts the call
K : (to himself) now its almost 1 at night I should call her tomorrow morning

Episode ends

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I think in next episode twinkle entry is their

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