Love You Forever by Sonai : Episode 9

I’m Sonai or Diya !! Do u all remember me ?? I don’t think so !! Rre I’m ur pagal friend Sonai !! Now u remember !! OK…!! Very very very sorry for delay…I was too busy so couldn’t post.
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So let’s start !!!

Same day at the afternoon—
Shravan was sitting in his room and was going through some files, when his phone rung up. He found it to be Nanu’s call and received it.
“Hello, Shravan.”
“Yes Nanu it’s me. How r u ?”
“I’m fine my child. I called u up to say something important. Hope u r not getting disturbed.”
“No Nanu …I’m not. Plz continue.”
“Yes. Actually I want u come to my house tomorrow at 10 am. It’s very urgent u know. So will u be free at that time ?”
“Yeah I’ll be free and I’ll surely come. But why is it so urgent ? Is everything fine ?”
“Yes everything is fine. I won’t tell u the reason now. Come tomorrow ,then I’ll tell. I’m sure u’ll be surprised.”
“OK, I’ll be there tomorrow. Bye.”
Shravan cut the call. He again grew thoughtful.
I’m already going through so many surprises…which new surprise Nanu wants to give now ?”

Next day at Tiwari Killa—

Shravan reached there within time. While parking his car in the garden he found another car parked there. He entered the house. He could hear many voices coming from the dining hall as if some guest had come. He went to the dining hall and found everyone including Suman sitting there and talking. But he didn’t expect such a surprise from Nanu.
On the sofa, beside Sumo, there was sitting Aditya. Chatting and laughing with the family members. But it was not a new thing for Shravan as he already knew that he was going to be their son-in-law.
Shravan entered the room silently and went straight towards Nanu . He bent and touched his feet to take blessings.

“Oh Shravan u came. Sit down , let me introduce u to our new family member.”
Shravan looked towards Sumo and replied,” I’ve been already introduced to him Nanu. In fact, he only introduced himself to me, right Aditya ?”
Sumo was already uncomfortable sitting beside Aditya and now seeing Shravan she was extremely tensed. His words made her uneasier .
“Yeah Nanu”, replied Aditya , “We’ve met each other earlier also. “
“Oh it’s good then. Shravan if u already know him, then let’s not waste more time and let me tell u the reason why I called u “
Shravan sat on a chair and was still looking towards Sumo, who was fidgeting with worry.

“As u all know that I’ve grown old and there’s no chance of keeping my granddaughter relied on me. I want her to marry off soon so that she can make her life beautiful with her life partner. I want to fix the engagement date, but in front of everybody. Shravan, you are Suman’s childhood friend. So you have the very right in helping us out in her marriage purposes, and I’m sure u r willing to do that, aren’t u ?”

There was silence in the whole room. Shravan didn’t have any words to speak. He was just thinking of his fate. Now he has to hand over the person with whom he wanted to spend his life to someone else. And Nanu was making Shravan incharge of this unfortunate work .
Sumo felt like crying. She didn’t have the heart to even look at Shravan’s face. As if marrying with Aditya was not enough depressing for her that Nanu had made it more adverse.

“Yes I will Nanu”, said Shravan in a whispering and unsteady voice after sometime.
“I think it’s my responsibility to take part in Sumo’s wedding preparations in every way. I’ll be the happiest to do this.”
“So that’s it. Everything is fine. Suman, I hope u r happy. But the happiest is me. I’m feeling the most relieved to happily hand over Suman’s responsibilities to someone like Aditya. “
Both Suman and Aditya went and took Nanu’s blessings.
“Excuse me plz, I’m coming”, said Sumo and rushed to her room and closed the door behind.
She started crying profusely and blamed herself for all the happenings.
Outside everyone started deciding and discussing about the engagement date and preparations. Shravan’s mind couldn’t concentrate on it. He was broken.
At last they decide that their engagement will be held on the coming Sunday, as Nanu wanted it to be fast. Everyone was happy except Shravan, who was sitting with a dull face.

“OK so coming Sunday right. I’ll go and inform Suman”, said Aditya and went towards Suman’s room.
He knocked and then entered her room. Shravan was just watching all the happenings silently…he didn’t have the heart to move.

Precap: Shravan comes inside Suman’s room and finds Adi and Sumo quarreling.

I know many chappals and eggs will be coming. Don’t worry guyzz I’ll clear there misunderstanding as soon as possible. In fact this misunderstanding will lead to their love confession… wait…and keep patience. I know this episode is very boring with no ShraMan moments but plz do read and COMMENT. Forgive my grammatical , typing and spelling errors. I’ll try to post soon….if possible.


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  1. hey sonai. A very happy new year.
    the episode is just awesome & fabulous.
    u are late but no problem..
    post next one soon.
    loads of love…

    1. Diya

      Thank u Reema

  2. hey sonu, happy new year.. the epi was fav.
    just loved ot. superb!!!

    1. Diya

      thank u so much

  3. Hey happy new year. Nice update. I am took happy as nimik won the best jodi award. They deserved it. I want namik to get best actor cause I bet no one can act as he can . he is versatile. But I felt that namik was not happy during the award. He was masking his emotions aid jokes. Both were looking great. Do share your views.

    1. Diya

      Yeah Deotima ….I’m extremely ecstatic about Nimik’s award . I don’t have any idea about their happiness but whatever instagram posts they have given, they wrote that they r very happy. And yeah both were looking gorgeous !!
      Anyways thanks dear !!

  4. Wonderful!!!!!

    1. Diya

      thank u

  5. Nikita

    Diyaaa!! Woww.. Amazingg..
    This was nice. Im glad at least HERR Shravan knows about his feelings.. That would help! Pleaasee post soon, I want to read more! Love you,

    1. Diya

      Aww Nishita I’m happy that u commented and read !! But sad that u left twitter. Plz don’t leave tu . I’ll post the next episode very soon dear ….specially for u !!
      LOVE U DEAR !!

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