love at first sight [part4]


Hi guyz I know u all are angry with me bcz of the late update ……sorry guyz…….so here my part4 and plz comment guyz bcz one more part only to end. 😀 😀

If anyone missed last part here the link
Part 3

@oberoi mansion
Anika slowly opens her eyes but she saw someone is sleeping in her lap
Ani; ohh god someone will see us
Shivaay was sleeping peacefully
Ani; doesn’t want to wake him up so she slowly touched his cheek and caresses his hair
Shi was moving to some other side
Ani; takes her hand back

Slowly she takes his head and kept in near pillow and she started to leave
But someone holds her hand from the back
Anika; shivaay please leave me
Shi; no responds
Ani; shivaay leave my hand if someone see
Shi; doesn’t respond
Ani; now she is getting angry
And turns back but shivaay is sleeping peacefully
Our rudy is holding her hand
Ru; dii yesterday u slept with bhaiyya
Ani; no rudy

Ru; then u here
Ani; I just came to check him
Ru; ohh caring and all
Ani; nothing like that rudy
Ru; then
Ani; wo actually
But ishu enters
ishu; dii yesterday u didn’t came to room
Ani; phel gaya raita
Ru; thinks for sometime
ishu; didii bolo

ani; wo mei ….
Ru; ha didii bolo kidar sohe rahe hei
[Where did u sleep?] Anika; she saw shivaay is disturbed with their sounds
Ru; didii what happened
Ani; nothing come lets go
Ishu; tell didii
Shi; she slept with me ….any problem
Rudy and ishaana is shocked with shivaay’s answer…anika give him angry walla look bcz she want to escape from them

Rudy;ohh bhaiyya u already started
Shivika; what
Ru; ur romance
Ishu and rudy gives hifi to each other
Ishu; haa rudy I also thinks the same
Shivika; shut up guys
Ishaana; rudy come with me …I want to talk to u
Ru; about whom
Ishu; ny cousin she is coming tp india
Ru; come lets go
Anika starts to leave but shivaay holds her hand
Ani; kya shivaay
Shi; kya matlab
{She narrates all incident were rudra held her hand and all……..}

Shi; he smiles
Ani; not funny
Shi; I know
Ani; shivaay leave me
Shi; just stay here
Ani; no I want to fresh
Shi; okay go
Anika understood shivaay is in angry
Ani; ohh baba am sorry we can see in down
Shi; haa okay u go
Ani moves but turns to say something
Shivaay was just staring at her
Shi; tell fast
Ani; ha am going for shopping
Shi; so what
Ani; u also come with me
Shi; no I cant
Ani; plz shivaay
Shi; he knows girls takes too much time for shopping so he doesnt want to go
Ani; okay shivaay am going…she leaves with full of anger
Shi; okay go don’t come again

At hall
Dadii; anika puttar thum idhar aana
Ani; jii dadi
Others also join them
Ani; kya dadii
Ru; haa dadi any special
Ishi; haa dadii subah se
Dadi; chup kar thum log
Ani; plz tell me dadii
Dadi; where is shivaay
Ani; I don’t know[anger tone]

Shi; dadii am here
Anika looks at him and turns her face
Shi [in mind] ; ohh this girl is angry
Dadi; I want u all go to shopping
Shi; no dadii I have an impo meeting
Ani[in mind]; I know shivaay u will agree u wont deny ur dadiis words so better come with me
Om; no shivaay I checked with ur P.A
Shi; om thum bhi naa
Ru; I know bhaiyya u will make some excuses
Shi; not like tht
Ani; dadii….i will not go with shivaay
Shi; why

Ani; she just stare at him [angrily]

Dadii; I don’t want opinion …..shivaay will come with u guys
Ani; okay dadii
Shi; ohh god I have to go with them
They all leaves to their room

After some time they reached mall
Om; ishaana come with me
Ishi; why om
Om; I want to show u some place
Ishi; wow where
Om; first u come with me then I will say
Ru; om am also coming
Om; why rudra
Ru; why I cant come with my bro
Om; ohh ……sometimes u left me alone and then u will go with ur girlfriend
Ru; no u with ishaana dii na
Om; she is my girlfriend so I will left u alone
Ru; no om u cant do this
Ishi; rudy don’t worry u come with us
Ru; thanku ishu dii
Om; no ishu u cant
Ishu; why

Rudra saw two girls is coming towards them
Ru; om u go I don’t want to come with u
The girl comes near rudra
Ru; hii neha
Neha; hi rudra u here
Ru; haa mera bhai ki shaadi
Ne; ohh

Ru; om u go I will go with neha
Om; bye rudra
Ru; bye
Om and ishaana leaves the places

Rudra also leaves with girls

Ani starts moving shivaay hold her hand
Ani; shivaay leave
Shi; anika plz talk with me
Ani; no shivaay u go home I wont tell to dadii
Shi; anika now am with u na
Ani; so what
Shi; plz i don’t like shopping
Ani; no shivaay don’t make any lies
I know u don’t want to come with
Shi; its not like that

Ani; then
Shi; u girls take too much time fr shopping
Ani; ohh dont worry am different
Shi; so u wont take tht much time right
Ani; yes
Shivaay smiles at her
Shivaay hold anika’s hand she just stare at him he thought she didn’t like it so he removes his hand
But later she holds his hand tightly and walks to the shop

guys I know this track is boring …so plz adjust this time ….pucca next time I will make it perfect

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