Love-Once Again (Episode 3)


Scene 1: Ragini’s room (Hospital)
Ragini opens her eyes slowly. She tries to remember what happened. She recapitulates what happened. She remember Laksh marrying Kavya and Kavya saying that she destroyed 3 lives. Tears roll down her eyes. Suddenly Swara enters the room.
Swara (happily): “Ragini, I am so glad that you fine and nothing happened to you.”
Swara sees Ragini wiping her tears but doesn’t say anything as she doesn’t want her to think about what happened.
Swara: “How are you feeling?”
Ragini: “Better, but still have a headache.”
“Don’t worry that would go away soon too.” a voice comes. They look in that direction and see Sanskaar standing there with a tiffin box in his hand.
Swara and Ragini smile. He comes near Ragini and places the tiffin box on the table near her.
Sanskaar: “That would go away too, when you will eat this delicious halva made by your Dadi.”
Swara: “What Dadi made that halva?”

Sanskaar: “Yes, she did! She asked me to make Ragini eat this specially.”
Swara: “But Sanskaar, you know that Rag…
Sanskaar: “Is weak and she needs something nutritious to eat not something super oily like this halva, right? I have taken permission from the Doctor. Don’t you worry.”
Sanskaar opens the tiffin box and takes a spoon. He is about to makes Ragini eat it. Ragini cries and eats it.
Ragini: “It’s delicious!”
Sanskaar: “After all Dadi and Maa made it with love for you.”
The trio smile.
Ragini: “Why aren’t you guys eating?”
Sanskaar: “Don’t worry, I have a another tiffin for me. Dadi had packed it for me separately. Coming towards to you sister (he looks at Swara)…Don’t you think she is getting fatter and fatter day by day. She should start dieting.”
Ragini giggles. Swara shows her fake anger. Sanskaar hands over the spoon to Swara and asks her to make Ragini eat the halva and he also asks Ragini to keep an eye on Swara as he knows she will try to eat the halva secretly.

Sanskaar: “I am going outside to have my halva. Bye!”
Ragini: “Bye Sanskaar!”
As Sanskaar leaves, Swara says to Ragini, “Ragini, wait, I shall be back in 3 min.”
She goes out and sees Sanskaar siting outside and having the halva all alone.
Sanskaar looks at her while Swara is already looking at him angrily.
Swara: “What did you say? I have become fatter? I need to diet?”
Sanskaar: “Yeah, absolutely correct Mrs. Swara Sanskaar Meshwari”
Swara: “Oh really, if you can assume that the even I can assume that you have grown fat. Give that halva to me.”
Swara takes the halva from him and starts eating it like a child. Sanskaar is looking at her lovingly. After sometime Swara realizes what she is doing and looks at Sanskaar.
Sanskaar smiles. She offers him the halva but Sanskaar refuses to eat. Swara makes him eat with her hands and they both finish the halva together with the same spoon.
Scene 2: Ragini’s room
Ragini thinks about Laksh and Kavya. She remembers Kavya’s words “You have destroyed 3 lives.” She keeps on thinking. After sometime she says, “Kavya was right! I have destroyed 3 lives. What happened till now happened because of me.”
She cries and says, “If I wouldn’t have tried to make Laksh love me forcibly nothing would have happened. Today everyone is suffering, only and only because of me. I should leave from their lives, it would be better for them.” Then she realizes what she just said. She says, “Yes Ragini, you should leave from their lives.” After saying this she gets up from the bed and removes the drips.

Scene 3: Outside the room
Swara was not there as she was tired she had gone home. Sanskaar was sitting outside the room. A nurse passes by and says, “Mr. Sanskaar Meheshwari?”
Sanskaar: “Yes, I am Sanskaar. Any problem?”
Nurse: “Have you brought those medicines that doctor asked you to bring?”
Sanskaar: “Oh no! I forgot.”
Nurse: “They will be needed soon so you should get them.”
Sanskaar: “Okay sister!”
Sanskaar rushes to take the medicines.
Scene 4: Ragini’s room
Ragini tried to get up but stumbles. She tries her best and atlast gets successful in reaching the door. She opens it.
Scene: 5 Outside the room (corridor)
Ragini just peeks out and sees no one outside. She steps outside and starts walking. She is still stumbling.
Scene 6: Corridor

Sanskaar was searching that where he could get the medicines. Ragini is seen getting out from the other side of the corridor. Sanskaar is still searching for someone to ask where he could the medicines for Ragini. Ragini sees him and tries to hide but she doesn’t find any place. Sanskaar is seen stepping towards the place where Ragini is standing. Ragini doesn’t has any option, so she just turns her back towards him and prays, “Please God! I don’t want Sanskaar to see me. Please help me! I have taken this step after gaining much courage.”
She closes her eyes. Sanskaar sees her but only her back.
Sanskaar: “Excuse me!”
Ragini stands still. She is still praying.

Promo: Sanskaar asks Ragini (he doesn’t know that it’s Ragini), “Do you know where I could get the medicines from. I need it for my friend. It’s urgent.”
Ragini stands still. Sanskaar wonders what’s wrong with this girl?

Hi guys! Finally, my exams are over and now I am completely free but I am going on a vacation tomorrow. So I won’t be able to post. Maybe I would post an episode or 2. I promise when I would return I would try my best to post daily.
I know you all might be upset that why I haven’t made Parth enter my fanfic till now. Well, I promise you the next 2 to 3 episodes will be Maha episodes, including the entry of our hero and Ragini meeting him.
Keep commenting! ?❤️

For those who wanted Pearl and Karan Tacker with Ragini. Don’t worry I have planned something for them too, not as a hero with Ragini but they can be a Parallel lead. I hope you will like it but the will enter my fanfic quite late. So don’t be upset! ?

Credit to: Alisha

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