IS THIS LOVE?????? (Epi-4) (Kkb, Matsh, Yhm, Dehleez)


Hello guys….. Thank u all so so much for ur support. I am really very happy. Iam over whelmed by ur support. Keep commenting and supporting. And this time in comment mention any one of ur school incident. I will be happy reading it friends. Silent readers do comment pls. Hai to julina, karthika, ude, neelam, shalini, ankita, durga, sumaya sumi, akshaya, reena, naina, shriti, dhruva, reshma pradeep. Hai to silent readers too. Hope u all r fine……

Lets begin with story…..

A week passed. Girls became somewhat normal. But one question kept on tourturing them. Who was the spy??? Leaving out all the hesitation Ishitha went out and asked first bench students. But they reply was no. She is more puzzled. Ishaani told y to trust them they could even lie. But confusion was not over. After two days they got to know who was that. They were hell shocked. Its their Asst. Class Leader Mihir. Ishitha got red hot. She confronted him. He then revealed that its only Purab who gave such information. They girls were in a rage. They all decided that they should revenge for it.
Ishitha being class leader targeted Purab. She made him stuck in with teachers and enjoyed while he is getting scoldings. Thus the enemity between boys and girls started. Boys too were not so innocent. They too troubled our heroines.

Days passed so. Amidst these commotions only Ishaani noticed some thing. Past few days, she didnt see Ranveer following her. Usually he would stand outside their clss in lunch break. But not now. This puzzled Ishaani. Ishaani told this to Ishitha while ishitha told her to be happy as he is not doing that now. This statement made Ishaani close her mouth.

Mean while boys on other side were busy those days. Usually they would go out before having lunch. But now a days they are moving out after lunch. This included even Abhi. Bcoz usually Abhi will never go out. This raised question even in Pragya’s heart. Though they thought not to think about it. They couldnt. Girls will always be girls.

That day they followed them to canteen. There Ranveer was standing with his friends. Boys joined them. Girls are noticing it from far like a spy. Suddenly boys started shouting Ranveers name when 9C girls passed. Purab other side shouted pls accept dude Ranveer. This even confused Our heroines. They silently returned back to class and were discussing about this.

By then Swadeentha came running and blushed like anything. All enquired her. She with great shy told that she had hit Aadarsh. They all smiled and teased her. Mean while Aadarsh entered class smiling looking at Swadeentha. Ishitha shook her stating Maria mam is coming. She then just gulped. After realising that its a lie. Swadeentha hit Ishitha hard. All laughed. Its been a long time since they laughed like that. But Ishaani was deep thinking about that incident. Ishitha told dont worry we will find out.

Next period is PT. All are so happily getting ready. Its just then Ishitha realised that she forgot her house uniform. Thier class belongs to Ruby house and its red. She then remembered that even Raman’s house is same. So she went to get some alternate one there from her old girl friend. She entered that clss and fourtunately she got one. Not only that after a long time she spoke to Raman. She was really happy and came jumping to the ground. There PT master checked students nails and haircut. He then allowed them to play. Usually girls play kho kho. Boys Throw ball. While playing Abhi’s throw ball hit Pragya. But it seemed he wantedly did that. He then came and asked sorry to pragya. Pragya was shocked as this was the first time he himself spoke to her.

Others busy playing Ishaani and Ishitha catched a girl. She is Tanu. Their class chatter box. She knows all gossips about all class. When inquired she told that Ranveer had proposed Bulbul of 9C a week ago. This statement caused a slight attack in Ishaani’s heart. But she didnt showed it. Tanu further told that Bulbul doesnt accepted his proposal and insulted him. Ishitha noticed Ishaani’s silence and tried to cover her up. Ishaani said that she dont care but inside it hurted her. Even Ishitha knows it.

All four discussed this and decided that we should not tease Ishaani with Ranveer’s name any more.

Precap: Pragya realises her love for Abhi.

Credit to: Shree

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  1. Plz post the next one tomorrow or some how fast plz it is one of my favourites

  2. Great episode Shree… I liked it.. you are an AMAZING writer!! I am a little sad about the ishveer stuff tho.. Pls try to unite them soon..

  3. Shreee that’s so amazingg! Seriously but i have one request do it from Abhi’s side too lol i mean, abhi wantedly threw ball to pragya that was amazing lol, it’s more realistic Coz these things do happen! Ahh loved it and pre recap is amazing….

  4. Omg…. what an epi… Im reading it again and again… i couldn’t stop…… suuuperb…. so sad for ishaani… I’m now addicted to this ff….. seriously i dont know how to react….I can’t wait for next epi… pls pls pls pls…. update soon…… pls….

    How r u shree… I’m fine…

    School incidents… many things happened…. can’t express it’s feelings… I’m missing it badly…. ur ff make me remember those days…. I’m feeling happy reading ur ff….. tnk u….

    1. Dear Julina I am waiting for your ff try update soon?

      1. Sry neelam… I’m continuously having exams …. I’ll update it on Sat for sure… really sorry for late…. this is one of most impt exams… from coming sat… I’m having may vacation… will try to update regularly…. how r u sissy…..

    2. I am fine dear Julina all the best for your exams and firstly you have to give your exams then update your ff and again wish you all the best may god bless you ?

      1. Tnk u sooo much neelam sissy….

  5. Hai shrew this epi is amazing, so sad for ishani. I am already addicted to ur ff. Plz plz update next.

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its really Awesome yaar…..Really I loved it……..

  7. Ohhhh soooo sad 4 ishani thn in my class when I’m school a boy 4m my class proposed a girl she s next class actually we r 10b n he proposed 10c girl even she also likes him she never accepted his proposal just ignore it actually thy r best frds bt always thr s a problem occurs between our two classes so in 10c boys toll to their girls not to talk with our class boys r girls bt thr s a gang who r least bother abt tz thy use to talk with our class members coz tat girls s a childhood frd with a girl in our class k after he proposed her she just rejected it after 2 days by week passed on tat time in her class a boy comes to know abt tz matter (actually he use to flirt with tat girl n also he HV one side love on her he too proposed bt she rejected tat proposal too ) so tat boy gang came to class n beat our class boys actually the thing s the boy proposed s absent on tat day thy don’t know which boy proposed only thy know tat a boy 4m tat gang a proposed her so when they came to our class n directly went to last bench gang n ask how dare u proposed my girl bt tat boy s absent so his frd got angry n to support his frnd he just stand up n try to say something bt thy thought that he only proposed so without a second thought n suddenly thy slapped hard 4 3 times I thk tat too without giving bream thn all our class boys comes thr n some action scenes takes place @last thy comes to conclusions if u don’t lk tat v talking to those girls na u just say to ur class girls to keep distance 4m my frnd bcoz every time she only comes to our class to talk with our frnd thn thy went coz bell rang after tat wat hpn in thr class v don’t know bt those 3 girls stop coming to our class…

    1. Another one thg a boy proposed her without any name r directly actually he placed a letter in it he written his 4n num saying if u lk it call me without any name n he just placed in a dest whr tat girl use to keep books when she found it she just see here n thr to c who kept it no answer no one s thr so she directly went to sir n gave tat letter n she ask her sir to not to tell 2 any1 bt tz s really depressed coz of sudden proposal tat 2 don’t know who s it thy just gv hint to know who s it call me bt she fear to call him so just whole day thinking abt tat coz of her status he just gave tat letter to principal n comes to class n sd tat principal s calling her tat 2 in front of him he just guessed n panic 4m his reaction tat girl gang came to know thn principal gave some advice to tat girl to forget whatever hpn tat day thn after tat advice session she overcomes 4m tat n comes to normal…


    Oh shit….!!!! Offo yaar…..this Ranveer always be an idiot yaar…..never ever he realise his love…..but hope so soon !!!! And a lovely epsidoe…..most one ishu’s jealousy…..loved superb Shree !!!!

  9. Dear Shree your ff makes me remember my beautiful school days those days have a beautiful charm which is very special for everyone in their lives and ya obviously the episode was super cool

  10. Ajj mein ne apni skl days yad kar rahi hai… This uff made me go back to those school dayss… Today i miss the skl days badly… I want to go back to my skl and want to study there..with my lovely friend.. I will share one of my best incident in my skl dayy
    .. Bt that incident u told in this uff. Bt meri experience different hai… ..

    When i study in 10A, lm also a back bencher … Bt in my cls there is only 3 benches for girls.. So always boys sit in first bench .. I sit in last only… Bt my cls teacher doesnt like that so she always make me sit in first bench of girls.. That time i miss my bestiess.. So i return to my place ie.last bench after cls teacher period get over…but always caught by teacherss… Isliye i sit in first bench.. It is agreat experience .. Story is not .. Bt i usually said that… Coming into story…
    When i sit in last bench… Wo feel kuch aur hi dha.. We usually play prank on others..
    One day we play FLAME..
    We used boys name inthe skl… After we play the paper we tore it and busy on other works . we never think that some boys are spy o. Us .. They collect the papers we played.. Bt vologoko kuch nahi mila… Bt one paper is not really tore.. They get some cluess. Use paper mein meri aur ek ladka ka name likha tha.. Use ladka ne pahale muje propse kardiya dha .. Lekhi mein ne reject kardiya tha.. Is liye vo logo ne mere mazake udane laga… Poore cls meri mazake udane laga … Boys ne kaha vo ae baaad teacher and vo ladka ko bhadayenke… Mein totally dar hayi.. Kyum ki agar ae baad teacher ko patha chala tho vo meri jeena mushkil kardegii.. Hum girls ne vo paper churane ki plning ki… Use paper meri cls ki ek ladke ke sath rahatha dha… Vo ladka ne mare bahuth bhada dushman dein.. Hum dhonom apas mein ladayi karne bina kuch nahi bath karhaa.. Isliya paper churana asan nahi dein… We are waiting for chancess .. Final period agaya … Vo meri mazake udne keliye paper udaya.. Use samay vo akele de.. Baki boys jha chuki hai… Use samaye hum ladkiya use par attack kiya .. Bhahuth bada fight ho gaya .. Mein ne uske hath par pen use kar ke maar diya…. Isliye paper muje mile…. Lekhin iske bada prblm mei hum phas chuke haii.. Aae ladayi dekh kar kuch ofgicers inform to principle.. Is bhad patha chalaa .. Principle hamare cls mein aa rahi hai… God save us…. Hum ne windows se bhag gayi… Aur bach gayi
    .. Phir ise lekhar koyi prblm nahi creat nahi kiya.. Lekhi ppori cls hamari mazake udaya tha… Lekhi ab vo soch kar kushi ho raha hein . aur rona bhi aaa rahi hai.. I miss u gyessss…

    I like ur uff… Very much .. Pls continue…

  11. shree u r rocking…While reading ur ff i feel the story of ur ff closely connected with my life…when i was studying 9th was also in the ruby house…we girls used to play kho kho jn our school…ur ff just rekindles my evergreen memories in my school and frnds..actually i hav studied in cbse school were classes r only upto tenth…i completed my 10th and i’m in summer reading ur ff daily i could feel the sweet memories of my life again..thanx a lot for ur ff…i’m getting bit emotional shree…..

  12. shree u r rocking…While reading ur ff i feel the story of ur ff closely connected with my life…when i was studying 9th was also in the ruby house…we girls used to play kho kho jn our school…ur ff just rekindles my evergreen memories in my school and frnds..actually i hav studied in cbse school were classes r only upto tenth…i completed my 10th….and i’m in summer reading ur ff daily i could feel the sweet memories of my life again..thanx a lot for ur ff…i’m getting bit emotional shree…..

  13. Sumaiya Sumi

    Wowwwww superb episode. Just loved it

  14. Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww shrew as I always say it awesome………… It reminds me about our funny moments at school……. My friends……….u r a fabulous writer my dr….

  15. Amazinggg epi as always.. m mesmerized ??

  16. jasmine Rahul

    Most of my fav pairs r there in this ff.thats amazing.and it’s a real life school story.thats so sweet.all girls discussing abt their crushes.but ranveer loves bulbul n raman someone else.shocking.class leader mani flirting with ishita is d not doing hw n copying boys’ notes r so natural.its common in was so cute.Ishita trying 2 make ishveer friends like b4.will it b successful?Pragya Ishita fight was painful.finally glad that they all patched up.Spy is Purab or what?Ranveer proposed 2 Bulbul breaking Ishaani’s heart.poor girl.but glad that bulbul rejected it n she insulted Ranveer.Hope Ranveer comes 2 know that Ishani luvs him n also starts loving her.PT period was nice.liked d short abhigya scene there.
    How many parts r u planning 4 this ff?

  17. Not yet planned dear. First i will try to finish all school story. Then may be i will move to College story.

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