Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak goes to jankis room,Raunak says ma I’m very sorry, I will never let anyone trouble u, I’m sorry ma, Janki says Raunak it’s fine,u know money fame doesn’t matter me only u is all I matter,I never want to loose u,anyways tell me are u happy, free yes even I’m happy but Kajal she needs u, all this is new too her, she will take time n for that she needs ur help,what happened no one is at fault it’s just that Kajal is so stubborn,I mean see u are here but Kajal she isn’t here but it’s fine,I forgive u both, but I hope u understand now who to listen n when, now forget all this tell me, what are u getting for bday present, Raunak says ma I promise I will never go against ur word,Janki says thanku ma.

Kartik says Sanjana they looked happy together, Sanjana says they are acting for everyone n Neeti di is pregnant n so she is going through pain n so I want ur help to separate them n so will help me plz,this is all for my di, Kartik says I love u Sanjana so can do anything for u, Sanjana thinks very good, ur foolishness will help me through Neeti out of vinays life.

Kajal finds Raunak is still upset with her, Raunak tries to Ignore her n leaves,Panditji says Pooja arrangements are made call Janki Devi,Vidhi says Kajal go call Didi,Kajal says me , I mean she is very upset with me, Vidhi says ok go, forget it as a past n go patch up with her. Vinay calls Neeti n says my friends are coming for lunch, Neeti says Vinu I have to go Bhopal but don’t worry I will manage,Sanjana says di come, Neeti says Sanjana vinays friends are coming for lunch but, Sanjana says don’t worry u go, I will manage, Radhika says yes Neeti Sanjana will manage, Sanjana says yes I will, Radhika says yes Neeti u go, Neeti says I will try come back soon.

Kajal hears Harish n Janki talk, Harish says wow Didi, u pictured all this so well, u purposely kept these keys out,janki says poor girl , she made a huge mistake, she has hurt Raunak a lot but the secret is still hidden I was so scared that Kajal will convince Raunak that we were in hospital but now the 20 yr old secret remains hidden n rauank would hate me if he would learn the secret n I would never let that happen,Kajal knocks the door n walks in, Kajal says ma everyone is waiting for u , Janki says ok u go I will come soon.

Kajal comes down,Vidhi says what happened u still look upset, Kajal says Chachi actually. Radhika says Sanjana let me help u, Sanjana says no u take care of uncle I will manage,Radhika leaves, Sanjana calls Kartik n explains him what to do.

Vidhi says what this is all unknown to me too, anyways Kajal leave all this, let it be secret just concentrate on u n Raunak, he is upset right, Kajal says yes he believes his ma n her fake stories, Vidhi says what to do, he is grown up this way,let’s join the Pooja.

Pooja n rituals take place,Janki notices the gap between Raunak n Kajal n is very happy,Kajal thinking abt Janki n her act before rauank n abt the secrete, Kajal thinks Raunak sir I will not let u be in the darkness, I will find the truth n the secret n all the hidden things abt ur dad n inform u abt the same.

Neeti joins the Pooja,Neeti says bhabhi so much bcoz of u I came here, Panditji says Pooja is done, Neeti wishes Janki n hugs her, jankis ays so happy to see u Neeti,Neeti says all thanks to bhabhi,bcoz of her I’m here, seriously I’m so happy to have Kajal as my bhabhi,Kajal says thanku Neeti n enough now,Vidhi says Didi lets go distribute clothes n sweets to the needy, Janki says yes let’s go.

Janki donates food n clothes,Neeti says bhaiya come lets have Prasad, Kajal sees some man signing to mamaji n mamaji signing him to go.

Pre cap: Kajal follows mamaji n finds out mamaji n doctor giving shock to raunaks dad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. <:( bakwass .evrytime ,Raunak will be upset wit kajal

  2. Is this serial ending? Another serial with plotting and planning and leads believing lies. Hope vinay finds our what’s plotting between sanjana and kartik.

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