Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 2

Hi first of all so so so sorry for coming late nd again I will disappear bcz my exams r on 14 ……nd thanku all for commenting or liking disliking nd a special thanks to Mahin for breaking her silence…..keep commenting dear……nd sorry to all writers for not commenting on ur ff,fs,os but i must say u guys r amazing

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let’s move to the story:

In the previous part we saw Kanchi& fight nd Sanchi forgot her phone in taxi Kabir goes behind her


Sanchi to herself:huh……….what he thinks of himself too much attitude………… Stupid

Kabir while running behind her:oh Miss plz……stop plz

Sanchi turns nd Kabir came nd stand in front of her

Sanchi:oh… now u r following me…….what u want…..nd this phone…..disgusting(she takes the phone from his hand nd throws it in the dustbin but suddenly her phone rang nd she starts to search her phone in the bag but couldn’t  found it she thinks something nd looks at Kabir)…….that….that was…..that was my phone (Kabir nodded folding his arms nd smiling naughtily)

Kabir:Now search ur phone in this DUSTBIN bye(Kabir goes Sanchi starts to search her phone in the dustbin)

Sanchi to herself:chii……yuk…..chii….God now how will I found my phone……..ummm……there it is but it is but its so dirty let me clean it…..(She cleans the phone)… it’s perfect but oh no I have to go to hospital…nd I am already late…dad will kill me nd it’s all bcz of that Idiot….huh (Sanchi goes)

After a while all were seen in a big hall including Kabir nd Veer nd two peoples were giving lectures nd every one was just bored with this

Kabir whispers to Veer:yrr it’s  so boring…..last year we bear this…nd this time also….

Veer:yaa yrrr…….we r just getting bore here nothing more.

While Ria whispers to Isha:see….Isha today Kabir is looking so hot na (Isha glares her)

Anand:so interns there r ur two mentors Dr.Kabir nd Dr.Veer

Suneel:so now everyone come here nd introduce urself

Every one came nd introduce themselves nd now it was turn of Sanchi she comes there nd was shocked to see Kabir so as Kabir but Kabir has a evil smile on his face Sanchi introduce herself

Kabir to Sanchi:so u r Miss.Pe(Pek Pek)…..aa….Miss Sanchi…..btw Miss Sanchi why r u sweating nd smirks

With this question she starts to sweat heavily even Suneel asks her but she was not giving any answer so Suneel asks her to go <br>

After 15 days

Kabir was impressed with Sanchi’s work but still they fight like Tom nd Jerry nd today Kapoor’a invited Mishra’s nd Malhotra’s on dinner

At night:

All were having dinner:

Kailash:umm……Satish Pragya nd Veer Isha we have decided ur marriage after 3 months so we just want to know if u guys r ok with this

Kusum:yes…..nd if u r not then u all can tell us we will pospond it on another date

Savitri:yaa bachon feel free to share with us

They talk for sometime secretly nd then replied:we r ok with this

All were very happy with this decision of Satish Pragya nd Isha Veer

Sanchi to Kusum:aunty can u tell me is he really ur son (she said pointing towards Kabir)

Kabir:hello…..what do u mean

Sanchi:just see them they r so sweet nd u so annoying

Kabir:same goes to u

They were again firghting like Tom nd Jerry but Kabir nd Sanchi were interrupted by Jaya:aree why u both r arguing

Pragya:I will tell u (Pragya knows every thing bcz she is Sanchi’s  bestie nd also Kabir’s sis) she tells them every thing

They all burst out in a laughter while Kabir nd Sanchi pout but then smiled

Ok now I hope this is not a short one nd guys i need some Kanchi collages pics etc can anyone give me nd now I can’t write more bcz my eyes r burning so bye all??….us se pehle k mujhe specs lag jaaien??…..


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  1. Mannat77

    o7m meri sweeto….u describe each sentence perfectly…bacha best of luck for ua xams…d3 ua best n dnt take stress…after 3 hours of preparation take 1 hour proper rest…dnt use ua phne while studying n dnt watch tv as phne n tv r the two things dat distract a person 4m studies…i knw vry well as it has happened to me…calm down while doing ua paper n close ua eyes 4 a while n recaptulate everything…dnt become nervous while giving paper…tc care doll…u can call ne di…em lyk ua di…n i lvd when u called me sana di…lv uh bacha

    1. Dimple457

      Aww…..such a sweet comment nd advice……???……but is baar m math m pakka nervous hone vali hon bcz our math teacher left the school nd dusre teacher aae unka to kuch smjh hi nhn aata sab kuch book se smjhna parta h puri class ka yhi haal……is baar to lagta h cheating k bina paper hi nhn hoga?? incharge or principal ko bhi bohut baar bola h but vo bolte hein k teachers hi nhn…….nd y sab hmare competitor school ki wajah se hua h saare teachers ko double salary de kr apne school manga rahe hein??…..ab to lagta h peons ko bhi nhn chorienge??……….had hi kr di h……btw thanku so much for ur appreciation nd for an awesome advice…..luv u 2????

      1. Mannat77

        no need to thnks dea…behan ko thnku nai bolte ar rahi baat math ki so watch onl9 videos…they will surely help uh or take help 4m ua parents…chill n dnt take stress abt math paper…relax n b confident….js pray to god n relaz…lv uh 3

  2. Amazing episode, best of luck for your exams do well dear. Take care

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  8. It was really amazing dear but i feel like it is somewhat related to ask laftan anlamaz my favorite show?…like the dustbin seen but any ways all the best for exams and don’t worry paper ache hi honge and plz wish luck kyunke mere bhi papers h and ye clg wale alag dimag kharab krte h but kya kare??

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      1. ask laftan anlamaz ka pakistani dub h pyaar lafzon mai kahan…. But i really loved it yaar and ya same to same situation h i think almost sab ki yahi abhi???

  9. It was really amazing dear but i feel like it is somewhat related to ask laftan anlamaz my favorite show?…like the dustbin seen but any ways all the best for exams and plz wish
    me luck kyunke mere bhi papers h and ye clg wale alag dimag kharab krte h but kya kare??

  10. RuCh23

    Epi was awesome dear ??? and dont think too much, youll do your exam well. Just don’t take too much stress and write with a calm mind. And recheck your answers before giving the paper. And of course you can call me di… RuCh is a combination of my first name and surname. My name is Ruwani and you can call me di or Ruwani di or Ru like most of others ??? good luck for your exams sweetie ???

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