Chapter 6 Mr. Khadoos
Anaika was in her room sleeping. Manik enters her room
He sees her sleeping and goes on staring. You look cute when u sleep he murmurs.
Kon hai ?? she wakes up
Ohh its you monster ! Not again . Why do I dream so much about you. Monster Manik.
Miss Anaika shouts that monster.
Oh it is not a dream. Its really you. She pinches him hoping that its her dream.
But that can only be her dream as it was really Manik standing before him.
He shouts as usual Miss PA its already eight. I told u yesterday we have a meeting.
Oh really ?? Sorry sir. I ll be ready in a couple of minutes.
And she does get ready in that frame of time but in the most ugly dirty way.
I am not at all pleased by this look. Take an hour but look your best.
Alright sir.
She gets ready in the most beautiful dress of her wardrobe .
She comes out.
Manik felt helpless. He was completely into her.
Anaika whispers in his ears , I know I m hot but stop staring as people are watching out there.
Manik shook his head. Ok lets go..
After reaching the place where the so called meeting was there Anaika is told it is his grandfather’s bungalow by Manik.
Grandpa welcomes them.
He gives them Soft drinks .
And then he says Oh Manik my grandson finally u made a girlfriend.
On hearing this Manik spits the drink.
He says She is my PA.
Anaika says to grandpa Nice place. Won’t you show me.
And then they start looking around a place.
A big place as big as a palace. And steep stairs. And an open balcony.
Anaika was taking pictures and she went on moving backward and was about to fall but Manik saves her. You fool can’t you see. If I would have known you are coming here to commit suicide I would have never brought you here.
Anaika’s tiny waist still held by Manik . She shrieked that she cant walk. Manik takes her in her hand and makes her lie on the bed .
He goes to take the first aid kit. Grandpa tells her Are you sure u both are not dating each other.
Yeah…replies she
Because I never saw Manik so caring about a girl. It could only be a person he loves.
Dadaji that Mr. Khadoos does not even know the meaning of love.
Both giggle.
Anaika tells him she is fine.
Doesn’t look so. He applies balm on her legs. Anaika shrivelled on his soothing touch.
I m okay now sir.
She gets up and dances to show that she was really okay.
Manik goes to the garden.
Anaika was trying to search Manik and she sees the passes for the club. Today’s passes still lying here ??
Yeah says Manik. I have no one to go. Aisha had promised that she will come with me but she didn’t turn up yet.
Anaika was burning from inside . Burning out of jealousy.
Why don’t you come with me.
Manik made up this story so that he could spend some time with Anaika.
Sure sir. Well I love clubbing.
Get ready then.
They both reach the club. Its almost full. They get a corner.
Want to drink ??
No sir I don’t drink
Nor do I. Manik knew he was lying.
So sir if you don’t mind lets get on the dance floor.
And they dance ?. Manik just couldn’t notice any other girl. It was just Anaika for him. And Anaika was such a hippie she didn’t that she was doing their couple dance alone. She went on dancing until she got tired .
Finally you are tired.
And they leave the club.
They reach his grandpa’s palace.
Manik moves to the open balcony and looks at the sky. Anaika also joins him.
You know I love the stars. They are so lucky as they are always together to form constellations. I love them..says Anaika
Manik gets on his knees says and I love you.
Anaika couldn’t believe what he just said
Manik tells her, Yeah I love you. I never did this before for any other girl. Hmmmm.. I don’t know how I fell for you. But I just keep thinking about you. I dream rather I should say daydream about you. Love for me before you entered my life was a nightmare. But now I love the idea of falling in love..with you. Please Don’t tell me your answer now. Tell me after we reach Delhi and he leaves..
Anaika was perplexed.
She knew what she had to say..
Manik chats with Aisha.
I am in love with Anaika
Aisha thinks Manik finally you are in love but with some other girl.

Plz tell me should I continue ??

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