Hi, guys..So sry for late..but i’m stuck with my sry for that..and From now, i will upload episode with 2 days gap..plz don’t be angry…as i can’t ignore my work and ur love towards my story..sry again..Friends….! And Silent readers plz..break ur silence and give me ur feed back..plz becoz, ur comments are my energy boasters….!!


R.k sit’s in his swing chain…and thinking about his Baby…and get’s frustration for not able to convince Madhu to come Home…He slowly get’s thinking while having Wine… He thinks” I can’t take risk by keeping my Baby there..! i will not anything happen to my Baby…!! I have to talk again to Madhu about this matter and have to convince any cost..!!” While thinking he slowly see’s the Photos of Madhu and Mukund ..which was taken by his Spy team and get’s Angry…


Madhu get’s ready for work and notices Padmini is still looks worry and upset…She slowly goes to Padmini and ask’s” what happen maa? why u r looks worried?” Padmini say’s” Madhu! Hw can i will be peaceful ….Madhu plz obey my advice and just left that Job…dear..that, R.K will not let u be in peace…! i’m worry about u..about ur health…” Madhu hugs her tightly and leans on her mother’s shoulder and say’s” Maa! i know u7r worried about me..but, Maa..u plz don’t worry..i know hw to Deal& Answer ..R.k…I’m fine..kk ” and looks at her Cutely…she then, see’s time and say’s” Bye..maa! i’m getting back…bye..” and leaves from there….Padmini worriedly looks at Madhu ..while Krishna signs her not to worry…


R.k reaches studio and see’s Madhu is busy in her work… He thinks to talk to her and went to her…Madhu turns and see’s R.k…she tries to leave from there..While R.k holds her hand tightly…Madhu stares R.k..R.k slowly say’s ” Madhu! i want to talk something ..Important…!” Madhu free’s her hand from R.k’s grip and say’s” Mr.Kundra! i’m not at all interested to talk with, plz don’t bother me…” and leaves from there…
Later, Madhu receives a call from production manager and goes to meet him…Manager informs her that ” Today R.k sir’s hair dresser is on leave, plz dress his Hair for’s imp sequence Madhu..go..!” Madhu had no option than to go she slowly went to his Vanity…R.k smiles and welcomes her in..and ask’s her to do preparing to do her work..R.k slowly holds her shoulders..and turns to face to face..He could notice some feeling in Madhu’s eyes…He holds her closely..where his Breath touches her neck..Madhu feels some feeling for him and closes her eyes and still feels his warmth…R.k slowly pinned her with the Wall ..Madhu shivered on feeling his touch after so much time….R.k slowly cupped her face and see’s her passionately..While madhu to respond and looks into his eyes.lovingly….Both shares an emotional Eye lock..and lost in each other’s eyes…..[Tujhey sham aur from Jannat2 plays in background….]

After sometime, Both came to their sences..and R.k leaves her..Madhu hair dresses his hair..and While she’s about to leave…R.k stops her by holding her hand…Madhu turns to him..R.k say’s” Madhu! plz come to my home..just think once about Our baby…” Madhu stares at him and free’s his grip and say’s” My baby! Mr.Kundra..! only..Mine!!!” and stares R.k angrily….she continues” U have indirectly given Divorce to me by betrayed and left me…So, Now, it’s not ur Baby..anymore..! This is my Baby! just Mine…! i will raise him…kk..” R.k get’s Angry and say’s” I’m this Baby’s father…I ‘m having right on him/her..kk and What’s ur problem now? ha? I agree that I only make u leave from my home..but Now, Now, i’m only asking u come to Home…I want to take u …then, what’s ur problem now?” Madhu stares him and say’s” This is my problem…R.k…ha..but ..u won’t understand it!! and let me ask u one thing… Now, Suddenly why this much of Care? why…Now, u first answer my question..frankly then, i will think about this matter…common Answer me..! she stares Angrily and continues R.k , i will help u in this..U r Answer will be one..i.e; U just want this Baby…that’s it…! R.k get’s angry and holds her tightly…Madhu feels pain and say’s R.k leave me…u r hurting me…R.k shouts and ur hurting me..Madhu! Madhu stares at him..R.k continues” Why u don’t want to come to me? Ho..Mukund hai na…so, U want to go to Mukund…ur Ex-lover….right? and let me tell u…I’m ur owner Now, I only have right to make u happy, sad or give pain to u…Just i have Right on u..did u understood….! Madhu frees his grip and say’s”No..Mr.kundra! now u didn’t have any right on me….U once have that Right on me..but, Now, U didn’t have that right…In fact U just lost that Right by ur own Hands… and u always used to say naa…I’m ur EX-BIWI, Now, My baby is Ex-Baby to u..u didn’t have anyright on My Baby….! just stay way from us.. “and leaves from there…..R.k get’s Angry and throws things around him…..


R.k goes to Madhu and say’s” Madhu..ur just doing this to take revenge from me right?” and stares at her with Attitude….Madhu turns to him and say’s” What’s ur problem R.k? what u thought? that I just always thinks hw to take revenge from u..ha? I’m sry..but i really don’t have that much time.and that much Big Ego as u have…! .and ur Not that much important in my life…Mr.Kundra! and leaves Angrily from there….


Madhu finishes her work and leaves to her home…While she’s walking she notices some one is following her..he hurriedly walks and goes to isolated place and hides backside of a vehicle …Some men comes and starts searching for her….Madhu quickly opens her bag and finds Pepper spray and comes to men and sprays on there eyes…She then takes a wooden log and beats them….and ask’s who sent u? that Men didnb’t aswer and tries to escape..but, Madhu beats them…Men screams in pain and say’s R.k send us for keeping Spy On u..!!” Madhu get’s shocked hearing this……


Thank u….Mystery, sona, Ammara,vavachi, Aishu, Ishu…..and silent readers..too..but plz break ur silence and comment on my episodes..plz guys…

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