Can love happen? (Episode 5)

Hi guys back with my ff’s 5th episode.Guys am really sad because my favourite did suha di past away.

Guys yesterday I kept a poll so results of the poll till now are

Parth Samthaan-5 votes

Arjun Bijlani-3 votes

Karan Tacker-1 vote

So poll is there for this episode only and after this episode no one can vote for any actor so let’s start

The.episode starts with Laksh and Ragini’s eye lock.Laksh is lost in her eyes when he gets a image of Sarah and goes away from there and sits in car and leaves from there.

Ragini thinks

Ragini:It seems like I know him from many years but I have never meet him.And he seems of 40 years and I am just 18 years old.

Ragini goes back home.

Laksh is driving and he have tears in his eyes and he thinks

Laksh:I loosed everything my family and my love and what is there with me till now is money which I don’t care for.

He is driving when the baba comes in between and Laksh immediately stops his car and some sort out.

Laksh:Baba can’t you see that car is coming.

Baba:I can see it but I came in between to save you but it seems that God has decided that she will only save you.

The Baba laughs and goes away.

Laksh:What an idiot.

Laksh gets inside his car and starts driving.

Ragini reaches her home and Shekhar comes to her.

Shekhar:Ragini what happened?


She goes to her room and sitar on bed and thinks

Ragini:Why I am feeling that if I will not reach near mountain then something will go away from me.

Ragini decides to go near mountain.

She leaves.

Laksh stops the car near mountain.He stands at the edge of the mountain and shouts Swara’s name.


Tears roll down his cheeks.

Ragini is near to the mountain.

Laksh is still standing at the edge of the mountain when he looses his grip falls down but fortunately catchs a cliff.

Ragini reaches there and sees him.She comes to him but before Laksh could see her Ragini’s duppata comes on his face and he is not able to see her face.

She catches his hand and helps him to come.In mean time some people arrive there and helps her to save him.She goes from there leaving Laksh confuse.

He removes the duppata from his face and reminces the moment with Swara.

He goes to bar and starts crying


He removes his phone and sees Swara photo and cries more.He drinks wine.

Precap:Laksh is drunk so Ragini helps him to go at his room.
So how is this episode.I know this is short update but please comment loads.

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