Hello guys ohk ohk so before I say sorry and u start throwing eggs and slippers on me I am going to tell u that I am wearing helmet with bullet proof jacket so ur eggs and tomatoes and slippers will not work

Ohk so jokes apart m really sorry for not posting I posted the episode twice but it got rejected I wanted this part to be in Hindi for the effect but now I think i should write in English only so as to avoid the rejection again man

So now not wasting much of ur time I will come back to the track…

Recap: sumo is kidnapped and shravan is finding her sumo c the face of the kidnapper and gets shocked and shravan sees something and get astonished too

So ab aage…

POV of shravan
God I am telling u that this stupid girl must have gone deep inside the forest coz I have already covered half the forest but she is no where to be found
I just hope she is fine

Just then shravan’s eye get something shiny he goes close to it

POV of shravan
There was something on the ground it was shining lightly and picked it up it was of sumo her new bracelet which I saw in her bag why is it lying here is she fine??
God I have to do something and find her ASAP

Here sumo was still struggling with her thoughts she saw the face of the kidnapper she didn’t believe what her eyes were showing to her…

I felt disgusting it was unbelievable the person standing in front of me the mind behind this kidnapping was none other than that creep SAHIL
I just can’t believe that he can do such a thing I am not able to understand what the hell is wrong with him I still struggled to get the tape out of my mouth so that I can talk but all in vain…
He had transformed into a monster I hate him I just hate him I wish I had listened to shravan
Sahil: Uff I can c that my baby doll wants to say something wait let me open ur tape beautiful
Sahil opened her mouth…
Sumo: you?? How can u stoop so low how can u do this to me I will not leave u just open my hands m saying leave me

Kidnapper: really u think I did all this to leave u at the nick of time no u r mine I will never leave u

Voice: hey himaat hai toh mujhse baat kar chuze…

Kidnapper: SHRAVAN…

Shravan: Han main tujhe Kya laga Tu jo chahe karega and I will.sit quietly chup chap sumo KO chod de

SAHIL: huh no not at all

Shravan and sahil start fighting while sumo tries to open her hands she was tired and her hands were bleeding
Shravan POV..
I saw that sumo was bleeding and don’t what came into my head it was feeling that I am getting hurt not her I just wanted her to be safe

Shravan kicked sahil hard and went to free sumo he freed her and both ran away but in the hap hazardness they didn’t realize that they were running in the wrong direction they were moving towards the other end of forest where there was a big sea
A large trouble was coming their way

They ran and ran and sahil was running behind them he had a gun in his hand

They were running when they realised that there is no way ahead it was a cliff below which a deep very deep water

Sahil: haha ab bachke Kahan jaoge

Sumo: apna muh band Karo

Sahil: haha samne goli neeche pani
Ab bachke Kahan jaogi Meri rani

Shravan: mere hote hue sumo KO Tu haath bhi nhi laga Sakta

Sumo looked at shravan shockingly

Tum hi ho piano version played in the BG

Sahil: acha then u must shoot u first

But before sahil could shoot shravan he hit me hard and the gun fell from his hand both shravan and sahil started fighting
They were hell near the end of the cliff
Sahil came to know about it

Sumo saw that sahil was going to push shravan in the sea she got hold of the gun and shouted sahil and shooter him
The gun hit sahil but it was too late shravan had already fallen in the sea

Just then pushkar and preeti came with police one team of police held sahil and took him while other searched for shravan
Sumo was disheveled she couldn’t believe her eyes
The one who saved her
The one who was her bestie
The one who used to fight with her
The one whom she hated once and
The one whom she loves more than her life has fallen into a deep sea
She wanted to jump into the sea but pushkar and preeti hold her on time
She was totally devastated

Police searched for almost 12 hrs but couldn’t find his body
Shravan was declared DEAD
Everyone was sad especially sumo…

PRECAP: leap of 3 years

Hope u all will like it i was thinking to write a lil big but was not able to coz from last 3 days I am having fever
High fever and its not getting less so plz forgive me

M sorry neetu I couldn’t live up to ur expectations plz forgive me darling
A very very Happy birthday to u neetu

And the next episode will be posted on 5th Nov and it will be special coz its my love Virat kohli bday on 5th just pray that I get well to write the episode
Love u all

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  1. Ufaaq

    get well soon khushi

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Get well soon dear ..
    Nd awesome ep ?

  3. Ariana

    Bang! What just happened? Shravan ka tata-bye bye? Lol jk.
    I looooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddd this part. Not only a surprise for Neetu but for very single of us. I could actually imagine them running through the forest. But Shravan :'(
    3 years leap…..
    Sounds vvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy interested. I’m hyper. Now u post ASAP!!!
    My small request
    Take care
    love u

  4. Nice episode & get well soon

  5. WeirdSister

    Hey khushi!!!
    Omg girl…this was like u know…an atom bomb…booommmmmmm!
    M in shock right now.
    Virat kohli huh?…even I love him!!! My fav!?
    Anyway..loved it loads..
    5th should come really quickly..otherwise there r chances of my death….?
    Love u loads..
    Take care…!

  6. Prettypreeti

    Khush my starlet girl r u not well firstly take care of itself.t
    U know Punjab mei viral chl hi RHA hai.soooo pls take care.
    Yup 5 ko virat ka bday special day for u .
    Now epi.
    Before throwing chappals and tommatoes I wanna throw some love and hugs to u and now can’t u take ur care so careless.
    Get well soon.
    Neeto happy bday.
    Epi jhakhas tha madam.
    Loved it to core.
    Love uuuuuuuu

  7. Alina

    Hey khushi..Dhamakedar While reading that kidnapping part I started uttering maar daal is sahil ko..nd my brother heard that ..he said just bhai Sahil bhai ne kya Kia.. ?? one cousin name is
    Khushi sach bol rhi na 5th nov ko next part post krogi.. ??
    Pls post krna chota hi sahi.. ??

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