Ishqbaaz episode analysis

Hello… It’s my first article…. It is not any story update but it is today’s episode analysis….

So in that’s episode… Om was centered…
We can assume that I’m is under so much stress for overcoming it… He is trying to use drugs

Nxt acp ranveer… By the way he said jab Baat Behan Pai ati hai n clip of accident girl was shown ..we can assume that she is his sister… Tht y he is keen to know abt this accident

Nxt Rudy… Don’t know wht will happen of him… Maybe rumya marriage will happen as the sources are to believe… N let’s see wht will happen of Rudy

I was confused did Anika heard wht Tia was speaking in phone or she didn’t… If she heard it she must have informed Om… N took some action to prove Tia wrong… Y is she silent.??

Actually so mny confusion…

So guys wht do u think abt it?? N don’t u think its high time we don’t got any Promo of ishqbaaz

  1. Nansshivika

    Actually from beginning there are very few promos
    Don’t know y they not focus on promos and recently we got one that it at first there are promos based on 3 pairs then that’s its no promos are aired according to situations.
    And anika thing I m also confused after tia saying she hugged shivay she definetly got known tat tia is cheating. But I think she didn’t say anything to omru bcoz she don’t want them to get scolded by shivay. She herself will do something I think. Let’s wait and watch.
    And ranveer sis must be heroine for om. She might not be died. She may be in coma or some trans. Let’s see what gonna happen

    1. Vincy

      Maybe u r r8 …n due to the only they r bringing this track… I heard one news Tht Anika would be shooted…. For Tht reason there should be sth she has acted against tia

    2. Tulasi

      I agree wid u nans….may bee ho sakta haun …anika wants to confirm herself…..n then tell d thng to omru…..
      Om ka mtr is grewng mysterious…..
      N i agree wid d promo ka mtr…they never show relevant thngs in tht….

  2. I too agree with Nansshivika
    And maybe it will be revealed that om and ranveer’s sis were in love with each other i guess

    1. Vincy

      Nt in luv because he was committed to ridhima n he won’t cheat her… N in future they may show a love sequence Bt for past it will be no

  3. Nansshivika

    U can call me nans dear and they may have past love story or they may bring fresh love concept for started with a tragedic accident

    1. Vincy

      Ohk nans… Concept of love started with tragedic accident is possible

  4. Nansshivika

    And mostly they don’t have Any past regarding love. I think he just did accident and as we know how om is so humble soft hearted , he must got depressed and became drug addict and prinku became nervous. And Shivay might be thinking its bcoz of tej and jhanvi relation crisis. So with that accident truth I think finally km girl will enters. If its the same girl who got hit then only story will be good for priveer coz tat girl is ranveer sis. We can know easily . so I want tat girl to be alive and should be paired with om with a fresh track

    1. Vincy

      Yup Om with Tht girl n ranveer with Priyanka… Maybe u r r8 after Tht Priyanka n Om must have changed… Let’s wait …whts gonna happen will depend on writers..

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