Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 32)


kavita enters the room and hug sanskar swara turns her face feeling pain.
kavit:i am so happy so happy.
sanskar:what happened
kavita breaks hug and said:u are going to achieve best businessman award.everyone gets happy and congratulate sanskar except swara she was just standing there silently.sanskar wanted to hug swara at this moment but stops himself.
rahul:wow! sanskar i am so lucky i have a friend like u.lucky learn something.
lucky:shut up! kavita how do u know this?
kavita:actually mr.singhania called me for another meeting then he congratulate.u know he is also wining award.
all looks at her in confusion
rahul:2 awards for best businessman?
kavita shook head and said:no…his buiesness is also in foreign country sanskar’s is only in india.he is achieving for both for india and foriegn country.
lucky:it is quite surprizing that he achieved this much in only 8 years.isn’t it.
( guys i don’y know much about business don’t laugh at this.i know this can’t happen in 8 years but still this is story demand)

swara’s face expession changes for a min sanskar notice it but doesn’t say anything.
kavita:what are u looking the award ceremoney is tonite work is coming (to swara)
all three men does not like her tone.swara nodded and goes for work and sign ragini.
after sometime
ishani comes running in swara’s cabin.swara and ragini were working.
ishani:oh he has arrived.
ishani:mr.singhania.ohh he is so hotty and acts of falling down.swara and ragini hides there smiles
ishani:what are u looking come we have to welcome him.
ragini and swara make face as saying ‘ like seriously? weee have tro welcome him’
ishani runs outside yelling fasttttt
swara glares her
ragini: i mean ma’am these days are arrived we have to welcome a man.
swara smileas:come warna ishani will kill us.
they go outside
a black BMW is stopped right infront of office door and a man steps down in black suite.swara’s ang ragini’s face hung down to the ground looking at the man.both look at each othere and then at man.
swara mumbles:i am dead totally.sanskar who was standing near her glares for talking rubbish but swara waas not looking at him.
ragini comes near swara and said in whisper:swaraaaa….
swara:laddu! he told me that he is coming after two days and now seee…plz hide me somewhere and was about to run inside but sanskar stops her.he was hearing their talks and was not understanding anything.
sanskar:swara where are u going
swara nerviously:nothing sir i..i..was just going and looks at person who was receving flowers
kavita:mr.singhania welcome
sanskar looks at him and welcome him by joining hand
sanskar thinking:sanskar maheshwari is welcoming someone great this is all because of kavita she want a grand welcome for him.irritating woman.and what’s wrong with there is some connection with this person.godddd so much confusion.
kavita:sanskar where are u lost?
sanskatr comes to his semses:nothing welcome.

mr.singhanai stops infront of swara and ragini and smiles a little and then goes inside.
swara was roaming in her cabin frustrated and angrily and ragini was sitting her both hands were under her cheek and she was looking at swara with wide smile.
swara mumbeling:he lied to me,he comes to my office directly,yesterday he sent me flowers,he is spying on me,and most importent think is he is getting a awrad and he didn’t tell me just great.let him come i will not talk to him.
kavita comes in her cabin and said angrily:what are u doing get some cold drinks and bring them in sanskar cabin fast.and goes from there.
swara mimics:come fast.
ragini laugh loudly and said:and i was thinking my swara is changed.swara give her death glares and goes to bing drinks.
swara knocks on the door and comes inside and gives drink to everyone when she give drink to mr.singhania she looks at him angrily and said:your drink sirrrr!
in return he give her death glare.sanskar was seeing this and was fuming he was sure there is some connection.
sanskar thinking;boyfriend! no…no…i am her first and last boyfriend…then cousin…no…i know her background there is no connection….then what?
kavita:congratulation for looks at kavita in shock and thinks:tha’s why she is so angry great i wanted to give her surprize and she spoiled it.
mr.singhania: mr.maheshwari congratulate for achievement
sanskar fake smile:thank u.
mr.singhania:i just wanted to sign the deal today there i came myself.
kavita:bring pappers.swara nodded ang goes from.pain was increasing in her leg.there.swara brings papper and give them to kavita.
kavita curtly:now go.sanskar close his fist in anger.
sanskar thinking:she is crossing her limit she should know that how to talk with swara and looks at swara who was leaving from room.
mr.singhania angrily:miss kavita u should not talk to her in this tone.sanskar and kavita looked at him in shock.
kavita:she is just an employe
mr.singhania doesn’t answers to her and stands up and said:i had sign to the pappers i hope work will start soon and goes from there.his PA also leaves.kavita goes to swara’s cabin in anger.sanskar goes after her.
sanskar:she will insult swara no i can’t let kavita hurt her again.
mr.singhania inters swra’s cabin and looks at her who was fuming in anger.
mr.singhania:may i come in?
swara:noooo.ragini smiles.
he comes inside and stands infront of her.

mr.singhania:i am sory and holds his ear.swara holds his hand and smiles
swara:not needed but why didn’t u tell me that u are returning from new york.
kavita curtly:why would he tell u.both looks at her and sanskar comes at that moment.
kavita:mr.singhania how do u know this middle class girl.
mr.singhania:who are u to ask me this question mis kavita.this is my personal matter.
kavita looked at swara one ever talk to her in this tone this is all because of that girl.she didn’t even know her name.
kavita:this is my office and i have full rights to know what is happening in my office.
mr.singhania laughed a little and said:i thought this companey belongs to mer.maheshwari right?
kavita looks at sanskar and waits for him to say something but he was silent.
kavita:i am managing director.and if u want to romance with your middle class girlfriend then do that but outside from office.swra face become pale and her eyes become fumed in anger.
mr.singhania:mr.maheshwari ask your managing director to shut her mouth.
sanskar angrily:kavita leave now.
kavita angrily leaves from there.
sanskar:i am sory for this mess mr.singhania.
mr.singhania:its okay.and looks toward swara and sighed.
mr.singhania:princess we are going get your beg.
sanskar get a heart attack when he called swara as princess.swara nodded and pick her bag
swara:laddu! these are files and shedule for todays meetings and write a leave application for me.
ragini nodded and comes to mr.singhania.
ragini smilingly:u forgot me na.congratulations
he smiled and said:thank u and patted her head
sanskar thinking:princess…was kavita right he is her boyfriend?
mr.singhania:i have arranged a party in my house after function i will be glad if u will come.
sanskar:off course.and swara and he leaves from there
sanskar:ragini he is boyfriend of swara? ragini tought to tease him.
ragini acting:look like but he didn’t perpose her yet.he cares swara very much.sanskar closes his fist in anger ang goes from there.
ragini happily:i knew it there is something between sanskar and swara i hope they get unite soon.

swara looked at her cut with wide eyes it was deep cut from middle of leg to her anckles.
swara:offfo and now i have to go function and this?i will go hospital letter first i have to get ready.
swara cleans her wound and tie some cloth on it to hide it.
swara: i hope it will not give infection tomorrow morning first work will be to go hospital.
all were present sanskar was standing with kavita who was talking to some laddies.lucky and rahul were also present and mr.singhania was also present but swara and ragini were not come till now.sanskar was waiting for her and looking at the door continiously.lucky comes there and said:ragini didn’t come till now.
sanskar take deep breath but said nothing.
rahul shook his head and said:sanskar he is waiting for his girlfriend.for whom you are waiting?
lucky mumbles:swara ka or kis ka.
rahul:u said something? no nothing at mean time ragini and swara enters and whole hall become silent.lucky and sanskar were froze to the ground looking at them.
rahul was also surprized
ragini was wearing royal blue sleeveless dress which was coming to her feets.and pearl earings and a light neckles.she was looking like a royal princess.
swara was wearing black net saree and her palu were set on her shoulder her were curled and were on her left shoulder.she was wearing only earings and light pink lipstick.sanskar and lucky were about to fall but rahul hold both because he was standing between them
rahul:control control both of u.i know they are looking killers but plzzzz what will people think come on guys.
both in union:shut upppp! rahul laughed loudly.
swara ang ragini went direct to mr.singhania and hug him.
lucky:she didn’t even look at me am i not looking good?
mr.singhania:my girls are looking so beautiful.look like peoples are going to die.
both laughed a little.
swara:u are also looking handsome and corrects his tie.sanskar heart stop beating.
rahul:he look like her boyfriend?
sanskar angrily:shut up.lucky and sanskar goes toward them.l;ucky was about to stand with ragini but swara quickly stands between them.lucky give death glare to swara.
ragini:hey sanskar hey lakshah.
lucky thinking:lakshahhhhh! what is she upto giving me heart attack one after one.
swara:hello sir! hey lucky!
lucky whisper:angel free the way plz
swara whisper:shut up! stay quite.
mr.singhania:is there any problem princess.
lucky loudly:princess.swara hit him on foot.
sanskar:good evening mr.singhania.
mr.singhania:sanskar call me we are partners right.
something stuck to sanskar mind.
sanskar thinking:ranveer.yeah right.
swara:bhai he is lucky my friend.

sanskar feels like someone returned his soul to his body when she called ranveer as bhai.
ranveer shake hand with lucky.
swara nerviously:bhai…vo….actually lucky..lucky and ragini like each other.
ranveer gets alert and looks at lucky from top to bottom.
lucky thinking:is he gonna eat me alive.
ranveer:ragini do u like him
ragini nervious:ge bhai….
ranveer looks at swara and said:princess
swara:bhai lucky is very nice and give him tight smile.
ranveer:hmmmm if u like him then i should get an interview and looks at lucky deeply.
swara:off course.he will join u after mins.ranveer smiles and goes from there.
swara and ragini turns to lucky quickly.
swara:lucky if u impressed ranveer bhai then all problems will be solved in one sec.
lucky want to say something but ragini cut him and said:swara likes u.then u get 50 marks now listen to us carefully to get full marks.
swara:point one don’t stammer infront of him.
ragini:point two don’t lie he hates lies
swara:point three today u will not go near ragini until bhai don’t allow u.
lucky:whatttt! how can i.she is looking so beautiful.ragini blushes.
swara and sanskar laughed
ragini:shut up both of u.
swara:point four and most impotent he will ask what can u do for him then reply honestly don’t bragg infront of him.
ragini:point five don’t tell him that u had alottttt of girl friends.
lucky:but u said don’t lie.sanskar hits his forehead.
swara and ragini hits him with full strength.
ragini:do u want to get rejected which bhai like a boy who had alot of girlfriends.
swara:and last point don;t tell him that u both kissed each other.and hides her smile.
ragini hit swara and give her death glare.
swara:sory be mean time ranveer comes there.all four get straight.
ranveer smilingly:princess i am not going to eat him alive and looks toward lucky.lucky gulps hard.
swara and ragini giggles.


Credit to: zaimal

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