First Love in School (nesam) part 6

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Anybody can become angry β€” that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way β€” that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.

Neil was punching the bag with body sweating profusely and lungs respiring heavily. His anger was at the peak. He punched hard everytime her face flashed.

Punch! Punch! And Punch!
After hitting it the last time his body refused to do anything besides inhalation. He slided on the floor. His breath was hacking. The shirt was sticked to his chest and heart was pumping fast to provide the required oxygen.
He was acerbic and aggrieved the very moment. The only thing running repeatedly at his mind was how she ran away from him for Rahul. It was not a very big thing but it hurt. Hurt deeply. He had never felt so much occupied by a girl before. Whenever she is near, she overtakes him. A sudden possessiveness arouse.

He gulped the water vigorously and was distracted by a pair of eyes gazing at her seductively.
He didnt reacted nor did he ignored. Considering it as a sign of welcome, the tall slim figure with tiniest waist came in vision.
Priyanka, she was standing right in front of him with a sweet smile tagged in her red pouty lips. She had her fingers of both the hands entwined in the front and was constantly staring at him waiting for him to inititae but ..all drowned.

He got up, took the bag from the chair aside her and walked away. He didnt cared to even give her a look.
She was completely bewildered and sudden embarrassment ran through her blood. As she realised she was ignored, her blood boiled.
She had always considered herself the beauty queen of the school. It was not her fault, her friends, classmates always kept praising her for her looks and beauty that she got trapped in it. But Neil didnt even looked at her.

She needed to understnd
Beauty is not in the face but a light in the heart. Appearance means nothing if inside you are ugly.

Neil and Rahul both were hurt seeing their love with someone else.

In the corridor, While following Rahul, Sam was continuously thinking about Neil. She had heard from her friends that when boys get angry, it is very dangerous to face them and she had no idea how to be in such cases.the thoughts swapped and feets stopped when her eyes caught Rahul standing under the large tree at the school ground.

How much she knew Rahul, he would never hurt her even if he is angry to the most. But this time, she was stumbling and while taking steps towards him.

“Sam!” the sharp cold words reached her ears.
She looked up. Rahul hadn’t turned. He heard her footsteps and called the name.
Her steps became confident this time.

“Rahul!!!! Please dnt be angry” she whispered.
Tears almost roll down her cheeks. She was feeling guilty of hurting her friend. She knew how much he loves her nd she is hurting him again and again and she did feel the pain. If you cant love then atleast dont hurt them.
Rahul looked at her and gave a side hug with his left arm around her shoulder and rubbed it controlling the emotion raising in his heart. He closed his eyes gritting his teeth not in anger but in pain. He didnt looked at her.

“I am sorry Rahul.” she said in crying tone and ran away from there no more able to see him like that.

She never wanted to be like this. She didnt knew when he started feeling so much for her? She never gave any hint for a relation,. It was going all so well.
She sat at the cemented bench covering her face with both open palms sobbing remembering the moments with her best friend.

She had never been in a relation. Everytime, a boy asked or proposed, she would simply say no and Rahul used to tease her always with some funny names kept for the boy. And after a week, the name changes till another boy proposed. It was such a great time. She cried vigorously feeling new to the world of ‘love’ emotion.

When did this happened? When did he built up such feelings for her?
Her eyes and nose peak went red. The evenly white face was now red all around.
Suddenly, she felt a hand over her shoulder. She raised her face and saw Divya.

“Sam? Why are you crying darling? What happened?” a tensed and concerned tone from Divya made her emerge in tears.
She hugged her and after a while narrated the whole thing.

“Ohkay.. I will talk to Rahul but what about Neil bro? Is he angry too?” Divya asked but Sam had no answer.

As the last bell rang, the students rushed to their respective vehicles.
Sam had her bag in one shoulder and walked lost in the way. Divya was ranting something by her side.
She was asking something to her but Sam was so lost to pay attention to her.Divya poked at her shoulder and she winced.
Rubbing the part, she annoyingly enquired

“Where are you lost? I am asking you the last time…… You wont be staying?”

On spur of moment, Sam remembered about her stay back at school for the dance rehearsal. Her feet stopped.

“Shit yaar… I completely forgot about it. Thanks Divu” she acknowledged with half surprise half thankfulness.

“I was telling you this since we came out of the class..Now you got your brain? So, I was saying this is your chnce to say him sorry. Maybe bhaiya forgives you” Divya added.

Sam had told everything to her except the intimate thing which she was very much embarassed to even think. Her mind said Divu will think wrongbout her character. But it was actually all her illusion only. She herself was pointing on her character.
She had briefed the story while narrating like she was in middle and both boys were angry with her and she went to Rahul.

Since Divya had already noticed and figured about her neighbour Neil and her best friend Sam, it didnt took her long to understand.

“Now you go. Driver uncle will call me…. Bye” Divya rushed to the bus.

Sam waited for the bus to disappesr from her sight.
Then she took steps towards the hall where the dance rehearsal will take place.
Tomorrow itself the teacher had told aboit it so she had informed her parents. Moreover, her brother was also in same school, so no need to worry about her whereabouts.

She entered the hall, it was shaded room to provide the limelight at the stage only.
She slided her bag to the chair and searched for any friend.
Some figures and faces started appearing.
She noticed Laxmi, Priyanka and Rahul from her class.
(laxmi, the new friend of sam and divya)

Then, she saw Hardik who was Raghav’s classmate.
Uh! This one also intelligent student. Mostly, all the boys of Raghav’s batch were full of Einstein’s generations. All good and brilliant. That is why they have a lot of competition. However, in her class girls were very good in studies compared to boy.

Sam was also the topper of her class, but was not a bookworm. Raghav was the same. And almost how much she knew Neil too was not.

It was the only thing that Priyanka never cared to compete about. She had always concentrated on her beauty not study.

Sam noticed some more pairs but failed to find the one she was searching for. It was fifteen minutes after the school got over.

The lady dance teacher also entered and asked for pairing.
Everyone took their positions. But Sam stood alone with her head low. Her partner was missing.

“Where is Neil?” the teacher asked.
“Hardik?” she asked for an answer.

Just then, the handsome hunk made an entry.
“Sorry Ma’am. I had been to home to get my bike.” he calmly asserted and looked at Sam for a second from the corner of his eye taking his position by her side , Both of them at the front.

Sam observed him, his white shirt half tucked in the black pant and half out of it. He looked ravishing even when his black hairs were dishevelled. How does he manage to look so hot??

Sam started thinkin something, the bus had just left and he went and even returned so quickly.
Gawd! How fast he must be driving? She shook her head calculating the speed.
Before getting the answer, she felt his touch at her waist.

She washed away her thoughts and moved dancing as the song started.

Rahul had his eye constant on her. Everyone heard his partner whispering though enough for everyone to hear.
“Ugh! Rahul!”

Even Priyanka was gazing at Neil and was only swayed by her partner. Another pair of eyes staring at Neil was of Laxmi.

Sam was not able to look at Neil nor did he gave any glance. Both danced but the charm got lost. Her balance flicked in a step when her weight was to be on her left leg. But Neil had hold her in time.

“What happened Sam? No one is concentrating today. I am observing since quite long.
Rahul! Where is your mind? Your partner is complaining repeatedly!!
And Priyanka your body is also refusing to dance with Karan( her partner)…..
And.. Neil and Sam, the main ones have their focus in the surrounding more than the dance and song..”
The teacher scowled at all of them and gave a final blow.
“rest for a while.. Bring your concentration. I wil be back”
She left the hall frustrated.

The partners got busy in discussing about themsleves. Sam sat on the floor and rubbed her feet. She saw Neil’s back as he stood right there with eyes in the window and hands on sides.
He turned and faced her expressionless.
She didnt wanted to talk either. Her mind heart tongue refused altogether. Why will she talk? And about what? Rahul was her best and childhood friend. Obviously, she will be concerned about him. Why to apologize Neil?
From long, she was caring and thinking much. He was just her brother’s friend and he must not have done what he had. But since, it cant be changed, she will be calm and cool.

His eyes were all on hers observing her.
The cold glare turned into a dreaded one as Rahul sat beside her.

“Sammy? You alright?” Rahul gently asked.
Neil was turning mad as a hornet. His lips drew into a thin line and teeth gritted.
His rage got instigated more when Rahul took her feet into his lap and rubbed the bare feet.

Sam noticed Neil’s pounding fist and the heated body. Her skin tightened seeing that and piloerected. Oh crap! The volcano will erupt. Before that, she jerked her foot from Rahul’s hands and stood upright.

“its ok Rahul. I am fine.”

Neil’s expressions changed a little but not much. He was still gazing at her and then to Rahul till he went to his partner.

As the teacher arrived again, Neil took some steps to reach to Sam. He arrogantly pulled her waist to hers. She wanted to pull back from his hold but as the song started and everyone started dancing, she had to eat up her fear. As the moves proceeded, his look became intense and it compelled her to look at him too.
Her heart was beating fast this time unlike before. He was swaying her in his tunes.
The people around was fading.

It came in view when the girls parted aside and the boys opposite.

“Students… It was splendid. You gave an amazing performance. Now, I want to check you all individually. From the last keep rolling and show your best..” the lady teacher announced happily but strictly.

One boy from the last came and showed his forte then a girl with contemporary dance… Four partners did so
Rahul did some locking popping and Priyanka threw a seducing dance….

then came Neil…
He did hip hop and grabbed eeryone’s attention waking them up from the laziness and tiredness. It was very clear that everyone wanted to join and dance with him on his tune. The others clapped cheering and teacher smiled watching with joy.
As he finished Sam came front. She was so much stunned by the previous performance that her nervousness raised.
She rolled her hips and caught everyone’s attention at her first step only. The others started cheering. Her every step followed their “wooooo….” and claps.
She mixed five dance styles and gave a brilliant performance. All were amused at that.
As she stopped, it was all silent around. She got more nervous and looked at them.

The next second it filled with the claps and praises.
“Excellent Samaira! Welldone.” the teacher said as her hands clapped.

Sam smilingly thanked.

“So students. Just a day left. You all practice whenever you get time. And day after tomorrow be fully prepared. You need to give a thrilling performance jut like you did today OKAY???”

“YES ma’am” the students said in unison.
The hall was left by everyone.

Sam walked out and grabbed her phone from bag to call home. She needed to be picked.

Before she could dial, he came there on his bike just a feet away from her.
She took a step back making way for him and got busy in her phone though pretending.

“Come. SIT” he clearly intoned.

She raised her face surprised.
“Its okay. Raghav or Dad will come” she replied sweetly denying him.

“They had asked me to pick you up” he firmly stated waiting for no reply.
Sam stood for few more seconds than sat at back.

She kept her hands at his shoulder consciously. He was not driving fastly like always, it was in a normal speed.

Suddenly her eyes caught the car driving at speed which got passed by her side. A sudden fury spread over her skin.

“Hey drive fast! Beat that red car!” she exclaimed at his ears loudly.
He jerked at that but then rolled his hands speeding the bike. It cut the road and vehicles coming at the side overtaking everyone.
Sam felt hard to handle her body and thought she will fly away if she remained like this.
She moved her hands around his waist reaching his abs and hold him tightly.
The car participated. Sometimes, it was forward or sometimes the bike.

“come on.. Drive fast!” she cried.

“Oh my god!” she screamed fearfully and in the most pitched voice. She felt like flying. He just performed a stunt. The bike was in air for a second with two almost adjoined body.
As she realised and confirmed the bike was driven in the road only, she turned back to check, the car was not in view. She smiled happily.

“Yeah! We won!” she excitedly shouted at his ears.
He didnt reacted and the speed abruptly turned to normal. After a minute of silence, they entered the camp and to her quarter.

Without saying a word, he drove away.
It disappeared and she moved to her home.

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    1. Hey feby I am just super glad to see your comment. Lst time I saw you in gauri di’s ff and I wanted to comment but thought it might be invading on others life yr.. and I am not from defence estate.. but I know them very well cause I am a kvian and have lived in defence camps twice and for long period… i really miss it now … And feby plzz dnt lose hope on anything.
      I would love to join you guyz and your pagalpanti… Whats the adddda’s group name? is it in fb or google?

      1. no…it wont b like invading…i and gauri di share a lot of things…i call her abha di…well..iam supr happy to hear tat u r a kvian..but c..u have lived in defence campus…u know the culture there…its unique with ppl of all states and cultures living together…i am missing it badly….ya..iam trying not to lose hope…now i have prepared myself for a battle….well…grp is in google ameena di is missing otherwise it wud b a real paagal grp…u give ur mail id or msg maild id u will find in maandey dis ff…in episode39..c the comment of mine with maandey di…love u….

  22. Roshnii… Y no updates in any of ur ff… Update naa dearr… I need something to read as a break…??? books are killing me… Soo plzzzzz update is jldii jldii…???

    1. one of my ff is updated dear. amd this one you will get by tOnight and I completely understand. I am sorry for the delay πŸ™

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