LOVE BEATS.. episode-16


hllo friends this is the second part of my update….
pragya reached her house… abhi drops her and goes…
bulbul : pragya tu aagaya kabse tumko wait kar raha na.
sarla comes with aarathi.. and take aarathi…
bulbul : maa why are doing this now
sarla : bulbul aaj esko kuch na kuch garbhad will come there is chance a for that.. there will be someone’s eye on her.. now it goes… pragya meri pyaari.. tum kithana ache looking hum… you changed a lot beta… with this days me too.. actually I did mistake.. I mistaken your relationship
pragya : maa what are you saying…

sarla : pragya this is your new phone and this is the new number.. from today onwards I will not restrict you.. you can call, talk and meet with abhi…
pragya hugs sarla…
bulbul: wow kammal ki bath hain na.. within this days.. you become singer and a writer too… but it’s because of abhi we came to knew this.. why pragya you don’t inform me… because of abhi your are hiding so many things from me.. before… you will tell everything to me.. now look you hide everything.. now abhi become important than me na..
pragya : arey bulbul.. tu aiisa bath kare tho muje bathkarane kelliye… nahi millega… bulbul… it’s not like that.. you are my sweetie na… I have brought some special things for you.. come I will show you… come na…

scene shifted towards abhis house
when abhi comes he sees aliya purab tanu and dadi in major discussion..
hllo everyone.. what the matter…
oh Bhai aagayi… we thought you will not come
what is the discussion going on…
dadi : abhi…. there is some more concert booked for you but there is a problem.. they need pragya also…. abhi : wow that’s great… it’s not problem I will arrange that…
but still there is something in dadis mind…
dadi but why are you looking tensed
vo abhi we just looked your kundalis.. to fix a date… but in that panditji is saying some problem… after marraige there will be some separation in your relationships..
abhi laughs.. dadi what are you saying… separation with my fuggiit’s impossible.. you don’t worry about that
aliya : this is what we are also taking to Dadi…

dadi : but
tanu : so no more discussion… we are going for roka function tomorrow
abhi : wow….
aliya : but abhi there is no need of you… we just go fix date for engagement
abhi : what without me..
purab : ya… and smiles… abhi goes to room in anger… abhis phone ring…..
it’s an unknown number..
abhi : hllo
pragya : oh. in anger..
abhi : fuggi… u.. which is this number..
pragya : maa gifted me this.. what happened dundoos…
abhi : pragya we are getting married… so we are important… but they are coming to your home.. without me..

pragya laughs…
abhi : fuggi u are laughing….
fuggi : arey bhudus.. it’s like that.. that’s why…
abhi: actually this is the problem of our traditions and culture…
pragya : dundoos…
abhi : but I am really happy that… u are going to to be with me.. na always.. then I don’t need that stupid pillow…
pragya : what?
abhi : ya this pillow is I for me.. but if u are with me.. then.
pragya : but dundoos… I have a rock star doll with me.. I will not leave it…
abhi : so I will not leave my pillow
pragya : I have no problem…

abhi : ohioo… k then I too have no problem…
pragya cuts call…
abhi u cut the call.. then I will teach you…
abhi calls pragya
who are you to cut my call…
this not your call its me who calls
abhi : you knew… all will wait for my call.. my fans they are really mad on me.. especially that teena.. do you knew teena.. that girl in that invitation… she actually every nice and awesome.. if I see her before you.. then..
pragya : then why did u stop.. you will marry her na… then I will kill you… you..
abhi laughs..
pragya stop ur laugh..

why fuggi.. u actually this smile na..
but now I don’t like that smile…
ohoo fuggi are u feeling jealous..
me.. jealous on u… do u knew after this show I have get so many love letters.. message.. I am really busy. on reading that..
abhi laughs.. but.. you will not have this much fans that I got… this teena na..
pragya : k… lets leave that topic.. what do I want…
abhi : this is what I need this.. so fuggi keep in mind that.. don’t cut my call without my permission.. he laughs and cut the call…

pragya get irked and take and beat his rock star doll

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  1. It was awesome I loved it that to abhigya cute fight and jealousy scenes was awesome

    1. HARITHA

      thanks monesha dear… I will try to include it more

  2. Haha so cute epi dear??????

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      thanks my darlu ????

  3. wow really nice yaaaaaaaa


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      thanks di… I will try to make you say this every day

      1. pls type means of hindi i don’t know pls

    2. HARITHA

      k di… from tomorrow onwards I will do it..

  4. superb yarrr …………………………….but plz don’t seperate them

    1. HARITHA

      actually nannu… I don’t think to separate them.. and I am not writing story with pre planned ideas what comes at that time.. I just write down.. I can’t tell you what happens nect

  5. Wow superbbb… Waiting for the next update….

    1. HARITHA

      thanks nirmal….

  6. Honey

    Wow, it’s so funny, so nic epi

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      thanks honey…

  7. Riyashri

    Greenie… U know hindi!! That’s Amazing….. I loved this update too…Waiting for your further updates as I think u r gonna make some twist in the story!!

    1. HARITHA

      I knew Hindi by watching serial… dear.. and about twist I just need to make suspense twist and through this I want to make u in tension… it’s really nice na.. priya????

  8. Superb….I loved abhigya’s cute fight…

    1. HARITHA

      thanks abhigya

  9. Riyashri

    U again planning to make my head to break ah?? Too bad Greenie!! But that’s ok if u don’t extend your suspense twist for more than one update!! Hehe I would even be very happy breaking my head for your update!!

    1. HARITHA

      that’s so sweet my lovely priya… it’s very nice to read your comments and it’s so sweet cute.. sometimes I feel to pull your cheeks.. and fight with you.. fighting with u will just like our abhigyas fight…. ?????

      1. Riyashri

        Aww…..that’s really sweet of u Greenie…..U feel like doing so but I already have a person inreplacement of u…I mean I have a doll and named it as Greenie now pulling it’s cheeks thinking that it is u!! U know I am one step ahead!! So think of something else….But I would love to meet u.. I will give u a bone crushing hug so that your bones break and u would stay with me for your recovery!!! I feel like doing this when I started to lobe my Greenie….Hope my wish becomes true….

      2. Riyashri

        *love my Greenie…not lobe.

      3. HARITHA

        ohoo u are this much naughty priya….

  10. Cutiepie Achu

    Very nice..

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  11. Soooooo cute episode yaar…

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  13. super dr….

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