SWARA’S pov:
Days are passing like hell.One side
i was missing my ragini di very badly and
another side sankyji thoughts.Actually
in test period me and sanji were writting test
outside the class.At that time 12th students
also writting test in outsided the class.
They are gossiping something loudly.So i can
heard what they are gossiping.After hearing
that i felt broken.They are speaking
sanskar is loving someone.But they didn’t
knew whom sanskar is loving.After heared
that i cannot control my tears.Tears were
flowing from my eyes continuously.Sanji saw
me and came near me and console me.I know
she also heard what they are speaking.
Some how she controlled my tears after that
she was scolding me it is just attraction.
I know it is but my stupid heart it can’t
understand.Then i went to my home and cried

SANJI’S pov:
Today me and swara writting test in
outside ofthe class.Then ijust heard 12th
students conversation after hearing that
i immediately look towards swara because
i know swara also heard all of this
stupid talk.Then i became shocked tears
are flowing from swara eyes continously.
I know she is really broken and i consoled
her it is just attraction why can’t she
understand.Then i scolded little bit
harshly.Then she went home.I just
hate that sanskar because of him
only my bestie swara is crying because of
him only she is broken,because of him only
i scolded her.

SWARA’S pov:
After few days i became normal but
whenever i heard sanskar and whom he loved
my heart pinched me.Actually when i was
walking in corridor one girl is congratulated
another girl and she says that she is very
lucky because she got a boy like sanskar.When i
saw that girl i was shocked because she is the
one who handshaking with sanskar.My heart
broken into million pieces.Then i immeadiately
left the place.Nikhil oh my god he is
really sweet.Nowadays he is really irritating
so much.He know i am sad so that divert my mind
he always do silly things.But he didn’t know
about reason of my sadness.Sanji is my
first bestiee and nikhil is my second bestiee.
Finally my sister came home because of my
birthday.After many months i was in with my
sister and also celebrate my birthday.After
many days i felt really happy.After celebrate
my birthday i went to school.But there is a big
surprise my bestiees sanji and nikhil decorated
the class room and waiting for my arrival.Staff
didn’t say anything actually today is sunday and
there is special class for only 10th and 12th students.
After i entered my class room they all wished me and
i also cut the cake in class room.After that i went
to near classes for give chocolate to other staffs.
Then i give chocolate to maths sir who is present
in sanskar class room.Then i immeadiately left.
In break time i give chocolate to my other
class friends.I didn’t give chocolate to
sanskar.Because whenever i see him my kneels are
went weak.I don’t want to fell weak infront of
him.Then next day one of sanskar friend called me and asked
why i didn’t give chocolate to sanskar.I don’t
know what to say i just remain silent.Suddenly
he asked me whether i love sanskar.I just
frezzed that place when i was about to talk
nikhil called me so i just went away.Then
only those words are echoing in my head whether
i love sanskar.
Don’t think about it
Don’t think about it
Don’t think about it
Whenever i am sad sanji is beside me.
She somehow managed me.After that incident
i just pretend to be happy but actually not.
One day sanskar came to my class room
and give chocolate to me.I know today is
his birthday but i didn’t thought that he
came to class to give chocolate.I don’t
want to make him sad so i take the chocolate
and also gave another chocolate to him.Then
i just smiled at him.
Then i heard some sound i turned my face oh
my god nikhil pushed the bench and punched
the wall harshly.I shocked to see him like


Swara know about nikhil lover her.

I hope may be you liked this part

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      And also give sanskar’s POV please??

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