Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~The Old Man Chapter 14

The voice again called my name and it came from washroom. I went there and slowly opened the door and what I saw froze me on my place. There was a man hanging from the ceiling with a rope around his neck. “Who are you?,” I asked stammering badly and he threw a rope at me around my neck pulling me close trying to kill me, I started screaming and removed the rope and closed the door. I ran and slipped on my way out of the room and I felt a rope around my ankle this time, it pulled me with force while I held the door trying to stop myself from being pulled.

I groaned trying harder not to get pulled but it’s force was very much. I removed the rope quickly and got up closing the door locking it and limped to my room. My foot was killing me. I saw Abeer going upstairs and called out his name. He looked at me and seeing me limping, he came to me faster and I hugged him crying hard about the recent incidents. He put his hand over my head and rubbed my back. “Shhh, don’t cry, everything will be fine, we’ll do everything together and also face together, don’t do anything alone now,” he said and I agreed.

I parted away. “Abeer, I unlocked the other locked room, I saw toys and when I picked one of them, blood came out of it, then I heard my name called out in a scary voice and it was coming from that room’s washroom. I went and then that old man was hanging from the ceiling, he tried to kill me,” I said. “Nothing will happen, and where’s that rosary? I told you not to take it off at any cost, wear some protection locket, don’t roam without it,” he said sternly and I smiled at his care. “Come to our room and rest, we have to take care of Shivani too,” he said and held my hand taking me to our room. Shivani was sleeping like a baby and I thanked God she’s ok.

We both sat on either sides of her and were in half laying position. I wore the rosary, I was too stressed on how to get rid of these ghosts. Rohan and Mohan were less that the old man has also come. “Does a man do suicide in washroom, heard it first time,” he joked and I laughed. “Don’t joke about ghosts, we’ll regret it,” I warned him. He hmmed. “Listen, I am thinking to unlock the third room as well, will you accompany me?,” I asked. “Yes,” he agreed.

Later at night, we both went to the third locked room downstairs and unlocked it going inside followed by Abeer. I ran my hand on the wall and it touched the switch board, I switched on the lights and the room was very dusty with nothing inside but a bed and a cupboard. “There can be something inside the cupboard,” I told him and before he could say something, I opened the door of cupboard and dust went in my eyes. I rubbed them and looked inside the cupboard, and there was the same old man inside. “Abeeerrrr!,” I screamed getting scared as he came and attacked him.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    This old man is an unexpected entry.I thought only kids r ghosts.Meher getting attacked was really a horrifying scene.loved abeer giving her d cupboard too the old man.oh…how is he related to Mohan Rohan Parineeti?Y is he trying 2 attack Meher?

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