Love at first sight part-4 (end of Arjun&keerthi love story)


The episode both call at same time they did not get line. Arjun thinks to go to railway station and check he runs towards it . keerthi also runs to airport to stop him but they did not find each other Arjun writes a letter and gives to the seat member. Keerthi gives a letter to Pravin and tells to give to him

Keerthi leaves from there and cries while coming in taxi she did not see Arjun but Arjun sees him he shouts but she does not hear they both come to station and airport and reads the letter and they get happy

Keerthi comes to the relative house and sees the house fully decorated keerthi relatives tells her that we have fixed for marriage so get ready

She cries vigorously(Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…)
She comes out gets dressed like a bride and sees Arjun she runs and hugs him

He too hugs her tightly they cry Arjun kisses keerthi on cheeks,keerthi kisses Arjun on cheeks. All the relatives sees it and laughs. Keerthi asks how did you get him they tells that he catches next flight and came to you

Keerthi hugs one more time they all come to marriage mandap

Keerthi sits there Arjun pinches her she too pinches him. Marriage rituals starts they take vows,and he made her wear mangalsutra. They take the blessings from the elders.

Arjun shows honeymoon ticket to keerthi that we are going to Maldives she gets happy

Pravin and yazhini too comes there with garlands keerthi goes and hugs her. Arjun hugs Pravin photographer comes and tells pls post for pic

They all stand and smile after that a big cake comes keerthi cuts and throws on Arjun all throw each other the cake


Guys I think you liked it pls give comments next four part will be ranveer and Ishaani love story don’t miss it guys

Just enjoy it buddies??????????

I will start many love stories but it will like a short story

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ending is like climax of kushi movie in tamil
    I think this movie also remade in hindi also but i don’t know the namrs

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Yes it is true

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