Your Love – My abode (RagLak) Part 3

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Part 3

Diya was on her mission to take revenge on Satya. She pours water on floor before his wash room.

He slides on this water and I will take the video, he will fall on bed and I will show this video to my friends and laugh.

“Next time if he teases me, I will show this video and stop making him fun on me.. hehehe.”

thinks Diya and hides behind the wall waiting for Satya to come out.

“Umm, If I put the chocolates on bed, his face falls on them.. and, he will look more funny.” Diya thinks and comes before his bed

Just then, Satya comes out in towel.. and he steps on the water. His leg skids and he skates towards the bed. Diya looks at him in shock, before she could react and escape.. Satya falls on her and they both falls on bed.

Diya is down and Satya was over her. Diya is looking at him in her wide opened shocked eyes and even Satya too. Satya gets up from her and he ties his towel tight again. Diya was looking other side rubbing her palms.

“sorry.. actually..” Diya is saying something.

Satya:: don’t you have any work? what are you doing in my room??

Diya keeps her hand on her waist.. and says sarcastic, “A handsome guy is going to come.. So, I came to see him”

Satya smirks, “I know I’m handsome”

Diya says rolling her eyes, “Yes, every mad guy thinks same”

“Diya you..!!” satya is about to come near her. “haa??” Diya bends her hand to his towel to pull it.

“Hey” satya shouts and holds it. Diya runs out of room.

“mad girl” satya murmurs.

Here magicican Vikrit sends a man to YaYa.

“make Diya fall in your love. Her sincerity, loyalty towards her husband is saving him from all dangers. Once you spoil it, he will be killed. However, they both are not loving each other still. you can break their bond very easily” says magicain Vikrit to that man.

That man nods his head and heads towards Swiss in plane. That man is Nikil.

In the car, Satya and Diya are going to university.

Diya was putting the songs she like and Satya was changing them.

“Hey..!! what’s your problem??”

“what kabutar ja ja ja?? listen to new songs” Satya changes the song. Diya presses the button and goes back..

and, their song changing war continues till the university. Diya gets down from car cursing satya.

Satya will be going towards mba block and Diya to her degree block.

Diya was going furiously trashing Satya in her mouth. Nikil smirks looking at Diya. He puts his steps out and starts coming towards her. He smirks walking in front of Diya.

Diya was not seeing him, and she was walking fast. She was about to collide with Nikil, suddenly.. she feels a pull and she falls on someone.

Her chest gets hit to that person’s. Diya shocks and looks up, it’s Satya. Satya was holding her hand and he was looking at Diya intensely. Diya gets lost in him for sometime.

Nikil frowns his eyes.

‘what..?’ Diya asks him hesitatingly. Satya removes his hand from her.

“You are taking my bag instead of yours” he says. Diya takes her bag from his hand. Diya is about to get back, but her mangal sutr gets stuck to his shirt button. It came out from her shirt while she was walking fast.

Diya comes near him and she was un knotting it. Satya was looking down at her silently. Diya starts going off, Satya looks at her a while and he too goes.

Nikil looks this and, “I have to get into action soon. They shouldn’t get along with each other”

In class room,

As place beside Diya is empty, Nikil sits beside her.

“Hai, this is Nikil. New joiner”

“THis is Diya, old joiner”

Nikil laughs, “how old?”

“24 hours” Diya says looking around not paying attention to him.

“then, how old are you?” Nikil tries to flirt her, Diya looks at him annoyed..

“I’m old how much I have to be” she answers and turns her eyes away.

“you look beautiful” Nikil says.

Diya remembers Satya saying.. “I know, I’m handsome” she remembers the bare top of Satya when he was in towel. Diya smiles unknowingly remembering that.

But, Nikil thinks she was smiling for his words.

Nikil suddenly places his hand on Diya’s hand. Diya grabs her hand soon to her and she slaps Nikil shocking everyone in class.

“Be in limits you stupid..!!” Diya fumes on him and she sits on other bench. Nikil holds his cheek and bites his teeth annoyed.


after the class(they have only half day classes)

Satya comes to the parking area where he meets Diya everyday after the class. He looks at Diya and two of her friends were talking behind a tree. Diya was wiping her tears, her friends are consoling her.

Satya soon goes to her feeling concerned for her.

“satya is coming be silent” Diya says to her friends.

“what happened?” Satya questions straightly.

“Nothing, let’s go home” Diya says and about to go. Satya holds her hand and looks at her friends.

“what happened to Diya? who made her cry??” Satya asks looking at them straight.

One girl says, “some boy X has bullied Diya by locking her in a dark room and scaring her with ghost like sounds”

Satya’s nerves bulge at the wrist and neck. He holds Diya’s hand and he fumes towards boy x.

Diya is looking at Satya amazed. Satya looks at the boy who was giving hifi and teasing other girls.

“Satya, plz. let’s go back” Diya is requesting him.

But, Satya goes towards that boy and hits him. That boy falls on ground. He looks at Satya scared. He starts running away.. and Satya chases him.

“Satya, come back..!!” Diya shouts.

Diya sighs and looks around to see herself alone in the campus and Nikil was standing a bit far from her.

Diya shocks looking at him.

to be continued…

Diya satya- RagLak.

My creation world- Astra

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