Your Love – My abode (RagLak) Part 1

Hi guys.. I’m back with a new FF.
friends, we have seen RagLak till now. But their new form is yaya. SatYA and DiYA.
As we all know Diya is from pehredaar piya ki and Satya if from Ikyawaan which is yet to come. Let’s make our temish dream complete here as yaya.

So, Here you go.. my first ff on YaYa. (Satya and Diya aka our Nami and teju our beloved RagLak)

Author’s Note:: The story contains supernatural elements. None of them is taken or inspired from anything. It’s completely my own creation. Resemblance is just coincidence. Don’t copy this work. Copy rights belongs to me.

(As Ikyawaan has not launched yet, Satya’s parents will be Ap and Dp as in sR.)

The blank screen slowly brightens and Ap’s face is shown who is crying holding a three years old boy’s hand. Dp is asking to doctor about his son’s condition. Doctor was also not showing any hopes. Ap cries bitterly, “satya.. wake up.”

That three years old boy is lying on bed lifelessly with oxygen mask on, and his tiny hand is injected with saline.

This scenario is watched by a person who is wearing black cloths with a peculiar appearance. He is watching the scene on a wall where he can see scene as movie. (It is possible with his magical powers)

“Now, there is no way this boy going to be alive. There will be none to kill this magician Vikrith..!”

(Vikrith means freaky.)

He laughs wickedly aloud.

Scene shifts to the same hospital, where a lady is rushed inside on stretcher who is suffering with labour pain. She is rushed to the ward and Sajjan was worried about his wife. They crosses Ap’s room.
After a while,
The lady gives birth to a cute baby girl. As soon as that baby was born, three years old Satya’s hand moves a little. Ap looks at him in hope.
The girl baby starts crying…
Satya opens his eyes..

“Satya..!!” Ap exclaims in happiness and hugs him.

Sajjan lifts his baby in his hands and gets emotional looking at her, and he looks at his wife.

Doctor gets surprised looking at Satya who has opened his eyes. There in other place magician Vikrit gets shocked.

Doctor says to Ap and Dp,
“Child’s condition is completely alright now. It’s a miracle that he recovered so fast.”
Dp thanks him and Ap smiles happily.

Magician Vikrit breaks the glass pot in frustration.

Sajjan was holding his baby daughter. He says to his wife,
“See, how our daughter is showering smiles. She is our sweet daughter.”
Mrs. Sajjan is smiling happily.
Then someone calls to Sajjan, and Sajjan gets happy.
“We have won the court case, now our company is back to us..!!” he says..
“This is all the auspicious time in which our daughter has born.. let’s name her Diya.. who has brought light in our life”
He kisses his daughter on head.


After 17 years 11 months 29 days…

Time: night 11.30 P.M

A huge mansion is shown, which is decorated with number of lights. So many guests are coming.

Along with the guests, the unwanted guest police too comes. They enter into the house.

In middle of the living room a mandap is shown. A marriage is about to happen.

Sajjan and Dp were talking and receiving guests.

“Groom has come” a small girl shouts.

Everyone looks that side, the cameras turn that side, that guy’s feet which are covered with the branded boots are shown and then the camera moves up to show his strong body, and then his face which is in manly features but little boyish qualities are shown too.. the 21 years old “Satya”
Who’s face doesn’t have a smile but he was just little serious. Satya is about to come to stage…

The police enters in,
“Stop this marriage” Inspector shouts. All looks at him, Satya face suddenly glows.

“Mr. Sajjan singh, you don’t know minimum rules? You are encouraging a child marriage here..!!”

Sajjan looks at inspector silently.

“Your daughter Miss. Diya is just 17 years old. The minimum age for the marriage is 18 years. We will take serious action.”

Sajjan laughs with his words.
“I know inspector, that’s why the time of marriage is at 12.05 A.M.”

Inspector keeps looking..

“The time which turns my daughter into the major.”
Inspector becomes silent.
“The perfect legal marriage. Any more problem inspector??” He asks.

The clock strikes 12.

“Come out Diya, this is your 18th birthday.” Sajjan shouts.

The blast of color papers happen, and a girl who is standing behind the pink curtain steps out.
Her creamy feet are decorated with mehendi. The heavy lehenga was wrapped around her tiny waist. The bangles on her hand are dancing which are also covered with red mehendi.
Her neck is decorated with huge jewellery the colour is reflecting on her moon face.

Diya- the princess of kesar mahal raises her deer like eyes to see everyone. The flowers start falling on her. Diya keeps coming on the way to mandap who is followed by series of her friends.
Satya keeps looking at Diya as she is coming. Dp says Satya to sit on stage.
Ap and mrs.sajjan holds Diya.. Diya now looks at Satya. Both have first eye lock..

Bg song plays… (Diya keeps stepping towards stage and both have un broke eye lock)
Mhare hivde mein utrr hilo
(There is strong movements in my heart)
Bannasa woh ruke, saari woh
(Groom is waiting and he is everything to me)

The song stops and music plays…
Ap and mrs. sajjan makes Diya to sit beside Satya. There is no smile even on Diya’s face too, but that doesn’t mean she is sad.

The inspector leaves as there is nothing to say.

Followed by pandit’s instructions, Satya first ties mangal sutr in Diya’s neck.

The song starts,
Umr ke chote bade
(the people of age small and big)
{here diya satya have just three years gap but, we can take this line as one is small than other.. this happens generally}
Saath pheron mein bandhe
(is being bonded by seven vows)

Diya raises her eyes to look at him. Satya too looks at her, both have a 2nd eye lock.

The song keeps playing…
Waqt ne ristha piroya hain
(The time has made this relation)
Hain banaya reethonein ek duja ka hume
(The rituals has made us together)

Satya takes pinch of sindoor and fills her maang. Diya closes her eyes.

Sompi hain ik pratha nein hifazat teri
(A tradition has given me your safety)
Jagne ristha diya yeh naya
(The world has given new relation)
Diya and Satya both puts flowers in fire to pray..
Pehredaar piya ki bani ji..
(I have become protector of beloved)

Now, both stands..
They both exchange the garlands…
Song plays in Satya’s Pov.. (imagine in male tone)

Tu duniya hain ab mero anokhi
Mein toh hansi hoon ab tere dukhon ki
(you are my extraordinary world now, i have become smile to your sadness)

A ghat bhandan is tied in between satya and diya.

Chaya mein teri, tu duniya meri
Maangu teri khair mein, tu salamat bas rahe
(i’m your shelter, you are my world.. i just wish your welfare to be safe)

Satya holds Diya’s hand and starts taking rounds around the sacred fire.

Sompi hain ik pratha nein hifazat teri
Jagne rishta diya yeh naya
(A tradition has given me your safety. The world has given new relation)

Ap Dp Sajjan and mrs. Sajjan are looking them in a smile.
Yaya’s hands are in each other’s hands.
Diya was bending her head and walking, suddenly her legs are stuck with lehenga. She skids and about to fall, but.. satya who was walking behind her soon holds her.

Pehredaar piya ki bani ji..
(I have become protector of beloved)
Song plays..
Diya looks at Satya and he too.. he makes her stand properly and they complete the vows.

Sajjan gets happy.
“Don’t worry sajjan, Satya will take care of Diya always.”

Sajjan nods his head in tears.
“And, Diya’s vrat is going to protect Satya forever” Ap says. Mrs. Sajjan nods her head.

All the guests blesses Satya and Diya who are sitting beside each other. Now, they are married.

The police goes near Bhuvan and choti takurani.
“Diya has turned 18, so this marriage was not stopped.” Police says. Bhuvan gets frustrated.
“This marriage is not going to save Diya. I will not leave her” he says and CT looks on..

On other hand, magician Vikrit sees the whole marriage.
“I will see how this girl is going to save her husband. She is nothing before my power”

The screen shifts to,
It was two days after their marriage. Diya is wearing jeans, but bangles and sindoor were on. Diya was scratching her hands. Mrs. Sajjan beats her shoulder and says her to be calm.
Diya: mom, marriage is over know. Till when i have to put on these bangles??
Mrs. Sajjan:: diya beta, these bangles and sindoor are symbolic to married woman. You have to wear them always.

Just then Satya comes pushing the trolley. He is in formals.

Diya: why everything to girls? Not for boys???

Satya:: shall we go..?

Diya hugs her parents. All expresses their emotions. Later, yaya walks into the immigration.

Mrs.Sajjan:: can satya protect Diya?
Sajjan: don’t worry, Satya is very clever.

Ap: they both are too young for this responsibility.
Dp: they can handle.

Satya who was pushing trolley accidentally steps on Diya’s foot.
‘see and walk.’ Satya says. Diya stamps his foot, ‘same 2 you’ she says.

Both turns their faces away from each other.

/* this is the start for the new yaya life. Why Diya’s life is in danger..? How only Satya can guard her..? why Magician is back of Satya..? How Diya will save him..?
To know, wait for next part… */

Tell me how’s the plot guys. I will continue if it’s good.

“Fly in imagination world..”


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