LOVE… But on 1 CONDITION (Episode 2)

Heeyyyyyyaaaaa…Hola friends…I am glad thst u all liked the first epi…so lets begin with the 2nd….

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Sooo ..Fasten your seat belts coz this epi….will be full of the roller coaster of…..


"Yaa who alll heard it right coz now you will get to know about my side of the story!"..
"Arrey you all know na who i am..the great business man..Laksh yeah lets continue i know this ragini must have bored u yesterday with all her pak-pak..nauttanki she is..actually no a theeki mirchi…yes..thats wat i call her and she gets super hyperactive..hearing it..but i love to see her suffering..yes i do..i love when she is hurt…and now after this marriage..she will face the worst…obviously she will after all she broke my trust!…my heart..mind everything stopped working..and now i am in front of you Devil…Laksh..but she should get to know how it pains when you break some1's trust…the same way she broke mine…3 years ago….I cannot blame you for my heart break..but that u.!….."
My thoughts were broken by sumi ma..when she told me to make Theeki Mirchi the ring..
"But i said no..FIRST..all were shocked except a pair of eyes who were beaming with…but i pulled her down again by saying..that i had a condition..she was was everyone.."…

"Beta Laksh wat are you saying?"asked ma (ap)

//i ll use sumi ma 4 sumi and ma for laksh's pov//

"Ma I know wat i am saying i replied…with a kinda smirk..I dad started whispering to the guards ordering to close the gates AND WINDOWS TOOO…i chuckled seeing his woŕry..that i will run..but that was not the case..becasue with this marriage i had to complete my motto..i informed ma..saying i ll be right back and i ran to my rooom…"..

"Laksh ran to his room..i am not able to get what is he even thinking about the marriage..i thought he hates..he actually does..but then why the concern..when!…ragu why are u even thinking about Mr Khadddos..leave him just wish that this marriage gets cancelled..

Ya ya i know which us next to impossible"Ragini thought

Laksh came down with a file..
"Whats this laksh"every1 asked in union..
"I chuckled again..i went near ragini and stood at my place..i told them..
"Ma..papa..sumi…actually..I have a request..kinda condtion for Ragini..not for the marriage..i saw that each and everyone present there took a deep breathe as if my condition thing made them hell nervous..ignoring the fact that ragini was continuously glaring at me i continued..actually my condition is that..after marriage Ragini has to leave Malhotra Industries amd Work in my Company!..
And here the bomb was blasted by me.."

Shekhar dad seemed to be happy…everyone were okay with except meri theeki mirchi…

"Papa i will never leave Malhotra Industries"shouted ragini..
"Ragu whats the harm in that…laksh is ur would be husband beta..and if he wants you to work with him then whats wrng..and did i ever say that M industries will not be yours after are the soul of our company beta..and M industries will always be your company..but for laksh cant you do much"..

"No i cannot.."Ragini THOUGHT."OKAY"she SAID..

"So ragini sign these papers"i asked her..
I gave her the file and she started reading it carefully..

Which I obviously did not i just looked at shekhar papa and smiled..showing that that i was waiting for to finish reading..and then that happened what i wanted..

"Ragu..why r u reading we can do that later haina first sign..mahurat ka samay beeta jaraha hai"..
"Dad jst a min"said ragini..
"Dad no problem let her "i added fuel..
"No laksh..ragu pls.."shekhar said..

Ragini shot a angry glare towards me..and signed the papers…

"So yeahh i did she actually doesn't know whats in store for her…."..


PRECAP-Marriage with a twist!

So what has happened btwen laksh and ragini?that laksh hates her do much?
What was in the file?
What is gonna happen with ragini next?..

To know keeeep reading…

Take care.
Loads of love❤

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    Interesting….What’s going on Lakshya’s brain??? Waiting for next

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