The lost soul- shot 1

Kanak slowly sat on the sandy shore completely exhausted and all she could do is stare around the beautiful blue horizon in front of her. The deep blue sea is serene with its gentle waves. There is no single sign of any turbulence that she is feeling inside on her face.
A group of people are passing cutting off her vision of those gentle waves. Suddenly her eyes stopped on a man. She wasn’t sure but her gaze is following him.

Then his gentle face turned softly to her side and Kanak froze for a second and her heart started to beat faster.

without knowing her feet moved swiftly towards him and before she can reason herself she is in front of him cutting off his path. She is still in deep shock and couldn’t utter one single word. He stopped too to look at her with confusion initially then waiting for her to speak. He asked “May I know you” gently. She is even more flustered after hearing that voice.
She is taking small breaths to calm herself and say something but tears are running from her eyes with happiness.

He can clearly see her eyes are misty with tears and wasn’t sure of the cause. But he was giving her time to compose and state her reason to stop him. An eternity is passed between them that way, they both looking at each other, one with understanding and another with true happiness at finding your life. In reality it’s only few seconds before Kanak whispered “Uma”. She is confused why they are like strangers now. Why she can only see kindness in those eyes rather than recognition. Then the man started to speak again. “Hi, I hope you are ok now? “

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  1. Jasmine.T

    Awh this is so cute! pls continue

  2. superb manasa pls update it soon

  3. I’m visualizing the scene..Very interesting and emotional one.plz continue soon manasa.

  4. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz update again na. It is an awesome plot. Loveeeeeeeee u

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