Locha E Ulfat (Few Shots) Prologue

Every reader is unique and the way they encourage us is unique. So this few shots I’m dedicating them as a token of Thank you. And the pairing is dedicated to lovely as she loves this pair. And I’m thankful to you guys that you encourage me in a unique way always. I actually thought of including all the readers name but as there are many silent readers also I don’t want to hurt them by only dedicating to the people who comment. This is for all the readers who have been my support system from the beginning specially those people who don’t write ffs but read them and encourage us.

Rains in Mangalore are just horrible. It pours like we are under some water fall. And it is very difficult to manage. But still life is not stranded here. People continue their works even with thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. Mangalore comes under the Karavali belt so it always gets maximum rain due to the western ghats. As much as I love this weather I even get annoyed due to it as I will be drenched all the time and it irks me. As soon as I saw the roof after getting down from my car I ran to get shelter. Though I have an umbrella it is kind of relaxing when you get a roof for protection. I closed the umbrella and looked forward after brushing it to wipe the water droplets. I saw her and our eyes met. My memory traveled back to the infinite time. Even if I open my brain and analyze I wont get the exact time and incident I met her. Her laughs, her mischief, her attitude, her love, her anger and now her hate everything seems to be different layer of our life.

“Mr. Parth” said my lawyer Mr. Arora bringing both of us to reality and I dragged my sight forcefully from her to my left where Mr. Arora was standing beside me. “Next is your hearing sir” said he and I felt something is gonna slip from my hold today. Something very precious to me which I never valued all my life.
I took a glance in her direction and continued walking behind him.

“So you both have decided this?” asked the Judge sitting in front of us. I wanted to scream that no I want to give a chance to this relationship and to him but I sensed him nodding his head in yes and I nodded my head without my wish. My wish which he never considered. He was still that arrogant idiot who was just thinking about himself. His life and his career. I always wondered how can someone be so selfish. I never got a chance for my feelings to grow for him but now there is one feeling which has filled my mind that is hatred for him. But I don’t know my heart was beating fast sensing some unwanted happening in my life. I felt I’m gonna miss something today. Then my mind said yes an unwanted relationship of course. I buried my thoughts and was ready to sign on the paper.

“Wait” said the Judge startling both of us. We both looked up at her and waited for her response. The next words she said stopped my heart beat for a moment.
“I want you people to give a last chance to this marriage. I order you to stay for 6 months more together even after that if you feel you cannot stay with each other I will approve this divorce. Marriage is a very sacred bond I can’t see it broken without giving a chance to it. You both look wonderful together. I just wish you both reconcile or at least give a chance to this bond” said she and I looked at her blank. Am I happy that I got a chance to stay with her or am I sad this is stretching further.
If papa came to know about this he will never let me do this. But I want to do this. I have always listened to him. Hope he appreciate his Ladoo’s this wish. And why the hell am I making this wish in first place.
“So you are coming now or you will come with your luggage?” I asked her to avoid the awkward silence between us. Her face showed her annoyance. I could sense she is not happy with the decision. “I have to inform Papa” she said and I could just nod my head.
So casually he is speaking like this is just another business deal for him. I just can’t live with this arrogant idiot. As much as I want to avoid being with him my heart drags me to him or situations push me to him. Six months seemed like 6 births for me now.

“Chod du(Shall I drop you?)” I asked her and her reply broke me into pieces I don’t know why. “Chod tho diya (Already you have dropped me)” I saw her waving her hand for a rickshaw and disappearing. Why did it became so complicated. Kash I had an answer or more precisely anyone had an answer.

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  1. Raglakholic

    Totally interesting concept deeee
    Loved it
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

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  3. Toooo good waiting forward and you are also a best ff writer my favourite ff ever is 1.guilt

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    Amazing xx

  6. Awwww?????? thank you so much sis
    Really I’m thrilled to see them in cover pic, surprise is superb

    Love u sis

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  8. Deesh

    Such an interesting prologue sisso. I like this pair too. Eagerly waiting for the next. And parth as a ruthless businessman, I am so excited.

  9. Keerthu

    Wow sally dr.. Its awesome.. First divorce ah next luv ah ..

  10. Wowwww am soon excited fr this can’t wait plss Jaldi update kardonaa yaar…

  11. Asra

    awesome Sally dear….i loved thz…In my pov Parth s lovable guy but u show him a ruthless business man…am excited to see ruthless business man Parth…i definitely know onething u r going to break my pov about Parth…bcz u r that much great writer na….waiting for ur update.. takecare dear…

  12. Super interesting dear

  13. Wowwww!!!! Fantastic yaar….i loved it…..nyc concept….keep going…waitng nd t c

  14. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    Want parth and ragini as pair..pls I lov them to c together..amazing shot

  15. MI_MAHI

    Superb…loved it…

  16. Amazing Dr. So interesting plot. I just wonder how can you manage to write these many stories with different an entirely different storyline. As usual this has become a part of my fav ff. Take care. looking forward for this ff

  17. Asw

    After raglak,ragsan I like this pair go to way buddy keep going

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    I loved the prologue….so who are the pairs???? Ragini and ???

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    wow it’s superb…

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