Little Things (Chaper 16) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 16)

Anjali brings Khushi to Arnav’s room.

Arnav:Di! Why are you here?
Anjali looks at Khushi.
Khushi:I am staying in your room.
Arnav:But why?
Anjali:Because i said.
Arnav:But why?
Anjali:She is gonna keep an eye on you.
Arnav:Oh di! I promise you that i wont drink.
Anjali:I dont believe you.
Khushi:Before you people fight let me say my decision

Arnav and Anjali look at her surprised.
Khushi:Di i am staying in his room and dont worry.

Anjali leaves without hearing a word from Arnav.He turns to Khushi

Arnav:See Khushi….i dont mind you staying here. But ek paraya mard ke saat rehne wali ho (But you are going to stay with a stranger)
Khushi:I would like to correct you, not a stranger, you are my boss.
Khushi winks. Arnav smiles.

Arnav:Did that Chudail call after that?
Arnav:Thank god! Now the worst is yet to come. I lied to her about di’s marriage.

Khushi gets a percent relief.

Arnav(continues):I was so happy when di caressed me. And tomorrow she will stray from me more.
Khushi:If you dont mind can i know the reason.

Arnav:Yah.You may it isnt complicated.

Khushi mumbles finally!

Arnav:.2 yrs back


Anjali.Singh.Raizada was married to Shyam. Jha. It was their 2nd wedding anniversary and a good news was said. Mrs Anjali. Jha was pregnant. All were happy.

Shyam and Arnav shared brother bonds. More than brother in laws they were brothers connected by hearts.

Arnav has always loved his di. His reason for existence was Anjali. When he heard the news he was dancing like crazy. He couldnt tell anybody his happiness. He wanted to scream to the world but he was out of words.

They host a party. Nani invites Arnav and Anjali’s Dadi(Subadra).Neither Arnav nor Anjyam were interested in her arrival. Dadi had a new guest with her. Sheetal.Sharma. Her bestfriends grand daughter. Anjali and Arnav knew she came here for fixing Arnav’s marriage with Sheetal.

Shyam named her Chudail as per Anjali’s instructions

Anjali:What shall we name this stupid?
Shyam:Rani sahiba aap hi boliye (You tell)
Arnav:Yes di. Waise bhi uski shakal dekhkar chipkali yaad aati hai (Moreover her face reminds me of lizard)
They laugh.
Anjali:Humein koi naam yaad nahi aa raha.. Aap koi aisa naam rekhiye jisme chipkali bhi ho aur dracula bhi ho. (I cant remember any names. You keep some name which has lizard (chipkali) and Dracula)
Arnav and Anjali laughs.
Anjali:Perfect name hubby.
Shyam smiles.

It was 6th month of Anjali’s pregnancy. Anjali didnt knew her boundaries of happiness. She couldnt believe she was expecting a baby. She was eager to feel the life in her

Sheetal tried her maximum to woo Arnav. But he wasnt easy.

One day,
Shyam was working at his room. A girl in short dress,his new joined PA enter. She tries to attract him. Arnav sees this from a distance. The girl falls down, Shyam helps her get up.The girl hugs Shyam. They stand there hugging.

FB ends

Arnav: I shouted at him. He went on defending his deed. Di was actually in a fix to support whom. And she finally broke the silence and trusted Shyam. I couldn’t control my anger i threw him out of my house.Di ran away somewhere that night. And later, i came to know that Dadi has hid Shyam somewhere and i have to obey all her orders. I don’t want that man to be back in my di’s life. I dont care if she doesn’t talk to me at least she is by my side.

Khushi (thinks) :That means Arnav doesnt know the truth.
Khushi:Then where is di’s baby?
Arnav:She ran away from here and aborted the child.She didnt talk to me after that.It hurts me that she isnt speaking a word to me but i am not going to bring back that guy at any cost.
Khushi:Aapki aankhon ne aapko doka diya hoga shayad (May be your eyes betrayed you)
Arnav holds Khushi’s elbows and in anger..
Arnav:I dont want anybody defending that man again.
Khushi looks on terrified.
Arnav(calms):I am sorry.
Khushi (scared) :Its.. Okay..

Arnav hugs her. Khushi hugs him back. Arshi realise their position and move back. Both share an awkward silence.

Khushi:I will sleep in the couch. You may sleep in the bed.
Arnav nods.

Later at night,

Arnav gets up from sleep at midnight. He was thirsty, he wanted to drink,But not water. He remembers hiding a vodka under the couch. He slowly goes near Khushi. And kneels down to take the bottle. He get relieved seeing the bottle there. Then he checks his pocket for cigarette.

He moves to the pool side and starts drinking. He smokes. Khushi gets disturbed by the smell. She gets up and sees light in the pool side. She sees that Arnav was drunk and he wasn’t in his senses.

She slowly lifts him and drags him to the bed. She tries hard to put him on bed, but he was too heavy for her. Later, She tries to put him in the couch.She was succeeded, but In that process he holds her hand and pulls her towards him, making both fall on the couch.Arnav on top of Khushi. Both look at eachother. Arnav smiles.

Arnav:Sapne mein bhi aane lagi pagli! (Started coming in my dreams also)

Khushi looks on confused.

Arnav(drunk):I love you Khushi Kumari Gupta…. Oops! KKG

He laughs. Khushi gets shocked. ARNAV SLEEPS OFF ON TOP OF KHUSHI.


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