Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 19

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Recap: Shivaay proposed anika
Shakti: kya baat hai shivaay, sabko aise urgently kyu bulaya hai {{ what happened shivaay, why did you call everyone so urgently}}
Shivaay: mujhe aap sabko kuch batana hai. {{ I have to tell something}}
Pinky: bol shivaay{{ speak up shivaay}}
Dadi and rudra noticed shivaay was holding anika’s hand. They understood shivaay has finally accepted.
Shivaay: maine meghna se engagement tod di hai {{ i broke my engagement with meghna}}
Pinky: oh my maata
Tej and shakti: shivaay ye tum kya bol rhe ho{{ what are you saying}}
Shivaay: mai kisi or se pyaar karta hu or usi se shaadi karna chahta hu{{ i love someone else and i want to marry her}}
Pinky: kisse{{ who }}
Shivaay: anika ( he lifted their hands that were intertwined and held them there)
Jhanvi: kya tum dono is decision se khush ho?{{ Are you both happy with this decision?}}
Shivaay looking at anika replied yes
Jhanvi: to mujhe koi problem nahi hai{{ then i don’t have any issues}}
Dadi, omrupri: hume bhi nahi{{ we agree}}
Pinky: or meghna, vo maan gayi?{{ What about meghna?}}
Shakti: tumhari deal ka kya?{{ What about your deal?}}
Tej: Malhotras ka kya reaction tha{{ how did the Malhotras react?}}
Shivaay narrates the incident. Flashback-
After giving the ring to anika, shivaay left for meghna’s house.
S: meghna, i need to tell you something
M: what is it shivaay
S: i can’t marry you

M: shivaay aise all of a sudden, tum wedding cancel nahi kar sakte, kuch hi din me wedding hai {{ Shivaay you can’t cancel the wedding all of a sudden just like that}}
S: I’m sorry meghna but i love someone else
M: shivaay singh oberoi or love, hamare jaise business oriented logo ko pyaar nahi hota shivaay, it’s all a deal {{ love and shivaay singh oberoi, shivaay people like us don’t love, it’s all a deal for us}}
S: that’s exactly what i believed. But now I’m in love and it only makes me better
M: let me guess, it’s anika right
S: good observation
M: fine shivaay, in fact I’m glad you didn’t marry me for the deal after knowing your feelings otherwise later we would have got divorced because of this and who has the time to waste in court hearings. I wish you had realized earlier, now we need to do a press release for cancelling the wedding and deal. I don’t have any hard feelings for you shivaay and i hope in future we work together, after all any deal between oberois and Malhotras will be profitable
S: definitely meghna, thanks a lot for understanding
M: of course shivaay, I’m a ruthless business woman not a ruthless person ( she winked)
S: what about parents
M: relax shivaay, tum bas press release karlo mere saath, apne parents ko samjha dungi {{ relax just do the press release, I’ll handle my parents}}
Then he came back home, took the card for inspection, and edited it by removing meghna and adding anika
End of flashback
Tej: as long as hamare shares ko affect nahi padhta, mujhe tumhare decision se koi problem nahi hai. Anika has always been a nice girl {{ as long as our shares are not affected, i don’t have any problems. Anika is a nice girl}}
Shivaay: mom, dad

Shakti: shivaay jab tumne sab sambhal hi liya hai to mujhe kyu problem hogi, anika se better life partner tumhe nahi milegi {{ Shivaay you’ve already handled everything so why would i mind and you won’t get a better life partner}}
Pinky: ek minute abhi mera jawab baki hai. Anika tu mere shivaay se pyaar karti hai ye to mujhe bahut pehle se dikh rha tha, lekin tune use pehle kyu nahi bataya, khud uski or meghna ki wedding preparations kar rahi thi {{ one minute, i have yet not answered. Anika, i could see you loved Shivaay but why didn’t you confess earlier, how could you see him marrying meghna and you just kept on working}}
Anka was tongue tied wondering what Pinky would say next. To everyone’s surprise, pinky came closer and blessed her
Pinky: itni pagal ladki nahi dekhi maine kabhi jo apna pyaar kisi or ke hawale karde. Chal ab khadi rahegi ya sabka aashirwaad bhi legi {{ i have never seen such a crazy girl who was ready to give up her love. Now will stand like statue only or will you take our blessings}}
Shivaay hugged his mother and then they took blessings from everyone.
Pinky: ab ye batao tum dono ko shaadi kab karni hai{{ so when do you want to get married}}
Shivaay: mom shaadi to 6 din baad hi hogi{( mom the wedding will be after 6 days only}}
Jhanvi: lekin kaise{{ but how}}
Rudra: are mom simple card abhi print nahi hue hai shivaay bhaiyya ki smartness ki vajah se, hum aaj card me anika didi ka naam daal kar dedenge. Dulha same date same bas dulhan galat thi ab vo bhi sahi ho gyi {{ simple mom, the wedding invitations haven’t printed yet due to shivaay’s intelligence, so we change the name of the bride. Groom is same, date is same, only the bride which was wrong has to be corrected}}
Shivaay: vaise bhi hum wedding me sirf close logo ko hi bula rahe the or baki sab preparations bhi ho rakhi hai{{ we were anyways only inviting close people and preparations are already done}}
Pinky: anika pehli aisi dulhan hogi jisne apni shaadi ki sari tayyari khud ki hai{{ anika is the only bride who was also the planner of her own wedding}}
Shivaay then left for the press release and everything was handled gracefully. Their shares were not affected. Shivaay also announced that he’ll be getting married on the same date with his friend kum love. After the press conference he went to anika’s home to get sahil
Sahil: dekhiye sso, agent rudy ne mujhe bata diya hai ki aap meri anika didi se shaadi karna chahte hai lekin maine abhi tak aapko permission nahi di hai {{ listen sso, agent rudy has informed me that you want to mamy sister but i haven’t given you permission yet}}

Shivaay: okay, agent sahil, bataiye mujhe kya karna hoga aapki permission ke liye {{ ok agent sahil, tell me how do i get your permission}}
Sahil: aapko promise karna hoga – aap meri didi ko rulaynge nahi kabhi bhi{{ you have to promise that- you’ll never make her cry}}
Shivaay:never, i promise
Sahil: aap unhe chodkar nahi jaynge{{ you won’t leave her}}
Shivaay: never
Sahil: vo jo bnaye aapke liye aap kha lenge{{ you have to eat whatever she makes for you}}
Shivaay: vo thoda mushkil hai, kyu na mai promise karu ke mai tumhe or anika ko acha acha khana banake dunga{{ that will be a problem, how about i promise to cook for both of you}}
Sahil: ha ye zyada acha hai. Aap unse jhagda nahi karenge{{ yeah this is better, you’ll never fight with her}}
Shivaay: ye bhi mushkil hai but i promise mai use hamesha mana lunga{{ this is difficult but i promise that I’ll always sort out problems}}
Sahil: chaliye maan lete hai. Aap unhe hamesha pyaar karenge or khush rakhenge{( ok fine. You’ll always love her and keep her happy}}
Shivaay: always. Mai ek promise or karta hu, mai tumhe or anika ko kabhi alag nahi hone dunga. Jaise mere liye omru hai, vaise hi tum bhi ho sahil {{ always, I want to make another promise, I’ll never come in between you and your sister. You are just like omru for me}}
Sahil got emotional and hugged him.
Sahil: sso jeeju ab ghar chaloge ya yahi se baraat lekar jaoge{( sso brother in law, now shall we go or are you planning to leave on the day of your wedding}}
Shivaay laughed, they took all their stuff and left for OM.
Pinky: shivaay baki sab to theek hai, lekin tumhari engagement bhi to karani hai{{ Shivaay what about your engagement}}
Om: choti maa, rehne do, engagement to in dono ne karli subah{( leave it Pinky mom, they got engaged in the morning itself}}
Pinky: oh my maata, alone alone engagements
Jhanvi: pinky chodo bhi, abhi to tum meri beti ke saath chunri chadhane ki rasam karo{{ let it be now do the ritual of giving dupatta with my daughter}}
The ladies laughed heartily and did the ritual with anika, who couldn’t stop blushing all the while. The invitations had been printed and delivered. When anika was about to go to sleep in her room, shivaay pulled her along to the pool side.

Precap: shivika moments

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