Would you like to see Poonam Preet in Naamkaran?

Star Plus’ Naamkaran will get a new entry soon. Poonam Preet will be entering as Neil’s ex-girlfriend. Poonam was last seen in Zee TV’s show, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani in a negative role. Poonam’s character Juhi will be a simple girl, with a positive attitude and an emotional streak. She will first act friendly with Avni and then try to separate Avni and Neil. Neil has accepted Avni as his wife. He wants to take their relationship ahead. Neil and Avni’s cute romance is seen. Neil wants Avni to understand his feelings and reciprocate. Avni has proved her love by saving his life in an impossible situation.

There will be much drama and plotting by Dayavanti, Shweta and Juhi. Juhi’s entry will happen in filmi way. She gets troubled by a man and acts helpless to catch Avni’s attention. Avni visits market to buy Ganesh ji idol for Ganesh Chaturthi. She finds Juhi in trouble and tries to help. Avni and Ali fight for Juhi. Avni asks Juhi not to be weak and take a stand for herself. Juhi wins her sympathy. Avni doesn’t know about Juhi and Neil’s past. Juhi will be adding up trouble for Avni and Neil. Would you like to see Poonam Preet in Naamkaran? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Fenil

    No yrr…what is this All negative characters will attack on AvNeil together.
    Dayawanti…Amol…Shweta……Rhea….now this Juhi.
    Do pal toh chain se jeene do yrr..

    Love Naamkaran
    Love AvNeil.

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      True ! ?AvNeil

      1. Fenil

        Yeah ?

    2. Yes fenil I really don’t understand why they are introducing her.they already spoiled Aysha and Ashish cute Jodi once.dont want anything happens to avneil .y can’t they show some more happiness in avni’s life like they started loving each other.

    3. Nikitansx

      I totally agree

    4. Purvee Mehta

      No please no more negative character.

  2. No…never

  3. Christie123

    Never pls I want avneil moment


    Writers want to prove that only villians cab win ????

  5. No never wanted to see

  6. I don’t want the barrier between Avneil. I really love to see their cute sweet & romantic scenes.

  7. Shruti Mugdiya


  8. No never wanted to see. Pliz writers we want Avneil romancing moment n not all the villains wanting to separate them
    If Avneil gets separated what is the use of show no one will watch infact two times happened when Avneil got separated if another time happened we will surely quit this show and the trp will go down then there will be no need for this show to be on aired because all viewers want Avneil to be together not to be separated because of villains……….

  9. Her entry is alright but it shouldn’t be negative though

    1. Nazi


  10. Shruti Mugdiya

    Avniel angie is 101% right. Dont separate Avniel. Please please please. …….

  11. Is the sole purpose of this series to keep Avni in pain, suffering, facing challenges, dilemmas from beginning to end????? Y concentrate only on how to break Neil and avni? Instead, y not develop their growing love? Writes, if you are reading these comments and taking viewer’s comments in consideration, then please don’t exhaust us with dayavanti, riya, Amol, gurumaa , shewta and now Juhi. It’s just more and more of the same. It’s getting boring. Because we all know that the bad guys will lose. Amol and riya roles are useless. Get rid of them. Kill gurumaa. She is ugly, overacts and her role has no significance. Keep daya in jail and let her become lonely. Have juhi on for a short time, only to reinforce avni and Neil love. Isolate shweta until she feels totally alone in the world and learns about her mistakes and stupidity. Give more importance to Prakash. These are my ideas of course. Just do some cleanup if you want better ratings, because in the end, That’s what it’s all about. Thank you for reading.

    1. I think they will show all this only on climax day.if they have shown this now,it will be worth watching.

  12. Hey guys don’t exaggerate maybe something gud can come out of this thing.maybe finally avni will realise her love for neil.and about the villans part i agree with all of u guys. They are not decreasing the villans.

  13. Too much negativity will be irritating to watch the show,naagin 2 the topper in trp flopped due to bringing too much negative character it’s better to end of all the negative characters ,if there is any seperation between avneil arise definitely the trp will drop I swear

  14. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Bindu?? out of All the Indian tv serial actresses … y’all chose Bindu?? She was the Most Hated actress on Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani … smdh

  15. This show need to stop now

  16. Sunanda12345

    Omggggg wt is this new twist…first dayabanthi next riya next swetha and now juhi…and now all vilons gathered 2 separate avneil…let’s wait wt will happen….

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