Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 12

Quick Author’s Note: I’ve cancelled the 6 month leap!! Sorry or you’re welcome

So we last left off with Riya fuming when she finds out that Dr. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir were working together at Dr. Sanchi’s house, so let’s follow Dr. Kabir…

Dr. Kabir: I am actually annoyed by Dr. Riya. She has proved to be an excellent doctor but she only did it to impress me… kya karu iss ladki ka?? On the other hand there is Dr. Sanchi, she is annoying but also mature and is actually a good person and doctor. WAIT WHAT AM I THINKING??
*** Two imaginary Kabir’s pop up. One is an angel and the other is a devil***
Dr. Kabir: Long time no see
Angel Kabir (AK): Kabir it’s about time you admit that you like Sanchi, alpha male is attracted to the girl who gives less attention.
Devil Kabir (DK): Oh Shut Up AK, you don’t know anything. What about his career and new opportunities… a wife is an unneeded obstacle.
AK: But what about your mom’s dream??
DK: And his dreams??
AK: Just Shut Up
DK: You should zip those lips
Dr. Kabir: Enough!!! I will do what I want to do. Shoo
**And they disappeared**

Sanchi’s House:
Sanchi: Lemme try walking now…
She tries to walk and it almost successful but her feet start hurting…
Sanchi: Ugh, I will be healed by tomorrow but won’t be walking till Friday.
Just then someone rings the doorbell. Sanchi uses her security system to tell the person to wait a few minutes and sorry!!! She slides down the pole and gets to the door and sees Kusum

Sanchi: Aunty aap yahan??
Kusum: I heard what happened and what Kabir did
Sanchi: Aunty it’s not his fault that I am injured but he did deeply hurt my feelings…
Kusum: I’m here to help you out a little
Sanchi: Aunty there is no need for that I can manage on my own “like I always do”
Kusum: Sanchi…chup!! Let me just make you some soup. You just lay down…
Sanchi: No Aunty, you are not in the shape to cook. I already ordered soup and drank it!!
Kusum: Ugh, younger kids!! Fine so how are you doing!!!
Sanchi: I’m doing great I should be able to walk by Friday!!
Kusum: What?? Not possible
Sanchi: Special medicine made by a special person…
Kusum: BF??
Sanchi: NO
Kusum: “My Gollu still has a chance”
Sanchi: Meri kismat mein pyaar nahi likha hai, I have a special secret spot and there is an elderly couple that lives near there. I call them Dadaji and Bebeji, sweetest people in the world. I go see them whenever I can. They grow herbs together and heal people with their magic?!?!
Kusum: Oh wow!! I should meet them
Sanchi: Sorry but we are very private when it comes to that location…
Kusum: No problem, I just came to see if you are doing good!! If you need me or Kabir call us okay
Sanchi: Thank you aunty

Let’s Now Follow Kusum…

Kusum: Such a nice girl… perfect for my Kabir!!! But both don’t want to get married!! Come on Kusum think… IDEA, but that’s too late… umm … YES perfect!!
Kusum calls Kabir. He doesn’t pick up… she texts him…

Message Reads:
Kabir, I went to meet Sanchi and I feel really bad, so I’m going to make her soup!! She didn’t let me make some there. So…

5 minutes later Kabir replies:
So, you’re making soup at home. I don’t understand why you are helping her?? She clearly doesn’t want any help!!!

Kusum Replies:
What’s wrong with being nice?? Plus she is alone. Why don’t you ask her about her family?

Kabir Replies:
She felt uncomfortable so I told her to drop it…wait so why are you telling me this??

Kusum Replies:
Because you are going to her house and feeding her this soup… my order!!!

Kabir Replies:
Maa are you kidding me?? Then… drink an extra glass of karela ka juice and make some for me!!

Kusum Replies:
What!!! Why the juice?? Eww

Kabir Replies:
Juice for making me feed her
More for me because I already went their for a meeting so I have to go their again…

Kusum: Should I really do this?? Gollu main Sanchi ko nahi jaane dongi

Kusum Replies:
Fine my KHADOOS Gollu…

Kabir smiles and puts his phone away. Kusum on the other hand starts making her soup. It’s now evening and Kabir is going to feed Sanchi the soup while his mom drinks Karela ka Juice !! Sanchi opens the door and is surprised to see Kabir…

Sanchi: Dr. Kapoor what are you doing here right now??
Kabir: Not Dr off duty and Maa made some soup for you to heal faster
Sanchi: I told her no, wait how did you agree??
Kabir: She is drinking Karela ka Juice and she made some for me!!!
Sanchi: Khadoos as usual
Kabir: Say anything
Sanchi: Yes the soup, I will drink it later
Kabir: Maa said to make sure you drink it in front of me so drink up
Sanchi: Listen Mr. Kapoor, I am not hungry. I just had a snack so leave the soup and get out
Kabir: I’m sorry but I follow my mom’s order
Sanchi: Oh so you’re mommy’s boy, huh
Kabir: Shut Up and Drink
Sanchi: Fine!!!
Kabir goes to her kitchen and gets a bowl and spoon… he is about to feed her when
Sanchi: I’m not a baby, GIVE
Sanchi: Ahh!!
Tears fall out her eyes from the pain, her hand started to bleed.
Kabir: Where is your first aid kit??
Sanchi pointed to the cabinet. When Kabir opened it he found all types of medications and the first aid kit…
Kabir: I told you that I can feed you…
Sanchi: I don’t need your help
Kabir: I can see that!!
He unwrapped her bandage and saw the deep cut…
Sanchi started to look at Kabir who was carefully cleaning the blood…
Kabir: Tell me the truth, did you cut yourself
Sanchi: I hit something on the ground, how many times do I tell you?!?!
Kabir: Sanchi, I’m a doctor I can tell what type of cut this is…
Sanchi: It’s Ms. Mishra to you and stay shut naaaaa
Kabir: It’s going to sting anyway did you cut yourself??
Sanchi: No
Kabir: No??
Sanchi: No!!!
Kabir wrapped her hand and then was about to feed her soup…
Kabir: Look this cooled down too now open,
Sanchi swallowed the food and remembered something which made her teary…
Kabir: What happened ?!?!
Sanchi: Reminded me of someone
Kabir: Your mom?
Sanchi: No someone else
Kabir: “Now I feel bad for this poor girl”
Sanchi: This is really good!!! I’m full. Lemme put this in the kitchen. Tell Aunty Thank You
Sanchi gets up and walks to the door of the kitchen.
Kabir gave her the crutches: if you can’t walk then why can’t you stay put…
Sanchi: Please!! No one helped me before and no one needs to help me now!!!
Kabir: …
Kabir took her soup and put it in the fridge and put her food in the dishwasher. While Sanchi slowly started to go to her room…
Kabir: Aren’t you gonna lock the door??
Sanchi: Ugh!!!
She comes and locks the door and heads to her room.
Kabir: All I know now is that, that cut is not something from a field. She cut herself but why would she do that?? This girl is out of my thinking…

Sanchi: I should go to work tomorrow!!! I can walk a little bit!!!

Kabir’s House:

Kusum: Did she drink the soup?? Was she okay?? Did she need anything??
Kabir: She drank a little, she’s fine, and no she’s good!! Anything else??
Kusum: Your dinner is ready, go freshen up !!
Kabir: Thanks Maa and sorry!!
Kusum: Don’t worry it isn’t too bad anymore since I drink it everyday !!!
Kabir: Wow!! Okay lemme just get fresh and I’ll be back!!
Kusum: Okie dokie!!!
So Kabir went to shower and quickly came back.
Kusum was sitting but had already eaten…
Kusum: So you sure she is okay??
Kabir: She tried to feed herself but she hurt her hand. It didn’t seem like it would be from something from a field, it looks like an actual cut. Like she cut her hand or someone else did
Kusum: That’s weird?? Should I ask her tomorrow or day after tomorrow??
Kabir: Leave it maa

Later Sushant comes to meet visit Sanchi. Pragya, Isha, and Sushant have extra keys in cases of emergencies.

Sushant: Sanchi!!!
Sanchi: In my room
Sushant goes up and sees her in her PJs, aka a sleeveless shirt with shorts
Sushant: How are you??
Sanchi: Good just was about to sleep!!!
Sushant: You look tired
Sanchi: Duh it takes me forever to do anything!!
Sushant: Question!! Did Kabir come today??
Sanchi: His mom came and then he came and gave some yummy soup
Sushant: Don’t you think he’s a little too close??
Sanchi: Sushant, mere bhai, I want you to know that I understand why you are protective but you have to realize that one I’m not a baby two I can take care of myself. So please bring it two levels down!! I like the class clown Sushant or the prankster. Calm down and relax!!
Sushant: Sanchi… you’re right!! I am being a little rude and hard on everyone so I will definitely try to relax. Also?!?! Umm any flashbacks ??
Sanchi: Luckily no but thanks for asking. I might see you tomorrow!!
Sushant: SANCHI
Sanchi: Duties first
Sushant: Good Night!! I’ll lock the door and get the security system set!!
Sanchi: Thank You Good Night!!

It’s the next day and Sanchi just entered her office…
Dr. Kabir: You are lecturing the interns today…
Dr. Sanchi: UGH !!!
And leavings by slamming the door…
Dr. Sanchi: Good Morning Class, I’m going to tell you straight up I’m not in a good mood so don’t you dare try to test my patience!!!
Intern 1 mumbles: And we thought you were the fun teacher!!!
Dr. Sanchi: Okay so today we will be covering…
And she goes on with the lesson… why don’t we check on Kabir??
Dr. Kabir: Why was she so mad??
Just then Dr. Sushant comes in…
Dr. Sushant: Was Sanchi mad?? Like she was about to murder someone
Dr. Kabir: You could say that… why??
Dr. Sushant goes to her desk and places chocolate all over the desk…
Dr. Sushant: This calms her down… AND DON’T YOU ARE EAT THIS
Dr. Kabir: Aren’t you a dietitian??
Dr. Sushant: Dark chocolate isn’t bad for health!!!
Dr. Kabir: Not a fan of chocolate
Dr. Sushant: You poor thing… eat this now!!
He shoves a piece of chocolate in Kabir’s mouth and runs out!!!
Dr. Kabir: Hmm not bad !!! Lemme check on Dr. Sanchi!!!
He heads to the classroom and sees all the interns coming out.
Dr. Kabir: Done so early??
Dr. Sanchi: I made this presentation so I expect myself to know it by heart and I explain in a easier and much more efficient way.
She angrily walks out of the classroom.
Dr. Kabir: WAIT
She continues to walk away into a patient’s room.
Dr. Sanchi: Good Morning!! How are you all today??
And her morning is filled with appointments. By the time it’s the afternoon Dr. Sanchi goes to her office and sees the chocolate that Dr. Sushant had piled on her desk.
Dr. Kabir: I need you to do 2 surgeries with four interns choose them and I can page them…
Dr. Sanchi: Not in the mood right plus off duty. My next duty starts tomorrow.
Dr. Kabir: A doctor is never off duty.
Dr. Sanchi: In your world… also Dr. Kapoor do you not understand what avoid me at all times unless super important. You can email me instead of talking to me.

She gathered the chocolate and shoved it in a bag and took a duffel bag out and headed to the gym. At the gym she quickly changed, double dutch braided her hair (didn’t make any sense) and headed to the punching bag. She put on some gloves and is her angry today!!

Sanchi: I hate you so much!! UGH!! Get out of my brain you idiot. Haven’t you tortured me enough??? UGH AHHHHH
And she goes ham on the punching bag!!!

Why don’t we let Sanchi cool down?? So let’s see what Dr. Riya is doing with Dr. Madhu and and Dr. Bala!!

Dr. Riya: WHAT!!! Kabir went to her house!!! For what!!!
Dr. Bala: How did you find out??
Dr. Madhu: Perks of living in the same neighborhood!!! I live in the apartments across the street from Dr. Kabir and Dr. Sanchi’s neighborhood…
Dr. Riya: Show me the pics!!
She sees the pictures Madhu took…
Dr. Riya: This still isn’t enough!!! I need a better picture!!! In a romantic stance!!
Dr. Bala: I’m telling you again, she really doesn’t seem interested in Dr. Kabir…
Dr. Riya: I don’t like her … and who I don’t like that person doesn’t get to stay in this hospital. I need more evidence… we have to keep a close eye on them!!!
Dr. Madhu & Dr. Bala: Ok Riya.
Dr. Riya: Now go before I get in trouble!!

Author’s Note:
Ok it literally took me 2.5 days to write this chapter, since my minimum number of words is 2000!! I hope you guys enjoyed this in my opinion it was a little boring and I did skip a lot of time… so since I started school I will not be posting regularly, probably a post every 2 days… well maybe more.

Also I REALLY NEED YOU GUY’S HELP!! I’m not a good writer when it comes to romantic scenes and what not. I also needed help on showing more Khadoosness from Kabir because Sanchi is Khadoos I agree but for a reason she wasn’t always like this… so if you guys can please help me that would be great!! Please send me a private message on this website and I will definitely incorporate your ideas!!

Last thing (promise) I run on a different time schedule (if that made sense) because I live in the US so please bear with me and school is frickin stressful so sorry that I don’t post a lot compared to other ffs!!

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