Do you like Muh Boli Shaadi by its start?

Those who missed to catch the new show on Sony Tv, Muh Boli Shaadi, can get a brief overview here and also let us know about your interest in the show. The story is of two lovers and their weird marriage, which is kept hidden and becomes just a namesake marriage. A bubbly girl Anmol meets Nikhil, a well-planned career oriented boy from a middle class family in Delhi. Love happens and the girl proposes the boy. Families do not give consent for their relation and with no choice left the lovers get married secretly. The fun starts when this youthful couple needs to keep the secret from their warring parents and live like strangers.

Two girls Anmol and her cousin Nidhi drive through the Bareilly road glancing at the city and suddenly, take in the wrong way. A man Nikhil halts his bike and plays football in a small lane when Anmol drives through the small lane and because of brake failure and she collides in a wall. Anmol falls on Nikhil and both are mesmerized at each other. Nidhi and Anmol peep from balcony and watch Nikhil studying. While shopping, Anmol sees Nikhil presenting a gift to a girl. As Nikhil leaves, Anmol fuming with jealousy goes on the spot and empties a dustbin filled with garbage on the girl’s car.While Anmol is romancing with Nikhil’s shirt, she is caught by Nikhil’s aunt from the other side of the balcony and accuses her of stealing clothes. As Nikhil is about to leave from his house, Anmol meets him and blabbers. Nikhil scolds her for throwing garbage and says they cannot be friends. Let us know your likes or dislikes on this show in this poll by your vote.