Do you like the marriage track in Laado 2?

Colors’ Laado 2 revolves around the story of two prime characters Amma ji and Anushka. Anushka never likes Amma ji’s guilt oppressed past, which was hidden to her for many years. Amma ji raised her grand daughters with much love and care. Fate calls up a huge sorrow for Amma ji, when she loses Jhanvi. Amma ji and Anushka get determined to find Jhanvi’s culprits and get justice. However, both of them choose different paths to seek justice. Amma ji turns into a savior for the village women. She gets ready to use any means for getting the culprits punished.

On the other hand, Anushka just wants to go the legal way. She has huge belief in the law. Amma ji and Anushka set out on their attempt to find the culprits. Yuvraaj joins Anushka in her quest. They come closer with time. Yuvraaj reveals Amma ji’s dark past to Anushka, which breaks her down. Anushka decides to marry Yuvraaj by opposing Amma ji, who just wished the best for her future. Anushka’s decision of marriage proves out to be a wrong one. Yuvraaj changes his persona to a wicked husband. He starts torturing Anushka in order to take revenge from Amma ji. Anushka keeps up the marriage and ends all ties with Amma ji. Do you like the marriage track in Laado 2? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Why should every woman in daily soaps accept the marriage in which they are tortured .Why don’t they oppose it .Why they want to bear all tortures .What do the daily soap writers want to say ?that every girl should accept the marriage however it is done ??Even if she is being tortured ?,she should spread the flowers???? of happiness around her.

    1. Mona146

      because people watch and subconsciously accept it as truth of their life. if they stop watching such soaps and once trp gets low achanak makers will realize the truth they should portray.

    2. Exactly …I agree why they don’take a girl brave…..I always thought that Anushka Character is strong…..they fight with from the world but when comes to there husband or love, they bear all tortues.

  2. Cocolove

    oh god..why? why can’t this torture shit go away? must every good story be ruined by a soap opera like track

  3. It’s subtle indoctrination, convince young impressionable girls that no matter how bad your marriage is YOU can make it better if you only just love him enough, if your just be the best daughter in law then your life will be complete, instead of showing young women that NO this is not right, you need to protest the marriage, the husband and the family that is mistreating you, why not show a strong independent smart woman going off to find career love and happiness instead.

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