THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE [SS] – (Episode 2)


Hellooo….. Everyone. I am back.
Sorry sorry sorry a big sorry for updating late. Actually i have to study na so……. So, forgive me. Ok so moving on. Here is the 2nd epi of the light of my life.


2 months later

2 months has passed but still they both remembered each other. They both made a unique place in each other heart which can never be emptied. Whenever Sanskar[yes, the boy was sanskar] remembered her he felt relieved. He felt peace in his heart. Her eyes were so soothing. He was still confused why was he missing her. Why…. Even he didnt knew she was going to change his life.


Sanskar was driving to work. Only from that same route. Suddenly he saw her Distributing chocos among needy children. She was looking like an angel in white salwar kameez. She was laughing whole heartedly. He was mesmerised seeing her. He was so lost in her innocence . He parked his car and started walking towards her. He just wanted to meet her. She was like a medicine to his aching heart. Soon swara’s eyes met him.
There was an eyelock. He was so lost in her that he didnt sven saw the aproaching car. Soon ghe car hit him and left him in a pool of blood. Swara was numb for the next minute. When she gained her senses she rushed towards him. Automatically tears started flowing from her eyes. With the help of some people she took him to the hospital where she worked.
In the whole journey her tears were not even stopping. She also wondered y they were flowing, but she didnt got the answer. Soon ghey reached the hospital. Her white kameez was red by his blood. He was taken inside. He only had minor injuries but had fracture in hand and head injury.
Swara was very much tensed. He was shifted to normal ward. As swara was the doctor who treated sanskar she started checking his reports. Nurses advized her to change her dress but she refused and remained with sanskar. She wanted to see him alright. Her heart was disturbed. She started having a headache as she cant tolerate much stress. Soon she dozed off.
After sometime sanskar gained his consiousness. His eyss caught swara who was looking like an angel. He was just spell-bounded by her beauty. His trance was broken by nurse who came in. He shrugged all his thoughts away which he had for her. Nurse gave medicines to him. He stopped her and asked.
SANSKAR- how i came here?who is she?why she is sitting here.
NURSE- sir she is dr SWARA. U had an accident and she helped u . She took u here and treated u. She wanted to make sure that u r fine. Thats y she is sitting here.
SANSKAR-OHH!1[bossy tone] i want my belongings and i want to go from here.[he tried getting up] NURSE- no no sir u r not recovered u shouldnt get….
SANSKAR- shut upp. No one tells me what to do. I am going and u r no one to stop me.
NURSE-But si…

Swara’s sleep was broken by sanskar.

Nurse- but sirr.
Swara-what is happening here?
Sanskar-tell ur stupid employee to tell what to do. I have have the power to destroy he career.
Swara-[in disbelief] SIRRRR!![to nurse]u go from here.
Nurse-ok ma’am.
Nurse rushed from there mumbling some curses to sanskar.
Swara-[angry] sirr!! U can’t talk like this with a woman. Dont u have a mother. She is also woman. Its wro….
Sanskar quickly grabbed her shoulders causing her pain. He stared her with blood shot eyes.
Sanskar-[dangerous voice] dont just dont u dare to say a word.
Swara- ahhhhh!! [Angry] i will i will talk. Ur mother would be ashamed of u. U r an insult to her.
Sanskar became so angry that he pushed her on the floor and hrr head hitted the side table and started bleeding.
Sanskar-[shouted] DONTTTTT!!! Don’t u dare compare me with those cheap people who left tgeir child all alone in this harsh world. What u said haan what u said I AM AN INSULT TO THEM NOO THEY ARE AN INSULT TO ME.
SWARA-[Shocked] how could u aay like this. U are such a shamele….
Sanskar-shut upp when u dont know about anyone dont comment. What u know about those cheap people. They left me ! THEY LEFT MEE! I HATE THEMMMMM!![a tear escaped his eye]

He walked away from the room by hitting the door tightly.
Swara was shocked to see him crying. She was thinking that did she hurted me. Seeing tears in his eyes she was feeling sad. No matter what he did first time in her life she hurted someone. How could she? Thinking about him a tear escaped her eyes. On the other hand sanskar took his all belongings from reception and paid the bill. But the warden forgot to give him the locket which fell from his neck during the accident. Swara took that pendant. Sanskar walked away from the hospital and called his pa.
Soon a car came and took him home.

Swara did her dressing and changed her cloths. Soon the hospital timmings got over. When she was packing her belongings she heard a chaos. She came out from her cabin and asked.
Swara- what is going on?
Nurse-maam this stupid warden forgot to give this pendant to that man who u took here today.
Warden- maam i am sorry actually

Swara-its ok. Give it to me . I will see what to do with it.
Nurse-ok maam

Swara took the pendant and went home.

……Swara’s house……

Swara was sitting beside the window and enjoying the cold wind. She took his locket and started admiring it. Locket got open there was a pic of a couple and a baby probably sanskar. She was just admiring his childhood pic he looked SOOOOOO CUTTTTEEEE!!! she thought she would return it to him wheneved she would get time. Thinking about him she fell into deep sleep.

……sanskar’s house……

We see a messed up room and we can hear someone crying. If we move close we can see a man crying while sitting on the ground. He had folded his knees and buried his head in them. Soon he show his face he is revealed to be the business tycoon, the rude and arrogant sanskar maheshwari. Yes he was crying he was crying. Suddenly he spoke with broken voice.

Sanskar-[sobbing] ww……w…why did left mmmmmmeee!! Y i need u mumma papa. I need u beside me. Today that swara pointed on me that i am a bad person. U..u.u.u only tell me am i bad?am i? Am a a shame a curse to u? Tell meeee? I am not bad i am just aloneeee….. I need u. But u people left me . Left a small child to live in ghis cruel world. I…..I…..I HATE YOUUUU!!! [stands up] DID LISTEN I HATE U FOR LEAVING. BECAUSE OF U I AM ALONE. I AM ALONE. I AM ALONE.[he fell on his knees]

his all night passed while he was crying and cursing his life his parents his god. He may look rude but still there was a small child in him who needed to be loved, the child who afraid of being alone. He needed something or should i say he needed someone.

Screen stops on swara angelic sleeping face and sanskar’s pale face.



Swara at sanskar’s house. A fight or starting of friendship between them.

So….. Thats it for today. Today on 20 dec is my mom’s bday so i tried to write a bigg epi for u all. So tell me how is it andddd COMMENTTTTTTT!!!


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