Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-31

Hi my drs.. Thanks a lot for ur tremendous response for last episode.. And I’m really really really sorry for late update.. nowadays I’m struck up with lot of work and I really can’t make some time.. but I’m writing this by spending some sleepless times to bring smile on ur face.. It’s so long since my last post.. so just get sneak peak into that by clicking down for Episode 30

I’m so happy that Maha Sangam gone well but almost I’m little fed up with Om’s extraordinary character change.. I feel its better they don’t make this stupid sangam again and kill us. So whatever, Let’s start Episode 31..
At OM:
After Om and Gauri had their food Shivika and Rumya left them to rest for sometimes. Om glares Gauri and go to refresh. Gauri don’t know what to do and stood near side window. When Om came out he didn’t notice Gauri standing near side window and she got covered by curtains due to wind. Om switch off lights and leaves the room. Gauri was lost in thoughts and cry looking out. Shivay lost in thoughts about Svetlana and sitting in study room. Annika placed his coffee and went silently as he said. He gets call and drink coffee. He ask, Come on Rahul ( detective).. how much time will u take to find about a women.. here she’s eating my brain and spoiling my family. I can’t tolerate this anymore.. u have to do something to get solid proof and that’s it. He disconnects call and see OmRu behind him. He worries but then revealed about Svetlana’s blackmail.
Dadi Buama Janvi Pinky and Shakti discuss about upcoming rituals. Pinky say, Annika and Saumya r taking cares of their wedding nights arrangements mummy ji.. so don’t worries about it.. Let’s discuss about tomorrow’s rasam. Buama say, but before all this we have to announce that they r married.. so we have to arrange for a grand reception for my Omki and Bahu. Dadi and Janvi nods. Shakti say, Ok then.. I’ll make arrangements for reception.. Pinky u have to make list for guests. Dadi interrupts and say, Wait Shakti.. y r u taking such hasty decisions. Janvi Pinky and Shakti look confused. Dadi say, I think Billu and Rudra’s reception also should happen.. they all get excited, Pinky ask what is the needs to do Shivay’s reception mummi ji? They r already married according to all rituals and we all know and saw in front our eyes. Dadi say, but the world doesn’t know.. Billu just announced in front of media but we have to show them they r married to each other.. also Rudra’s marriage video leaked and it is talked like scandal.. so its our duty to announce their relationship officially. Everyone smile and agree to Dadi.
Shakti say, so we have make arrangements in such grand way.. this should be the talk of the town. Pinky say, not talks of the towns Shakti ji.. Talks of the countrys. They all laugh. Janvi ask, but Buama I’m worried because of Tej.. we don’t know where he is and what he is upto.. if he come and do something.. what will we do? Dadi became angry and scold him for his stupid act. She ask Janvi not to worry about Tej. They all nod and started doing arrangements.
Meanwhile Annika and Saumya r checking arrangements for Om Gauri’s wedding night. They head to Om’s room. Gauri who was lost in thoughts was thinking about her ill fate about her life and how to expose Svetlana with solid proof.. Because she may return back to Om’s life. When she turned she saw darkness and got frightened. She saw robot roaming inside room and goes to get it. Just then Gauri noticed that robot’s eyes resembling doctor Dang’s sign. She matches every clues they got and tries to find solution but got confused more. When she is lost in thoughts robot slipped from her hand and broke. She found a chip in its battery holding point and shocked. She remembers detective putting robot in her bag and tries to talk about that robot. Annika and Saumya enters room and switch on light and see Gauri lost in thoughts. They enquire about her but Gauri is in hurry to know what is in that chip. She ask their help. Saumya say, Don’t worry Gauri I’ll help u and she play it on Om’s laptop. They r shocked to see Real and fake Svetlana face surgery. They 3got big shock and Gauri tries to connect all her queries and solutions.
Gauri remembered seeing Svetlana in ice box in basement. Annika and Saumya ask her about this but she said she wanted to meet Omkara as soon as possible and ask them to follow her. She took laptop with her. She run to Om. Svetlana saw her running with laptop and think, oh God.. did she get any proof against me? I have to find out. ShivOmRu were worried and confused how to solve Svetlana problem. Gauri shouts, Omkara ji.. they 3 look at her and saw laptop. Om ask, what’s the matter? Gauri say, its time to throw Svetlana out of ur lives forever.. here is the proof and show laptop. They all look confused and they go to see. Annika and Saumya come and join them. Om took laptop from her and played video and they got a big shock to see two Svetlana. Shivay say, what is this new problem.. now who is in this house. Rudy say, Is there both Svetlana in this house or one? Om say, we have never thought that this problem will mess up like this? We have start from beginning again.. shit. Gauri say, No need to start from beginning again.. we r in right path and place. They all look at her in surprise. Om say, just shut up Gauri.. u too know everything and we have tried to collect lots of proof but failed in Everything.. If u can’t understand, then just be quite.. he talk harshly. Shivika supports Gauri and ask him to talk with love. Shivay say, she is about to say something.. let her speak. Om say, there is nothing like that.. only thing she can perfectly do is lies and cheat and glares at her. Shivay shouts, Om.. how can u talk like this.. After all she is ur wife and she was with u in ur hard times.. don’t forget that.. Gauri u were about to say something.. go on.
Gauri feels bad and sad.. she manages to talk and say, Bade Bhaiya.. we r still on the right way.. our tries and hardwork didn’t get spoiled.. U know.. I saw Sultana sleeping in ice box in basement. Om and Rudra remembers empty ice box in basement. It means both Sultana is in this house and one is around us and another one is in that ice box.. I guess and I’m sure this fake sultana is around us and kept real one in ice box. Shivay think and say, u r right.. so.we have to find the real one.. right? Annika and Rumya praise her for her intelligence while Om is irritated but accept it in his heart. Svetlana over hears this and say, Oh no.. these Oberois got to know about my secret.. now I have to take a big step.. what to do?? Tej is not here else I can use him.. now I have to fight myself. She go from there. Shivay say, Ok now its time to search for that freezer box.. I’ll Inform khanna to search each and every corner of the house and get freezer box. Now let’s go and get ready for other work. Annika and Saumya take Gauri from there. Om looks on. Rudra tease him with Gauri. Om say, shut up Rudra.. and he moved. ShivRu laugh at him and say he is shy. Gauri and Om is brought into their room.

Precap: Om and Gauri searching for freezer box and found it. They open freezer box and shocked to see real Svetlana. Fake Svetlana point and shoot Om but Gauri get shot. Everyone r shocked to see Gauri struggling for her life in ICU. Om is crying badly.

Oh god.. last week was such a bad week for me.. I eas writing this story for last one week.. because of lack of time.. chi.. I feel michmichi for that.. sorry again my drs.. actually I’m not ok with my Omi’s on going character and Buama turning against Oberoi is so stupid.. I’m gonna keep her positive and teach lesson for my Omi in my way.. R u guys ok with that.. just write down ur views on comments below.. really need ur help and support to write next episode.. hope u’ll say ur views.. take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Hiii verena ….. I am always waiting for ur FF…. I possible plz post this FF regularly….
    Even I don’t like Omkara to be harsh in DBO…. also want Gauri to be strong and should not tolerate Omkara’s insulting nature… UR precap is awesome…
    PLZ just next part ASAP…. and ya make it bit longer ( bit greedy to read ur FF.. that’s why)….

    1. Verna

      Sure maahi.. this is my regular FF.. but due to some work issues I can’t post regularly.. I’ll try to post regularly

  2. Sagithya

    Wow awesome yaar… I loved it… If om realised love for gauri it will be awesome… Waiting for the next one…post it as soon as possible

    1. Verna

      Will happen soon don’t worry dr.. keep reading 🙂 🙂

  3. awesome verna……amazing……even i don’t like buama in negative role…..i need a sweet omi but in dbo he is becoming sso …i hope in ur ff i can see a sweet om. even i belongs to tamil nadu… may i know from which place u belongs to ?????

    1. Verna

      Will write as u wish dr.. I’m from Tirupur and where r u from?

      1. Myslf frm chennai

      2. i am from namakkal dr

  4. and ur precap is just awesome … ASAP…..when will om propose gauri ? waiting for that episode …….please post it regularly and even pls post ur weekend shots regularly ….I am dieing to read this 2 posts…

    1. Verna

      OMG! I can understand ur love for my FF dr.. but I have work too.. I’ll write in my leisure time only will try my best ma

  5. Haan my omki ya ippadi pakka irritating a irukk I luv that old lvly om btw if possible knjm fast a nxt a post pannunga

    1. Verna

      Even I’m irritated by his change.. so I’m going to teach him such lesson as I said

      1. Akka write ur stry as ur wish ……. plssss brng my om back plss akka

  6. Very nice update. Please write the story the way you want

  7. Niriha

    Awesome…eagerly waiting for next update soon

  8. Nithu

    is it true ki BUA MAA is nxt villain…… dbo………uff iss cvs ka kuch nahi hosakta……….kabhi bhi kisiko negative kabhi positiv dikhate hein……….pehle hi dbo ka prsnt track hi bakwaas hein….aur abb bahaot bakwaas hoga…..agar bua maa bcome against the oberois………………and loved ur epi…………..


    I don’t like buama vilan role and I don’t like om bad behave for gauri.thank you for making buama positive and waiting for changes in om.

    Mera interst ja chuka hai show se.omkara ki behave ki wajah se, pinky ki wajah se rudy ki new love story ki wajah se.iam really want RuMya.

  10. Rasika

    I don’t think so buama is going to be negative u continue with yours akka, I guess that maybe roop, ya Om s character right now really makes us michmichi, hope for some good epi today and pinki is too itritatiting nowadays, but the thing I like is jhanvi defending and supporting Gauri, hope the misunderstandings get cleared soon.. Wish it would be like how you have written, loved the epi….. Post asap… Love ya akka ????

  11. Sreenandana.suresh

    plz post regularly….

  12. Shreyanvi

    Hey u r8 ff also.. I didn’t was nice keep it up..

  13. Dhar

    Verna di plzz do post ur next update ASAP ?. I love this ff , the cv’s really messed up Om’s character loved the precap let om realise his mistakes

  14. Nice epic di…..felt bad for Gauri…..

  15. It’s nice and plz update next story

  16. Alekhika20

    Nice update

  17. Ahaana

    m glad u r back… but late.. koi nii.. awesome epi…

  18. Chalo tum.wapas toh aayi mwre ko laga ki tum ham sabko bhil gayi??? just kidding

    Anyway it was awesome part and precap also..

  19. Hey Verna!!!!! It’s SUPERB dr…. Om’s ralisation… Eagerly waiting 4 nxt….

  20. OMG!!! It’s amazing…..Precap is super

  21. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…

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